Sport Ministry Announces IMC

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Kaieteur Staff

The Ministry of Culture Youth and Sport has announced the formation of an Interim Management Committee (IMC) to run Guyana’s cricket. Permanent Secretary Alfred King in a release stated that, “In keeping with the Honorable Chief Justice Ian Chang’s ruling on the 22nd August, 2011, part of his findings explicitly states that: “It is a matter of common knowledge that there exists a Ministry responsible for Sport in general. This indicates that the State has assumed responsibility for the welfare, promotion and proper administration of sports in Guyana and that, since in the present state of affairs, while a legislative structure for the administration of cricket is desirable, there may be the immediate need for the Minister responsible for sports to impose his executive will in the national interest until such time as Parliament can provide a more permanent welfare structure.”

The release continued, “Based on this ruling, the minister Dr. Frank Anthony has met with the various representatives of the previously recognized boards to apprise them of the government’s intention. The Minister and the then President of Guyana Mr. Bharat Jagdeo and Mr. Clive Lloyd met with Dr. Julian Hunte, President of the West Indian Cricket Board. The Minister again met with representatives of the previously recognized boards and discussed the way forward.

Based on the Chief Justice’s ruling and the discussions over the last few months the minister Dr. Frank Anthony would like to announce the formation of the Interim Management Committee with immediate effect. The previously recognized Guyana Cricket Board members were written to informing them of the formation of the Interim Management Committee.”

The release further stated that, “The Interim Management Committee will comprise of fifteen members. Eight of these persons would come from the previously recognized boards. Of the eight persons, two would represent Berbice, two would represent Essequibo, two would represent the previously recognized Guyana Cricket Board and one representative each from the factions of the Demerara Board.

The Minister has appointed the following persons to serve on the committee:

  1. Clive Hubert Lloyd – Chairman.
  2. Edward Lookhoo
  3. Anthony Xavier
  4. Norman McLean
  5. Harry Parmesar
  6. Alfred King

A seventh person will be named shortly.

The IMC will have a full agenda of work. The menu of measures will include:

  • The drafting of a new constitution, which will be presented to all county boards and other stakeholders for their deliberations and adoption.
  • The drafting of legislation with the relevant stakeholders that would be tabled in parliament.
  • The development and implementation of a cricket development program at the national and regional levels.
  • The reconciliation of the fractions of the Demerara Board into one Demerara Board.
  • To conduct an immediate review on the status of all financial transactions by an independent auditor.
  • Other issues that the IMC may deem pertinent to the development of cricket in Guyana.

The IMC will be in place for a limited period of six months. During this period it would report on a monthly basis to the Minister of Sports. Upon completion of its work it will report on its major findings, make recommendations for the way forward and invite an authority with competence in electoral matters to hold elections for office bearers at both the Regional and National levels.

The Minister Dr. Frank Anthony will like to express his gratitude to the members of the IMC who have all agreed to serve for the development of cricket in Guyana. He would like to encourage all stakeholders to give full cooperation to the IMC. Let us all work together to bring end to the problems that have plagued Guyanese cricket over the last few years.”