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Agata Pieczynska

Dear Sir/Madam

I am a researcher working for Big Earth Productions on a show called 'Tales of South America'. The show will be broadcast on CNN and the AL Arab networks to an audience of 300 million +.

The crew are currently filming in Venezuela, but will be in Guyana as of the 14th of August. Would it be possible for our presenter Abdullah Al Jumah to take part in a game and learn more about your sport?

Please let me know as we would love to feature this as part of our show to reflect the culture of Guyana.

Kind Regards
Agata Pieczynska


Guyana-cricket's response:

Unfortunately, the guyana-cricket site crashed shortly after this email was receeved, and we were unable to respond immediately. We did, however, direct Agata to the Guyana Cricket Board shortly before arrival in Guyana, and we hope that her trip was successful.