Upper vs Lower Corentyne

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Daily Chronicle
Daily Chronicle Staff

Upper-Lower Corentyne vie for Cricket Supremacy

Two strong teams from Upper and Lower Corentyne will be vying for the Jagan-Sawh Cricket Trophy this weekend. The sides captained by Vic Harnanan of Mental Hospital and Karia Chandrapaul of Skeldon, will begin battle tomorrow and conclude on Sunday, the game being played on the No 63 ground Corentyne.

The teams will include the majority of players who took part in the Inter-County Final against Demerara, only notable absentee being Les Amsterdam who has informed the selectors that he would be unavailable.

The holders of the trophy are Lower Corentyne, who are strongly favoured to retain it.

The teams will be as follows:

Upper Corentyne: K. Chandrapaul (Captain), S. Jackman, R. Etwaroo, B. Saheed, J. Dullam, L. Bachan, B. Rajkumar, V. Latchman, N. Harripaul, T. Ramnarace, and L. Persaud.

Lower Corentyne: Vic Harnanan(Captain),R. Fredericks, R. Razaac, J. Sookwah, A. Abdul, R. Jagnandan, T. Persaud, C. McPherson, M. Manpowan, A. Alli, W. Khan, L. Omrow and R. Doodnauth.