Thanks, Mr Raj Singh

Date Published: 
Kaieteur News
Andy Persaud

Dear Editor,
I would like to thank Mr. Raj Singh, it was long overdue. At last I can see positive moves at the Demerara Cricket Board to play cricket on the field and not in the court.

The usual individuals will try hard to deter your efforts but you have to continue moving forward and eventually sensible people will realise who are the detractors and misfits, many of whom only contribute when "the price is right".

Continue to volunteer your skills and resources to the development of our beautiful game and let not the threat of court action deter you as those threats are also prevalent against us on the East Coast as some of us intend to advance the game with or without the support of the court friendly East Coast Cricket Board Executives.

I must also congratulate the Executives of Enmore Cricket Club to have successfully launched their GT&T Sponsored competition and revive cricket in the upper East Coast area. Continue the good work and everyone on the East Coast will eventually realise who can promote their community's interest and not their own.

However Mr. Raj Singh, you need to put in some more work to ensure all the cricket grounds in Demerara are up and running so that more are available for usage by our youths. I am sure the Honourable Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports Dr. Frank Anthony will provide the necessary support as he did at Enmore recently.

Andy Persaud
Resident of East Coast