Guyana Softball League

The Guyana Softball League runs softball competitions throughout Guyana. Affiliates include the Lower East Coast Softball Cricket League, which administers softball cricket from Ogle to Bachelor’s Adventure.

Name: Guyana Softball League
Founded: 2000
2011 Officials
Secretary: Leonard Harprashad
Treasurer: Selena Azeez

2011 Activities:

In June, GSL Treasurer Selna Azeez presented trophies to Hogg Island to help develop softball and other sports there.

2010 Officials
Secretary: Leonard Harprashad
Essequibo North: Thakoor ( 613-0418); Wazeeda Bacchus (643-6945)
Essequibo Central: Balchand Shivamber ( 616-4020, 771-4401)
Essequibo South: Ragubar ( 684-6973, 612-3973)
West Coast/West Bank: Leonard Harprashad ( 646-0568, 268-2458)
Wakenaam: Asif Mohamed (646-3156, 774-5050)
Leguan: Harvey Gobin (260-0856, 665 –9618)
Bartica: Anand (612-0235)
East Coast Demerara (Lower): Mark Persaud ( 614-2747)

East Coast Demerara (Upper):

Herman Persaud ( 682-2350, 229-2038)
Georgetown: Lance Adams (626-7259)

East Bank Demerara:

Ralph Narine (625 –7998)
Linden: Mortimer Denny (602-1256, 689-3272)
Corentyne: Omeshwar Sirikishun (627-5788); Abina ( 614-3373); Intikhab Sakoor (618-0287)
West Berbice: Barrington (667- 5199)
Canje/New Amsterdam: David Lukenauth (679-4379)

2010 activities:

GSL had organsied 15 tournaments countrywide with the GT&T 10/10 competition attracting 584 teams across Guyana. The GSL two female competitions countrywide saw 84 teams participating. The District of Columbia Metro Cricket Organisation of New York (DCMCO) competition attracted 130 teams. The Over-35 20/20 countrywide competition had 29 teams involved. The Inter-Jamaat 15/15 competition saw 23 masjids taking part.

The GSL also organised the Over-40 25-over tournament which attracted 33 teams. A 10/10 tournament, held in Essequibo, had 64 teams competing. A one-day tournament was organised for female teams on the East Coast of Demerara attracted 35 teams. Floodlight tournaments were also held for male teams on the Essequibo Coast, Berbice and East Coast of Demerara.

Apart from the on-field action, GSL donated trophies for the Capoey Mission Heritage Day celebrations and jerseys to the female teams at Capoey, Cotton Field ( Essequibo) and Kabakaburi. GSL also acquired sponsorship for Capoey, Mahaica creek and Mahaica under-15 female teams.