East Bank Demerara Cricket Association

Name: East Bank Demerara Cricket Association
Founded: 1992

The East Bank Demerara Cricket Association is a geographical division ("association") of the Demerara Cricket Board, with jurisdiction over locations on the east bank of the Demerara River south of Georgetown, and on both banks of the Demerara River at Linden and further south. See a map of a part of the EBDCA jurisdiction here.


2010 Activities

Elections were held at the annual general meeting on 04 August 2010 at the Providence Ground. Elected office bearers will remain in office until the next annual general meeting, scheduled for 11 September 2011. See new executive here.

2010 Elected Officers And Auditors
President: Rohan Sarjoo
First Vice-President: Johnny Azeeze
Second Vice-President: John Trim
Secretary: Satanand Gopie
Assistant Secretary: Delroy Williams
Treasurer: Anand Kaladeen
Assistant Treasurer: Sharon Williams
Public Relation Officer: Junior Algon Williams
Chairman, Competitions Committee: Sandy Alufami
Marketing Manager: Ramsey Ali
Trustees: Shawn Richmond and Chris Kanhai
Certified Auditor: Parmeshwar’s Company
Committee Members: Ronald Jaisingh, Mukesh Dass, Deonarine Debydial, Dave Singh and Mohamed Baksh

In October, EBDCA officials visited Linden to address issues about the EBDCA jurisdiction over this area. The Persaud Twenty20 competition was extended to include 13 teams from the Linden area.


2009 Activities

The WBDCA took the DCB to court and was not allowed to participate in the 2009 DCB elections.