Bartica Cricket Committee

The Bartica Cricket Committee (BCC) is an area association under the Essequibo Cricket Board with responsibility for cricket in the Bartica area, about 35 miles up the Essequibo river. The main venue for cricket in Bartica is the Bartica Community Centre ground. The Bartica area is accessible by boat, road bridged by a ferry crossing or air. The BCC serves about 8000 persons.

2012 Activities

Players include: Festus Benn, Federicks, Sean Garraway, Roopesh Motilall, Robin Narine, Sastri Persaud.

Participated in the ECB Busta 50-overs Festival.


2011 Activities

Bartica Cricket Committee Executives 2011
Chairman: Budesh Chatterpaul
Vice-chairman: Anthony Murray
Secretary: Sastri Mangal
Treasurer: Sashkumar Oberindernauth
Assistant Secretary/Treasurer: Arvindra Ramdial
Public Relations Officer: Troy Harper
Committee Members: Ayube DeFreitas, Robin Narine and Mark Smith

Budesh Chatterpaul was elected Chairman of the Bartica Cricket Committee when the body held its Annual General meeting on 08 January in Bartica. Chatterpaul said that among the BCC's first projects will be the development of the Bartica Secondary School and Mongrappa grounds.

BCC and D&C Promotions organised a Twenty20 tournament to be played under lights in Bartica, to be played in March 2011 by teams from the Essequibo cricket committees.