Essequibo Cricket Board

The administration of cricket in the county of Essequibo falls under the Essequibo Cricket Board (ECB) and its 8 regional Cricket Committees: the Bartica Cricket Committee (BCC), Central Essequibo Cricket Committee (CECC), East Bank Essequibo Cricket Committee (EBECC), Leguan Cricket Committee (LCC) North Essequibo Cricket Committee (NECC), Pomeroon Cricket Committee (PCC), South Essequibo Cricket Committee (SECC) and the Wakenaam Cricket Committee (WCC).

Essequibo cricket has always been constrained by small populations and large distances between populated areas. In addition, Leguan and Wakenaam are (large) islands at the mouth of the Essequibo river that are accessible mainly by boat. The total population of the areas under the Cricket Committees in 2010 was about 85000, distributed as follows: Bartica 8000, Central 19000, East Bank 12000, Leguan 5000, North 10000, Pomeroon 9000, South 12000 and Wakenaam 10000.

It should be noted that Essequibo has about 70000 more residents spread out over an immense area (about 40000 square miles) that are not generally served by the Essequibo Cricket Board, for practical reasons. These areas and their populations are: Cuyuni-Mazaruni (15000), North West (25000), Potaro (10000) and Rupununi (20000).

2013 Activities

The ECB Biennial General Meeting and Elections were held on 13 January 2013 at the ECB hostel at Anna Regina. The following were elcted:

Elected officials
President: Fizul Bacchus
Vice-president: Totaram Ramnarine (Wakenaam)
Honorary Secretary: Aotto Christiani
Honorary Treasurer: Viren Chintamani (Leguan)
Assistant Secretary: Andy Ramnarine (South Essequibo)
Assistant Treasurer: Alvin Johnson (East Bank Essequibo)
Competitions Chairperson: Verna D’Aguiar (Pomeroon)
Public Relations Committee: Nazeer Mohamed (Wakenaam)
Marketing Manager: Anthony Murray (Bartica)
Board’s Trustee: Stacy Williams and Shastri Mangal
Auditor: Travis Simon

The nine elected Officers of the Board were nominated and elected as representatives to the Guyana Cricket Board. The meeting discussed reports from the Area Committees, Administrator and Competitions Committee. An Audited Financial Statement was also presented by the former Treasurer Christiani and passed by the members.

The ECB named its committees at its executive meeting on 19 January 2013 at Parika.

Cricket Development Committee: Alvin Johnson (Chairman), Andy Ramnarine (Secretary), Trevor Stewart, Mustapha Zaman and a representative from each of Bartica, Pomeroon, Central and North Essequibo.

Finance Committee: Virendra Chintamanie (Chairman), Totaram Ramnarine, Aotto Christiani, Fizul Bacchus and Anthony Murray.

Marketing and Fundraising Committee: Murray (Chairman), Totaram Ramnarine, Virendra Chintamanie, Nazeer Mohamed, Andy Ramnarine, Aotto Christiani and Rawl Pearce.

Competition Committee: Verna D’Augiar (Chairman), Vickram Ramnarine, Harvey Gobin, Sastri Mangal, Rohan Budhan and Andy Ramnarine and a representative from ech of East Bank and North Essequibo.

Disciplinary Committee: Fizul Bacchus (Chairman), Verna D’Augiar, Aotto Chritiani, Totaram Ramnarine and Virendra Chintamanie.

Selection Committee: Virendra Chintamanie (Chairman), Aotto Christiani, Nazeer Mohamed, Andy Ramnarine and Vibert Johnson.

Board’s Administrator : Aotto Christiani.

2012 Activities

In 21 Jun 2012, Sheik Ahmad relinquished the ECB presidency, stating that board members no longer supported his judgement and leadership. The ECB had recently suspended Vice-president Fizul Bacchus indefinitely because of “his abuse of office” and the ECB Treasurer had resigned a few months before following allegations of improper financial practices.

Competitions include:

Busta 50-overs Festival in November

2011 Activities

Essequibo Cricket Board Executives (2011 to 2013)
President: Sheik Ahmad (of Wakenaam)
Vice-President: Fizul Bacchus
Secretary: Otto (Brian) Christiani
Treasurer: Budesh Chatterpaul
Asst Secretary: Verendra Chintamanie (of Leguan)
Asst Treasurer: Marvin Pearson
Public Relations Officer: Nazeer Mohammed
Chairperson, Competitions Committee: Verna D’ Aguiar
Marketing Manager: Anthony Murray
Auditor: Travis Simon
Trustees: Jainarine Nadram and Derick Paul

The Annual General Meeting of the Essequibo Cricket Board, and the biennial elections, were held at the Guyana Cricket Board Anna Regina Cricket Hostel, in Anna Regina, on the Essequibo coast, on 08 Jan 2011. Sheik Ahmad, current Guyana Cricket Board Treasurer, was elected president for a second consecutive term. It was noted that an area board executive owed the County board a large sum of money for products left in his care during the Guyana Beverage Company’s Busta Championship tournament.

Sheik Ahmad identified coaching and commercial sponsorship as the biggest issues facing Essequibo cricket.

The ECB 2011 Under-15 competition was sponsored by Sterling Products (under GCB executive Ramsey Ali) and was played throughout Essequibo. This competition was used to select the Essequibo Under-15 team that participated in the Guyana Cricket Board inter-county Under-15 competition and two Essequibo players, Kemo Paul and Ricardo Peters, won places in the Guyana Under-15 team.

The ECB 2011 Under-19 competition, sponsored by Goodwood Racing Service (owned by then GCB Presisent Chetram Singh), was also used to select the corresponding county team. Four Essequibo players, Ricardo Adams, Anthony Adams, Kevon Boodie and Ronsford Beaton, were selected to represent Guyana in the regional Under-19 tournament, with Beaton being the captain. This was the first time in the history of Essequibo cricket that four players were selected to represent Guyana at any level simultaneously.

The ECB also held its annual Busta Festival for senior cricketers, sponsored by Guyana Beverage Inc. The final, at the Wakenaam Community Centre ground, was the first played under lights, with the first prize being $100,000. Essequibo county players Norman Federicks and Ronsford Beaton gained selection on the national team.

Rekha Roopnauth was selected for the Guyana female Under-19 team against Trinidad and Tobago. Kemo Paul, Mark Gonsalves and Ricardo Peters were selected for the Guyana Under-17 team to compete in the inaugural regional tournament in Trinidad in 2012, while Ronsford Beaton and Dillon Heyliger were selected for the national Twenty20 squad to play in the 2012 regional competition.

Public Relations Officer Nazeer Mohamed said that the Essequibo area had lots of talented cricketers and called on corporate Guyana to invest in Essequibo’s cricket to harness this talent. He also thanked current sponsors and looked forward to their continued support to move Essequibo cricket forward. It was noted that the Essequibo county teams did not win a title in 2011 and that several competitions and development programmes were planned to address this.

2007 Activities

The ECB Goodwood Under-19 competition was won by Central Essequibo, who defeated East Bank Essequibo by 4 wickets at the Cotton Field ground on 27 January.