Third Brainstreet U15 Tourney

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Guyana Times
Rajiv Bisnauth

The Brainstreet Group continued its alliance with the Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA) to launch the association’s Under-15 One-Day tournament that commences on Saturday at various grounds in the city.

The competition, which was launched on Monday at the Malteenoes Sports Club (MSC) pavilion, has nine confirmed teams, inclusive of a team from Queen’s College and the Ladies A squad. The DCC ‘B’ team is yet to confirm their participation in the tournament.

Brainstreet CEO Lance Hinds hands over the sponsorship cheque to GCA’s Dennis Wilson at the launching of the third annual GCA Brainstreet 100 over Under-15 cricket competition at Malteenoes yesterday (Photo: Rajiv Bisnauth).

The competition will be twofold – with the first part being a round robin format for the Brainstreet Shield while in the second part will see the four top teams playing the knockout version for the Brainstreet Cup.

A player must be born on or after September 1, 1998 to be eligible to participate in the competition.

The tournament will be one with a difference since it is structured like those in the English League system.

Mark Harper who gave an overview of the tournament said that the tournament is very significant for the development of young cricketers. Harper made special mention of Tagnarine Chanderpaul, a product of the Brainstreet under-15 tournament.

Harper stated that games will start at 09:30h and although it’s a one-day match, 100 overs must be bowled with the team batting first having up to 55 overs to bat while the team batting second will bat for 45 overs.

“If the first team is dismissed in less than 55 overs the second team will have their 45 plus whatever number of the 55 the first team failed to use up. The first team could also declare and this format, which places the emphasis on winning and has bonus points, should force captains and teams to think more since they will not be able to just go out and set defensive fields and play for a draw,” Harper said.

In an effort to produce fast bowlers at a time when the slow pitches and the quality of batsmanship against spin many times reduce pacers to mere spectators in matches locally, the GCA is continuing with their policy of mandating that 25 of the total number of overs bowled in an innings be done so by the ‘quickies’.

Meanwhile, according to the playing conditions – one bonus point shall be awarded when a team reaches 100 runs and an additional point will be awarded for every 25 runs scored up to 200 runs. A team can earn a maximum of five batting points.

“Extra batting points are designed to give teams the opportunity to gain maximum batting points when chasing a target below 200 runs while batting second. However, the team has to win the match to be awarded extra batting points. If the team batting first is dismissed for less than 200 runs, then the team batting second can also earn batting points based on the number of wickets that the team keeps intact in achieving victory to allow it to gain the maximum of five batting points. Every two wickets intact will earn one extra batting point – an addition to batting points gained for reaching 100 runs and every 25 runs thereafter to a maximum of five points total.”

On the other hand, one bonus point shall be awarded for every two wickets taken. A team can earn a maximum of five bowling bonus points.


Further a team refusing to play or to complete a match shall be considered to have withdrawn from the competition and shall forfeit all prize monies due to the team and all individual awards due to the members of the team for that competition.

Also, if a team withdraws from a league competition where points are accrued, any match played by that team shall be deemed null and void. Any team refusing to play or to complete a match will be required to pay a fee of $15,000 to enter the next GCA competition that it wishes to play.

Any team that gives another a ‘walkover’ or concedes a match before it is completed will be required to pay $15,000 to enter the next GCA under-19 division competition.


For every victory a team can earn 10 points in addition to the bonus points; there will be five points if the game is tied (scores tied irrespective of the number of wickets taken/lost) and two points if the game is drawn.

Meanwhile, Brain Street’s CEO Lance Hinds disclosed that his company is happy to be associated with the GCA and said its primary drive is to help increase and improve the standard of GCA’s cricket.

GCA President Roger Harper thanked Brain Street for their continued support and investment in young people. The former West Indies all-rounder reminded that Brainstreet cares about developing minds, adding that the he looks forward to seeing the players exceed the standard of last year’s tournament.

Shawn Massiah, GCA Competitions Committee Chairman, informed that in the opening round will see Everest facing GCC at Everest, DCC ‘A’ taking on DCC ‘B’ at MYO, TSC battling GYO at GYO, GNIC taking on MSC at GNIC and the Ladies squad opposing Queen’s College at YMCA.

Massiah stated if DCC ‘B’ fails to confirm their participation in the tournament, each team that is slated to play against DCC ‘B’ will draw the bye.