Mackenzie Sports Club

Name: Mackenzie Sports Club
Address: 464 Greenheart St, Mackenzie, Linden
Telephone: 444-3233

Mackenzie Sports Club (MSC) in the township of Mackenzie, on the east bank of the Demerara River, about 65 miles south of Georgetown. MSC is a member of the Upper Demerara Cricket Association.

Spectators at the MSC ground enjoying Kid Fest, during Town Week 2010.

MSC was built by the Demerara Bauxite Company (DEMBA), which started mining bauxite in the area in 1916.

The MSC ground, on Greenheart Street in downtown Linden, is the main event centre for the Linden area. Apart from cricket, the ground hosts soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, track and field, cycling, field hockey and various cultural and social activities, such as the popular Linden Town Week and the Annual Fair. The main pavilion accomodates indoor events such as dominoes, billiards, table tennis, darts and so on. The pavilion also has two bars.

Past cricketers from MSC include: Vincent Adams, Vibert Benjamin, Basil Butcher, Robert Calvern, Paul Dunbar, Lenny Fraser, Compton London, ‘Gunner’ Melville, Compton Parkinson, Vibert ‘Fisher’ Rogers, Wayne Stuger, Jeff Trotman, Gordon ‘Bull’ Waddle, Monty Weekes and Vibert Wright.


MSC previously played in the Case Cup - the first division competition in the County of Demerara. It also played Northcote and Wight Cup matches, in the Intermediate and Second Divisions.

Lindeners listening to Minister Irfaan Ali at the MSC ground, at night in 2010.

MSC participated in the UDCA 2010 T20 competition.