Guyana Floodlights Softball Cricket Association

The Guyana Floodlights Cricket Softball Association (GFSCA) consists of mostly businessmen, including Rahaman Khan (General Marines), Mike Singh (Mike’s Pharmacy), Dru Bahadur and Jailall Deodass (Motor Trend, Enmore). This organisation promotes softball cricket, participates in softball matches and now organises softball cricket competitions. GFSCA has been sending teams to the USA to participate in the Florida Cup since 2007.

GFSCA also assists with fund-raising and charitable efforts, which was the original focus of the organisation. The organisation split from another similar organisation in order to organise softball competitions that is more in keeping with its (GFSCA's) ideals.

General Information
Name: Floodlights Softball Cricket Association (GFSCA)
Office Executive Phone Email
President: Rahaman Khan 643-5474
Vice-President: Ricky Deonarain 642-7734
Secretary: Ramesh Sunich 623-0368
Treasurer: Lakeram ‘Mike’ Singh 622-6920
Assistant Sect/Treasurer: Petamber Maharaj
Committee Members
Name Email
Dharam Persaud
Ramchand Ragbeer
Kemal Seebaran
Lalta Gainda
Gopaul Booj-Raj
Stephen Naraine
Jailall Deodass

2012 Activities

In 2012 the GFSCA plans to hold 2 nationwide tournaments, send 2 teams to the Florida Cup to be held on March 2nd, 3rd and 4th, a team to Independence Cup in New York in July and a team to Toronto, Canada at the end August. The GFSCA first Inter-County Softball Tournament will be held on September 30th. Last year the Inter-County Softball Tounament could not be played because of the massive preparation for the “Guyana Softball Cup”.

The first nationwide tournament will begin on 22nd of January and it is sponsored by The City Mall of Regent and Camp Street. The finals are set for May 6th.

2011 Activities

The Stag Beer and El Dorado softball tournament began on 23 January 2011, with matches scheduled for Friday nights under floodlights. The tournament utilized a round robin format and was played in three categories: Male Open 15/15, Female Open 10/10, and Male Over-40 25/25 overs. The tournament paused for four weeks to accomodate the GT&T 10/10 tournament.

The finals were played on June 19 at the Georgetown Cricket Club ground, Bourda, after being delayed by rain. In the Male Open category Memorex of Berbice defeated Cotton Field of Essequibo by 7 wickets. In the Male Over-40 category Regal Seniors defeated defending champions Floodlights XI by 85 runs and in the Female category 4R Lioness suprisingly defeated the powerful Rose Hall Females team by 6 runs.

The GFSCA sent two teams to the USA to take part in the Florida Cup 2011 on March 4, 5 and 6, for the fourth consecutive year, and another team to the Independence Cup in New York in July.

On 28 August the Bakewell nationwide softball tournament began, with play in the Male Open (15/15), Male Over-40 years old (25/25) and Female Open (10/10) categories. The finals were played in front of a large crowd at the Ministry of Education ground on 11 December 2011. Regal XI, Regal Masters and Mike's Wellwoman won the Male Open, Male Over-40 and Female Open categories respectively after fierce and exciting competition.

On 30 Sep GFSCA launched the Guyana Cup and the Masters Cup 20/20 competitions, which included several teams from Canada, Guyana and USA. The Masters Cup was for players at least 40 years old. Despite inclement weather, the finals were played on 30 October 2011 at the Everest Cricket Club in Georgetown. Cotton Field Wild Oats of Essequibo, Regal Masters and Mike's Wellwoman won the Guyana Cup, Masters Cup and Women's Exhibition Final respectively, providing great entertainment for everyone.

The overseas teams expressed gratitude afterward for an outstanding tournament and a great time.

GFSCA suffered the tragic loss of one of its oustanding members, Bedi Ramjewan, in 2011.

2010 Activities

The association sent two teams to the United States to participate in the Florida Cup, which was hosted from February 12-14. Unfortunately, the Floodlights ‘A’ team endured defeat in the final which was played at Fort Lauderdale Cricket Stadium.

The General Marine nationwide softball tournament began on September 12 and was played in three categories with teams in the Male Over-40, Male Open, and Female Open categories. Only sixteen teams were accepted in the Male Open category because of the time available. The finals were played on December 5 at the famous Georgetown Cricket Club ground, Bourda, with free admission to the public and live cricket commentary. The female final, which commenced at 19:00hrs, was played through heavy rainfall and recorded by NCN Channel 11 for later viewing.

Floodlights won the Male Over-40 final by beating Savage XI by 24 runs, Better Hope Warriors prevailed over Rockaway by 15 runs in the final of the Male Open, while Trophy Stall Angels defeated Wellwoman by 14 runs in the female championship game.

GFSCA was involved in a several charitable ventures including the donation of $400,000 to quake-ravaged Haiti, $375,000 to the Pakistan Flood Relief and $275,000 to a cancer patient from Enmore, and $250,000. In December 2010 GFSCA awarded G$250,000 to Guyana and West Indies female cricketers Shemaine Campbelle, Sabrina Munroe, June Ogle-Thomas and Tremaine Smartt, who were preparing to leave for India with the West Indies team on 01 January 2011. The money was for personal expenses.

Via softball matches, the GFSCA was able to hold several fund-raising activities, including one at Crabwood Creek, which yielded $497,000. The association was also able to raise $350,000 in Mahaicony Creek during a day of softball cricket. These monies were raised through contributions from its 35 members and many followers.