Guyana Sports Club

Name: Guyana Sports Club
Previous Name: British Guiana Sports Club
Location: Thomas Rd, Thomas Lands, Georgetown

Guyana Sports Club (GSC), which was founded in 1896, provided facilities for cricket, soccer, cycling, athletics, hockey and other activities. Originally known as the British Guiana Sports Club, this organisation was formed as an alternative to the Georgetown Cricket Club, which restricted its membership to British citizens and their descendents in those days.

Wanting to participate in first division cricket, John Alysius Veerasawmy, one of the founders of Everest, joined GSC in 1917, and almost immediately took 15 wickets for 71 runs in a match, his best bowling analysis in first division cricket. Veerasawmy captained GSC twice (in 1917 and 1918) and won the GSC annual best bowler prize on three occasions.

Over the years the GSC building deteriorated to such an extent that it was demolished by the City Council in 2003. The expectation is that a new sporting facility will be erected in its place.

1962 Activities

Players included: T Drayton, W English, R Grant, R Mann, R Nascimento, B Patoir, C Stayers, R Stewart, C Walcott