Tournament Official Invitation

Date Published: 
12 Jul 2012, Georgetown - All Softball Cricket Organisations worldwide are cordially invited to participate in the upcoming GFSCA "Guyana Softball Cup 2, Tournament", scheduled for 2nd, 3rd and 4th November, 2012.

The tournament will be played in 2 different categories, as follows:

Category Age Registration Fees
Male Open Any Contact GFSCA
Masters 40 years and over (born 1972 and before) Contact GFSCA

Registration deadline is September 15th, 2012. Please get your registration fees in early to secure your spot. Upon confirmation of your registration, you will receive a registration package containing all pertinent tournament information. Contact information for GFSCA could be found here.

The tournament will be played with the white balls that is used in USA Softball cricket. Rules for the softball matches will also be similar to softball cricket being played in the USA.

Your organisation's participation will be very much appreciated.