Stakeholders Respond To Raj Singh

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Kaieteur News
National Cricket Stakeholders Group

Dear Editor,

Raj Singh letter (KN of February 10, 2013) is further evidence of his confusion, delusion or possibly treachery with regards to the matters before the courts.

Calculatingly and conspicuously he omitted to state that he was present in court along with co-conspirators Anand Sanasie, Ronald Sarjoo, Krischand Mangal et al that when it was ordered that both factions of the Demerara Cricket Board (DCB) cannot act and Justice James Bovell-Drakes also got an undertaking for Raj Singh DCB purported secretary (Krischand Mangal), the applicant in the matter that he will not act until the matter is heard by the honourable Court.

While one faction respected the court order, the Raj Singh / Anand Sanasie faction, with clear disrespect for the court, proceed to act as the DCB including the holding of elections on January 25, 2013.

This illegality was replicated on January 27, 2013 when elections of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) were held with only Raj Singh / Anand Sanasie faction of the DCB and the Essequibo Cricket Board (ECB) present.

On the very 25 January 2013, an injunction was granted by Justice Diana Inshanally preventing the holding of elections of the DCB. That injunction was flagrantly disregarded and elections held.

Readers must be reminded that it is the same Raj Singh / Anand Sanasie faction that broke away from the legitimate elections of the DCB in January 2011 and since then Guyana Cricket has been subsumed in chaos.

This was done as the Raj Singh / Anand Sanasie faction realized that, in accordance with the constitution of the DCB; their voting delegates were far less that those supporting Bissoondyal Singh / Roger Harper faction.

The difference in voting delegates arose because the Raj Singh / Anand Sanasie faction is made up of East Bank Demerara Cricket Association (EBDCA) and West Demerara Cricket Association (WDCA) both of which very rarely played cricket competitions. As a matter of fact in fifteen years (15) those two (2) areas have not produce a single cricketer for the DCB senior team.

The Bissoondyal Singh / Roger Harper faction comprises of the East Coast Cricket Board and the Georgetown Cricket Association both of which have produced all the senior cricketers for Demerara.

So Raj Singh would want the cricketing public to believe that the lesser two (2) constituent members of the DCB can sneak off and hold illegal elections and then impose themselves as the administration of cricket in Demerara. And then that illegal DCB would conspire with Essequibo Cricket Board to exclude the powerful Berbice Cricket Board and hold elections of the GCB.

The foregoing clearly illustrates that 90% of the strength of Guyana Cricket (Georgetown, East Coast and Berbice) has been totally and deliberately excluded from the administration of the DCB and the GCB. The lawless irrepressible Rajendra Singh who resides in the USA seeks to validate a plethora of falseness.

The Letter from Bissoondyal Singh and Roger Harper minimally seeks to acquire the names of the persons who attended and voted at the mystery meetings of the DCB and the GCB if any meeting at all was held. Georgetown and East Coast must be credited for respecting the decisions of the court. Raj Singh instead of presenting the names as requested of Dr. Julian Hunte, very cunningly stated the names of those who did not attend the bogus GCB elections.

Incidentally, as the letter was written to Dr Julian Hunte in his capacity as the president of the West Indies Cricket Board, Raj Singh has inanely arrogated to himself the right to be spokesman for Dr Hunte. In their prodigious brawl for power and recognition, the incredulous, notorious and unproductive Rajendra Singh / Anand Sanasie sect continues to sow the seeds of discord in Guyana’s cricket fraternity.

Guyana National Cricket Stakeholders