Speedboat Responds To Invaders

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Kaieteur Staff

As teams continue to confirm their participation for the inaugural Yolo Entertainment 10/10 Softball Cricket Series, the hype and boasts have been intensifying.

The latest to issue a warning was Team Speedboat, specifically in reference to a similar notice that emanated from Invaders, who threatened to send them packing should the two teams clash in the tournament.

Team Speedboat poses for a photo op following one of their wins.

A release from Team Speedboat admonished all teams scheduled to participate in the exciting format to “Produce or Perish”, meaning that despite the bragging it is on the field of play that teams will have to execute and they are not going to be easily distracted by all that is being said.

This warning came after it was stated in an earlier release that Team Invaders will provide Speedboat with a “boat” which they will have to use to sail home after they (Invaders) would have beaten them.

Speedboat Captain, Shazim Hussain said that his team had started training early in 2013 in anticipation of the GT&T’S annual 10/10 tournament so they are in fine shape and ready for any challenge that will come their way.

The Speedboat Cricket Team is based in West Bank Demerara and can be considered one of the veteran teams of softball cricket, having participated in over two hundred tournaments over a five-year period, during which time they’ve accumulated  over one hundred and sixty-five wins with thirty trophies to boast.

Hussain disclosed that the team’s strength is in the all-round cricketing ability of the players.

As a team, united we stand,” said the captain, adding that the team’s nemesis is the Trophy Stall, who they managed to defeat in a recent 12/12 tournament. According to Hussain, in that outing, their star player Greg Singh scored thirty five runs and took two wickets for a meagre six runs.

All the major softball cricket teams in Guyana have signaled their intention to participate in the competition which will bowl off at a venue to be announced shortly.

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