Stakeholders: 90% Support Bill

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Kaieteur News
Cricket Stakeholders

Dear Editor,

We refer to Kaieteur News letter to the editor, signed by the Presidents of the West Demerara Cricket Association (WDCA) and the East Bank Demerara Cricket Association (EBDCA) dated 14th December, 2013 and captioned ‘The Government is deceitful’.

We wish to state that the WDCA and the EBDCA along with the Essequibo Cricket Board (ECB) did not sign nor supported the Cricket Bill Petition as it is evident that none of their signatures and or names can be found on any of the schedules presented.

However clubs and individuals within their organizational jurisdiction signed and supported the petition, which was in effect the information, intended to convey.

It is unfortunate that this was not explicit in the petition and we sincerely apologize for any misunderstanding caused, since it was neither deliberate and nor intended to deceive anyone.

We wish to reiterate that ninety percent (90) of the cricket playing fraternity supports the passage of the Cricket Administration Bill 2012 and strongly believe that the Parliamentary process is the best solution to re-establish order and legalize to our cricket structure.

In this regard we are asking government and all parties in the National Assembly to address this matter expeditiously while we take this opportunity to express our gratitude to Mr. Odinga Lumumba MP for presenting the petition.

Yours faithfully,

Constituent Members and
Stakeholders of Guyana Cricket