UDCA Praises Cricket Bill

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Guyana Times
Guyana Times Staff

The Upper Demerara Cricket Association (UDCA) and the Buxton Cricket Club has lauded the Government of Guyana and their main Opposition Party, APNU of their efforts in ensuring the passage of the long awaited Cricket Administration Bill 2012.

In a press release sent by the UDCA on Wednesday, the UDCA pointed out that the passage of the bill was important, deeming it as a means of bringing back, free and fair elections, proper accountability, resolution to the ongoing cricket crisis and more importantly, offers the opportunity for our youngsters to participate meaningfully in the promotion, and development of cricketers and cricket within our region and ultimately our country.

The release stated that the UDCA was disappointed with the opposition party, Alliance For Change (AFC) for not supporting the bill when taking into consideration they have always been very vocal on matters pertaining to accountability, legality, order, free and fair elections etc, all of which the Cricket Administration Bill 2012 seeks to correct within our shambolic cricket arena.

This policy inconsistency of the AFC leaves one to wonder if there is any sincerity in their many articulations.

In recognizing the importance of this landmark legislation and what it means to our region which has been ostracized for too long, we once again thank both the Government and APNU for their obvious interests.

Meanwhile, the Buxton Cricket Club in a release on Wednesday said that the passage of the Bill shows that goals can be achieve once there is unity and togetherness. The release further stated that it is indeed shameful that the other party in parliament, the Alliance For Change (AFC) did not support the Bill. The AFC seems to be on a course of irrelevance with their inconsistent pattern of party politics,” the release concluded.