Canal No 2 Sports Club

Name: Canal No 2 Sports Club
Address: Canal No 2, West Bank Demerara
Ground: Canal No 2 Ground

Canal No 2 Sports Club participates in WDCA competitions. Canal No 2 reached the semi-finals of the New Line Aqua Farm 40-overs competition in 2007 and the final in 2010.

2007 players include: Troy Gonsalves, Chabiraj Ramcharran

2010 players include: Andrew Lyght Jr (Rest), Feroze Karimullah, Chabiraj Ramcharran, Davanand Roopnarine (former Guyana Under-17), Gajanand Singh (Berbice, Demerara and Guyana), Toralph Scipio (of-spinner), Nandkishore Singh, Paul Wintz (Berbice and Guyana).