Leguan Cricket Committee

The Leguan Cricket Committee is responsible for cricket on Leguan, an island of area 18 square miles at the mouth of the Essequibo River, with a population of about 4200 (See map below).

2012 Activities:


2011 Activities:

Leguan Cricket Committee Executives 2011
Chairman: Verendra Chintamanie
Vice-chairman: Jainarine Nandram
Secretary: Shanty Nandram
Treasurer: Mustapha Zaman
Asst Secretary
Seeram Jattan

Verendra Chintamanie was elected Chairman of the Leguan Cricket Committee when the body held its Annual General meeting  on 08 Jan 2011 at the Leguan Secondary School. Verendra Chintamanie was also elected Assistant Secretary for the Essequibo Cricket Board this month. The new executive hopes a coach would be available to help the island's youngsters develop their game and that sponsorship would be forthcoming from the business community.


Map of Leguan Island