UDCA Cricket in Linden

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Kaieteur News
Kaieteur News Staff

Hardball cricket is expected to return to Linden in the form a of a T20 cricket competition, beginning on September 20. The competition is being organized and run by the Upper Demerara Cricket Association.

According to the Secretary of association, Eutol Wilson, the competition will be the first to be run off by the association under its new status as an independent entity under the aegis of the Upper Demerara Cricket Association.

According to an executive member of the association, who wants to remain anonymous, several members of the Upper Demerara cricket fraternity are relieved at the recent passage of the Cricket Bill in Parliament, which allows for the Upper Demerara Cricket to operate as an independent entity outside of the ambit of the East Bank Cricket Association.

The competition, which will be sponsored by a member of the Linmine Management team, Andrew Forsythe, is expected to be held over three weekends. It will be open to any team that wishes to participate and there will be no entrance fee.

Teams desirous of playing in the competition can indicate their interest by contacting the following telephone numbers for further information: 686-1482; 615-0165; 4442478; 670-8651.