Central High School

Name: Central High School
Location: 80 Smyth Street, Werk-en-Rust, Georgetown
Grounds: Albert Street; Durban and Smyth Streets

Central High School was founded in 1927 by Joseph Clement Luck. The school has a long and proud tradition in culture, including sports.

In the early 1950s Central HS acquired a parcel of land in Non Pareil Park, off Albert St, and a junior school pavilion was built. Godfrey Chin (Mr Nostalgia) was the school' first cricket captain. In its first match, against Tutorial in the Chin Cup in 1954, Central made 120 and then dismissed Tutorial for 38. The school went on to win the Hing Cup, symbol of school cricket supremacy in Georgetown, that year.

Central HS won the Hing Cup again in 1955, after defeating Queen's College. Playing at the Queen's College ground at Thomas Lands, Central HS opening bowlers Harvey Ng-a-Kein (4 for 17) and C Naughton (3 for 25) limited the Queen's College (with batsmen Rustic Fung, the Roopnaraine brothers and Laurie Lewis) to 76 in slightly windy conditions.

Queen's College bowlers Ron Willock and Julian Archer immediately struck back, dismissing Central HS openers Davis and De Nobrega with the score below 10. The elegant Mervyn Dornford held on tenaciously for 24, aided by Lennie Shuffler 18. The match see-sawed into the sixties, until wicketkeeper Alan Mann carried the score to 78 for 7.

Central was a potent force in the second division Wight Cup competition in 1970 and 1971, mainly because of the fearsome bowling of Colin Croft, who was ably assisted by Handel Moses. The school won the Wight Cup in 1970 and was promoted to the itermediate division Northcote Cup.

Well-known cricketers who attended Central include: Julian Aaron (Guyana Under-19, 1969), Keith Aaron (Guyana Under-19 captain, 1968), Ronald Austin (Guyana Under-19 vice-captain, 1966), Aubrey Baptiste (Guyana Under-20, 1969), Colin Croft (West Indies), Keith Jordan (Guyana Under-19, 1970), Terry Hastoo (Guyana Under-19, 1976).