Buxton Cricket Club

Name: Buxton Cricket Club
Address: Buxton, East Coast Demerara
Ground: Buxton
2010 Officials
President: Esse Peters
Executive: Marvin Kato
Executive: Murtland Thomas

Buxton Cricket Club plays in second division matches under the East Coast (Demerara) Cricket Board.

The club held its annual awards in December 2010. Club president Esse Peters, said despite the challenges of not having as many sponsors for programmes as he would have liked, he was satisfied with the club’s performance for 2010. He said that he was one of three persons who attended an ICC seminar for ‘groundsmen’ this year and have been using what they have learned when preparing the pitch for matches. Peters ialso said that a high point for the club in 2010 was its hosting of their Cricket Academy in August and thanked all those who participated and contributed.

One of the concerns for the club is that there are no qualified coaches working with the youths in Buxton.

2010 players include: Clive Andries (ex-Guyana Youth and present national footballer), Unknown Cato, Marvin Cole, Otis Edwards, Herod Ferrell, Rawle Fredericks, Alvin Jordo, Ryan Nbusa and Unknown Thomas.