Women's County Matches Wednesday

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Guyana Times
Guyana Times Staff

The Guyana Cricket Board senior female Inter-County 50-Over cricket competition bowls off on Wednesday with the first of three rounds from 09:30h.

All three rounds are scheduled for the Everest Cricket Club ground with Essequibo playing hosts Demerara in the first round.

Round two will be played on Thursday and will see Berbice against Essequibo, while round three is fixed for Friday and will involve Demerara and Berbice.

Meanwhile, the players who will be representing Demerara are: June Ogle, Akeze Thompson, Kavita Yadram, Hema Singh, Johan Vansertima, Haseena Mohamed, Tracey Glasgow, Jannette Daniels, Leana harris, Abeana Parker, Renika Issacs, Odessa O’Niel, Latoya Smith, Mandy Mangru and Lashana Toussaint.

The Manger is Malyane Ramdular while Orin Bailey is the coach