Demerara Cricket Board

Name: Demerara Cricket Board
Founded: 1992

The Demerara Cricket Board (DCB) was formed in 1992 to manage cricket in the County of Demerara, which was managed by the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) from 1943, and by the Georgetown Cricket Club before that.

The DCB consists of four geographical divisions, known as "associations". The associations are: East Bank Demerara Cricket Association (EBDCA), East Coast Cricket Board (ECCB), Georgetown Cricket Association  (GCA) and West Demerara Cricket Association (WDCA).

The EBDCA includes locations south of Georgetown on the east bank of the Demerara River, and on both banks of the Demerara from Linden and further south. The ECCB includes locations east of Georgetown along the Atlantic coast, up to Abary Creek. The GCA has jurisdiction over Georgetown and its environs, including the University of Guyana at Turkyen. The WDCA includes locations on the west bank of the Demerara River north of Patentia, and along the Atlantic coast to Boereserie Creek.

The DCB manages county teams, countywide and inter-association competitions, and support from the GCB. In general, the associations manage second division competitions and the DCB manages first division competitions. The GCA, however, also manages its own first division competitions, because of the large number of highly developed cricket clubs under its jurisdiction.

The first division clubs traditionally under the GCA include: Demerara Cricket Club, Everest Cricket Club, Georgetown Cricket Club, Guyana Defense Force, Guyana National Industrial Corporation, Malteenoes Sports Club, Police Sports Club (Georgetown) and Transport Sports Club. Other Demerara first division teams include (2009): Enterprise, and Lusignan from the East Coast, New Line Cavaliers and West Demerara Mavericks from West Demerara and East Bank Demerara.

The DCB has long been plagued by administrative issues and conflict with the GCB. In 2011, dissatisfaction with DCB president Bissoondyal Singh's leadership caused the DCB to split into two factions, one supporting Bissoondyal Singh and the other supporting DCB Secretary Raj Singh. Each faction held its own elections and elected its own board.

The dispute was taken to court and both factions were prevented from claiming to be the true DCB or managing Demerara cricket. Members of both factions were also prevented from claiming to be DCB office bearers. This matter was still unresolved at the end of 2012.

Past DCB presidents include: Chetram Singh (1992-2000), Paul Chan-a-Sue, Bissoondyal Singh (2009-2011).


2010 Activities

  • The GCA won the inter-association Under-19 competition;
  • The ECCB won the NALICO/NAFICO inter-association Under-15 competition;
  • In May, DCB Treasurer Pretipaul Jaigobin was attacked with a corrosive liquid at Strathspey on the East Coast of Demerara. He suffered serious injuries to his face, including his eyes.

2009 Activities

In January 2009 Bissoondyal Singh was re-elected unopposed to serve his second term as DCB president at the Wales Community Centre. The nomination, seconding and appointment of candidates was swift as the ECCB and WDCA, with 14 votes each, shut out the GCA (10 votes). The EBDCA was not allowed to participate because of their current court case against the DCB. Attorney-at-Law Anil Nandalall was the presiding officer.

Jan 2009 to Jan 2011 Officials
President: Bissoondyal Singh
Vice-presidents: Clyde Butts, Anand Sanasie
Treasurer: Prittipaul Jaigobin
Secretary: Raj Singh
Assistant Secretary: Samaroo Jailall
Assistant Treasurer: Lalta Digamber
Public Relations Officer: Rovin Stanley
Competitions Committee Chairman: Krishnandat Mangal
Selectors: Robert Adonis (Chairman), Raymond Barton, Mark Harper, Krishnandat Mangal and Rohan Sarjoo
Junior Selectors: Nazimul Drepaul (Chairman)
Marketing Manager: Rajendra Persaud
Trustees: Claude Raphael, Ronald Williams
Auditors: Solomon, Parmesar and Company
  • Hand-in-Hand Second Division 50-overs Knockout Competition;
  • New Line Aqua Farm First Division 2-innings Competition;
  • In November, the EBDCA, GCA and WDCA signed and submitted a no-confidence vote to the DCB to remove president Bissoondyal Singh and his executive. The DCB asked the court to block the motion.

2008 Activities

  • Rabindranauth Seeram was replaced on the DCB selection committee by Krishnanand Mangal.
  • A dispute between the GCA representative Roderick Lovell and other association representatives, over the fairness of the process to select the county team for the inter-county Twenty20 match against Berbice, led to Lovell quitting the DCB selection committee.
  • Some players and DCB officials were unhappy with Treasurer Prettipaul Jaigobin, who had no first division cricket experience, being made Chairman of the DCB selection committee. DCB president Bissoondyal Singh stated that a DCB executive member should temporarily fill this post while the permanent Chairman was abroad.
  • The selection of Berbice player Gajanand Singh to represent Demerara against Berbice in the inter-county Twenty20 competition led to a conflict with the GCB, which felt he was not eligible. WDCA representative Anand Sanasie felt that the GCB interpretation of the rules was incorrect and that a hearing on the matter was improperly arranged and conducted. DCB president Bissoondyal Singh said that Demerara captain Travis Dowlin was "happy with the team selected" and the DCB was prepared to "fight to the end" against injustices against Demerara players.
  • Demerara captain Travis Dowlin withdrew from the inter-county Twenty20 match between Demerara and Berbice.

2007 Activities

  • Demerara won the Inter-County Twenty20 competition.
  • In March 2007 the WDCA membership removed then president Vishnu Shradananda by a no-confidence vote and installed a new body of office bearers, including Anand Sanasie as new WDCA president. The DCB initially refused to recognise the new WDCA executive.