Will Govt Be More Accountable?

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Kaieteur News
Frederick Kissoon

Dear Editor,

Herein contains my reply to the former president of vice-president of the Guyana Cricket Board and former President of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) in KN, Sun, Jan 8, 2012, Mr. Walter Peters. I suggest to Mr. Peters that he goes back and reads all, I repeat, ALL that I have written on the IMC. I have not penned a single line on cricket administration, previous GCB administrators and the current impasse with the GCB. I hardly know anything about what went on with the past GCB executives and what is actually taking place in the current GCB .

All my writings on the sordid occurrences within cricket administration have centered on one dimension only – the Ministry of Sports is a lying, deceitful body by publicly announcing that it has taken over cricket functions in this country because there was a ruling from the Chief Justice (ag). As a spin off from this, I contended that the IMC’s action of seizing private property is illegal. This is what I have written about. Messrs Peters, Tony Cozier and Dinanath Ramnarine do not seem to grasp the political underpinnings and illegalities involved in the issue. They are all concerned with cricket administration.

That is understandable. I am concerned with the rule of law in Guyana. The situation of the illegal aspects of this imbroglio is worsening as the days go on. First, Minister Anthony and Roger Luncheon are deliberately misleading people by asserting that the IMC is an outcome of the ruling of the Chief Justice. This is not true. They have said this in order to mask the legal rascality involved. Secondly, because of the widening scandal, it is morally incumbent for the Chief Justice (ag) to state that his ruling in the Haniff case does not compel the Ministry of Sports to act. He merely offered a way out. An opinion by a judge is not a legal edict

I hope Mr. Peters understands that as a long-standing human rights activist I am obsessed with the unlawful behaviour of legal powers because tolerance of such leads to massive moral and social breakdown. The Ministry of Sports has no legal power to march into private property and padlock it. This is fascism. If Messrs Peters, Cozier and Ramnarine do not know what political theory and political practice is, then I suggest they read up on it. Tony Cozier lives in one of the world’s most democratic countries so does Ramnarine.

The populations respectively in those two nations (Barbados and Trinidad) would not tolerate crass political bullyism in their sports. Messrs Peters, Cozier and Ramnarine should familiarize themselves with sports breakdown in Guyana. Football is going through the same madness that has paralyzed cricket. Where is the Minister’s IMC? FIFA would suspend Guyana instantaneously if the Minister installed an IMC in Guyana’s football administration

The next time Mr. Peters write in response to my commentaries, he should cite the laws under which the Minister padlocked the offices of the GCB. So there is total confusion in the camp of the local opposition parties over a Speaker of the House. Why don’t the Attorney-General confiscate the offices of the AFC and ANPU? I ask Mr. Peters again; by what legal act, are the padlocks placed on private property?

I will close by asserting that my concern over the IMC revolves on the need for this country to reclaim the rule of law so battered by former President, Bharrat Jagdeo. I hope Mr. Peters knows that I have consistently written that there is a danger when a libel suit is brought for hearing exactly one year after papers were filed. The danger that is more frightening when one knows that the libel is brought by a sitting President of the Republic.

Mr. Peters has to know that in Guyana civil matters take almost five years before they reach the court for a first hearing. How did Jagdeo’s suit come up so fast? The Chief Justice can best answer that but despite several columns on the matter including my piece yesterday, the Chief Justice has remained silent. I close by asking Messrs Peters, Cozier and Ramnarine why they believe that a Minister of Government in Guyana would be more accountable than the Guyana Cricket Board authorities?

Frederick Kissoon