Hopetown United Cricket Club

Name: Hopetown United Cricket Club
Location: Hopetown, West Berbice
Ground: Bath, West Berbice

2013 Activities

Division 2 NBS 40-Overs:

  • (2 Mar at Hopetown) Rainbow Generation beat Hopetown United by 6 wkts. Hopetown United 72 in 19 overs ( Rennison Mitchell 6-26, Peter Grant 3-21). Rainbow Generation 73-4 in 12 overs (Sherwin McPherson 27, Steffon Adams 3-25).

Players include: Steffon Adams

2010 Activities

Hopetown United Cricket Club participated in the 2010 Berbice Cricket Board NBS second division 40-over competition. They were eliminated in the semi-finals by Young Warriors.

Players include: Steffon Adams, Emerson Benjamin, Kelwin Bennette, K. Joseph, Kwesi Mentore, Jermain Reynolds, Claude Saul and Kenje Sedoc.