East Bank Essequibo Cricket Committee

The East Bank Essequibo Cricket Committee is an area association under the Essequibo Cricket Board with responsibility for cricket from Boeraserie Creek on the Demerara county border to south of Parika on the east bank of Essequibo River.

2012 Activities

Players include: Trevor Benn, Kevon Boodie, Jason Heyliger, Kemol Savory, Javed Shafeek

Participated in the 2012 ECB Busta 50-overs Festival'

2011 Activities

East Bank Essequibo Cricket Committee Executives (2011 to 2013)
Chairman: Alvin Johnson
Vice-chairman: Orville Stewart
Secretary: Latchman Patram
Teasurer: Faizul Ghani
Asst Secretary/Treasurer: Stacy Williams
Marketing Manager: Khain Singh
Public Relations
Cosmo Adams
Committee Members: Ivelaw James (Internal Auditor), Leroy Halls and Krishna (Manager/Trustees), Cosmo Adams (Competition Committee Chairman), Orville Stuart (Cricket Development Committee Chairman), Lall Bachan (Selection Committee Chairman), Khain Singh (Finance and Fund Raising Committee Chairman), Alvin Johnson (Discipline, Guidance and Counselling Committee Chairman)
ECB reps: Alvin Johnson and Latchman Patram
ECB rep alternates: Khain Singh and Faizal Ghani

Alvin Johnson was retained as chairman of the East Bank Essequibo Cricket Committee when the body held its Biennial General Meeting on 08 January.

2007 Activities

The ECB Goodwood Under-19 competition was won by Central Essequibo, who defeated East Bank Essequibo by 4 wickets at the Cotton Field ground on 27 January.