We Await Judge’s Verdict

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Kaieteur Staff

The Raj Singh-led Demerara Cricket Board (DCB) says it is awaiting the Judge’s final verdict on the future of the DCB to start in bridging the current divide and moving cricket forward in the County.

We are not happy with the confusion created by some but we are confident in the esteemed court. We hope future Executives work hard to keep administration out of the courtroom,” said the Board’s PRO, Rohan Sarjoo said.

We plan a broad-based consultation process on developing a strategic for the development of cricket in Demerara. We plan to be inclusive and work assiduously towards improving the profile of cricket administration in Demerara and Guyana and will reach out to all interested parties.

Finally, we have noted with alarm that the GCA, one of our member Associations, has joined the fray of confusion in cricket administration. Their press release clearly states that they only received a copy of the constitution on December 29, 2010, yet they still published their notice for the AGM on January 26, 2011.The correct notice period is 28 days. They have admitted to being in possession of the constitution prior to giving inadequate notice for the AGM,” Sarjoo disclosed.

Sarjoo said the GCA functioned for almost a year without proof of their legal existence, then, after being in receipt of the constitution breached it by publishing an ad with an inadequate notice period.

In addition, the Executive has made a decision based on an objection of a single member Club without consulting with the majority of the member Clubs. Mr. Harper and his Executive is now claiming that they are in receipt of legal advice that they need to cancel the advertised meeting of January 26, 2011 and re-advertise for another unconstitutional AGM to be held on February 28th 2011 as their constitution specifically states that their election SHALL be held in the month of January,” Sarjoo continued.

The AGM is the supreme authority of any organisation and can surely waive a mere 2 days deficiency in the first notice and proceed to comply with the set constitutional deadline of having the AGM in January. Surely, you cannot substitute one illegality with another as the February AGM will be unconstitutional. Even if we are inclined to believe Mr Harper, another very pertinent point to note is that the current executive of the GCA has at least 3 persons from the previous Executive and they cannot plead innocence or ignorance in the disregard for the constitution.

These persons are the Treasurer, Mr. Parmesar who is a certified auditor, Mr Wilson and Mr. Shawn Massiah. Mr. Harper is strongly in the camp of Mr. Bissoondyal Singh… Is this the type of bungling and maneuverings we can expect from these administrative leaders? We strongly feel that this is another attempt by Mr. Bissoondyal Singh to subvert the democratic process at another level,” Sarjoo said.

Meanwhile, the DCB says that “With Sarwan and Chanderpaul’s unavailability for Guyana, efforts should have been made to have a blend of developing players and experience at this level.”

Sarjoo said he hopes the selectors are not playing politics and players are selected on merit. They must be accountable like the WI panel, who explained the omission of Sarwan, Ramdin and others. Our team has been under-performing for several years now and we need some level of transparency.