WICB To Meet Govt

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The West Indies Cricket Board in a letter dated December 30, 2011 is seeking a meeting with Sports Minister Dr. Frank Anthony to look into the cricket matters affecting the game here.

However, the letter signed by WICB President Julian Hunte, indicated that it will be with…”the understanding the WICB recognizes the GCB as the sole legitimate authority for the administration of cricket in Guyana. In addition, the GCB is the only body that can organize or request the sanction of official cricket in Guyana.”

The response was in reference to a conversation between Dr. Hunte and Dr. Anthony last week according to the letter. Government had requested that they “…be afforded an opportunity to make a presentation to the WICB.” The WICB letter acknowledged an email sent by government notifying of the formation of the IMC and their agenda.

The WICB letter pointed out “I have also noted your reference to the GCB as the ‘previously recognized Guyana Cricket Board’ and the constituent Boards of the GCB as the ‘previously recognized Boards’. I have been informed by the Guyana Cricket Board that they are in receipt of a letter from you indicating that you have installed an Interim Management Committee that shall assume the administration of cricket in Guyana in place of the GCB; and that you have asked the officers of the GCB to cease to act on behalf of the Board.”

“From the above it is clear, that as Minister, you have dissolved the GCB and its constituents Boards. I recall our meeting in Georgetown where the WICB expressed the view that the Government should not act to replace the GCB with the IMC but instead act in an advisory capacity. I am also informed by the GCB that they have expressed the same view to you and have offered to work in parallel with the IMC and yourself to address the issues and concerns that you have with cricket administration in Guyana.”

Dr Hunte further noted, “Since our meeting, I have contacted you for an update on the matter in keeping with our discussions. I was under the impression that you were in consultation with all stakeholders to finalize the process for the appointment of the IMC in keeping with our discussions.”

He stated that, “The WICB cannot accept the interference of the Government of Guyana in the administration of cricket in Guyana and certainly cannot accept the dissolution of the recognized GCB. For the sake of clarity, the WICB is not opposed to any Government investigating the affairs of a Member Board in order to ascertain whether any criminal offence has been committed, including fraud, dereliction of directors’ duties (including fiduciary duties) or contravention of any relevant legislation.

However, we believe that the dissolution of a member board is not in keeping with the spirit of ensuring the independence of cricket administration and avoiding governmental interference.”

The WICB boss concluded, “I look forward to your confirmation of a meeting where these matters can be discussed.”

This letter to the minister had followed the WICB receiving a report from Anand Sanasie, Hon. Secretary of the Guyana Cricket Board and Guyana’s representative on the WICB. In their response to Sanasie the WICB stated; “The WICB Executive met today and discussed the matter and decided on the following:

  1. That the GCB is the duly recognized entity responsible for the management of cricket in Guyana and is a shareholder of the West Indies Cricket Board;
  2. That the WICB does not accept the interference of the Government of Guyana in the affairs of the GCB;
  3. That the GCB indicates whether it will be able to provide a team to participate in the upcoming Caribbean T20 which commences on January 9, and if not, the reasons for the inability;
  4. That the WICB affirms its support for the GCB and offers its assistance to find a resolution to this matter.

Just Friday, the IMC headed by Clive Lloyd met for the first time, excluding reps from Essequibo and the GCB, and declared that they were not taking over cricket but rather to rectify the current situation affecting the game locally, which resonates with court actions, accusations and infighting by various factions.