Stop Playing Cricket In Court

Date Published: 
Guyana Times
Rajiv Bisnauth

At a time when everything is against Guyana’s cricket - the inclement weather, administrative powers and more so court battles - one may ask where is the gentleman’s game here in the Land of Many Waters heading? Well, it is obvious that the game that almost every Guyanese loves will need some serious mature decisions by the so called “power drunk” individuals who are gradually destroying the image of the game.

Yes, I know some may say these individuals are mature persons who should be able to sit down and come to a compromise with regard to cricket, but their actions say differently.

Those who have followed Guyana’s cricket of recent may want to blame the players, coaches, the selection panel and even the management system, but has anyone really analysed what really transpired off the field? With the recent fiasco that has been taking place within one of our county boards, one feels that the time has come for a sturdy decision to be taken in order to have committed, visionary and disciplined leadership, leaders who would be role models and mentors for our cricketers.

For a moment, those who are involved in cricket administration in Demerara should pause, and admire the way cricket is administered in Berbice, where there is no infighting, no personal grudges, where everyone is on the same level, with no leader seeking glory over the other. The unbelievable success and progress in Berbice is achieved by following a simple formula, which is hard work, unity, team work, vision, forward planning, and a strong desire to make a positive difference.

The big question is can those involved in cricket administration in Demerara portray the attitude of Guyana’s best run county board, Berbice? Well, the answer appears to be a definite “No!” Even Essequibo, who appear to be the perpetual whipping boys of Guyana’s cricket, has a board that is in tip-top shape, along with that of Berbice, in comparison to the embattled Demerara one.

It should be recalled that things got out of hand in 2009 when a ‘no confidence’ motion was filed against one of the parties involved in the present DCB fiasco.

That led to numerous court battles by the executives.

Subsequently, Chief Justice Ian Chang ordered that the DCB executives hold a meeting on or before January 24 to determine the new office bearers for the next 2 years. This lead to 2 separate meetings on January 22 by the 2 separate factions of the board. As of today each of the factions claims to have the sole authority to run cricket in Demerara, but the legitimacy issue will be determined by the courts on February 28.

We all hope that a decision will be made on that date in the interest of the game. It is also hoped that the court-appointed, legitimate DCB will herald the end of the long battle for supremacy, because as it is at the moment when one thing is agreed upon, you find a Court Order is sought or used to prevent same from occurring, hence the back and forth rumblings continue.

The question is: Can these “power drunk” individuals demit office and have a new election to elect a new set of office-bearers, in the interest of Demerara and Guyana cricket?