Malteenoes Sports Club

Name: Malteenoes Sports Club
Address: 17 Thomas Rd, Thomas Lands, Georgetown
Telephone: 225-6509

The Malteenoes Sports Club was founded in the year 1902. Its first President Mr. Ferdinand Christopher Archer was a master tailor who was born in Barbados but migrated to British Guiana as an infant. At age eighteen he recognised the dire need for an alternative organization to serve the recreational and social interests of working class people who could not gain membership at the exclusive Georgetown Cricket Club or afford membership at the British Guiana Sports Club.

The club was initially located at Eve Leary on Camp Street, in Georgetown, where the Police Commissioner’s Residence now stands. With the militarisation of Eve Leary during the Second World War, The ground was absorbed into the military zone and Malteenoes relocated to its present location, with freehold ownership of its land. Malteenoes Sports Club fulfilled its intended role during those formative years by providing young men and women the opportunity to participate in outdoor activities such as football, cricket and field hockey and indoor activities such as badminton, table tennis, and dominoes.

Outstanding Malteenoes club members in sports include Charlie Jones, John Trim, Glendon Gibbs, Rex Collymore, Barrington Browne, Clayton Lambert, Kenneth Wong, Colin Stuart, Pat Legall, George Green, Pat Britton, Dennis France, W.G Griffith, Crawley Hunte, Rita Braithwaite, and Iris Straker. Those who were outstanding in sports administration include Joseph “Pirate” Alexander, Rudolph Harper, Rex Mc Kay, Claude Raphael and Edward Richmond.

Charlie Jones was the first Malteenoes player to represent British Guiana or the West Indies. In his era and for decades afterwards, it was extremely difficult for Malteenoes players to gain selection on the Guyana team, because of selectors who were influenced by colour, class and race. This may explain why later Willie Woolford, a fast bowler who could swing the ball late in both directions and was very successful in club cricket, was never selected for Guyana.

Jones' outstanding success in club cricket enabled him to penetrate the formidable walls of prejudice and to gain selection for British Guiana for the first time in 1925 in a game against Barbados at Bourda, where his team secured a rare victory over its arch rivals by eight wickets.

Since the 1980s Malteenoes has been playing a leading role in the development of youth cricket. The club started a youth programme in 1984 which has produced a steady stream of competitive young cricketers. The programme was formalised into the Malteenoes Cricket Academy in July 1993 and it is still active today.

Malteenoes has been very influential both on and off field in the development of sports in Guyana, especially cricket. Despite many challenges the club remains firmly committed to this objective, which it considers to be an important means of educating young people and channeling their energies into meaningful activity.

Malteenoes Sports Club participates in Georgetown Cricket Association competitions.

Past players include:
Barrington Browne, Rex Collymore, Glendon Gibbs, Charlie Jones, Clayton Lambert, Pat Legall, Colin Stuart, John Trim, Kenneth Wong and others.

2013 Activities

GCA Division 1 Hadi's 2-day:

  • (26, 27 Jan at GDF) Malteenoes won by 6 wkts. GDF 93 (S Jacobs 5-20, S Daniels 3-33). Malteenoes 143 (O Forde 45, D McEwan 43, J Harris 3-?, P Castello 3-?, T Blyden 2-?). GDF 195 (T Blyden 46, T Fraser 31, R Lindore 34*, T Garraway 25, S Jacobs 6-51, S Williams 2-36). Malteenoes 146-4 (O Forde 39*, S Barrington 33, S Jacobs 21*, D McEwan 13, J Harris 2-27).
  • (2, 3 Mar at Malteenoes) Transport won by 10 wkts. TSC 244 (A Azeez 57, J Alphonso 48, S Williams 4-44, K Crosse 2-20) MSC 130 (D McEwan 51, K Morris 6-25) MSC 135 all out (K Crosse 35, S Williams 22, K Ross 5-20, A Azeez 3-42) TSC 22-0.

GCA Division 2 Noble House 2-day:

  • (12, 13 Jan) Malteenoes lost to GCC by 77 runs.

Players include: Nickosie Barker, Kwame Crosse, Dorian Best, Seon Daniels, Orin Forde, Steven Jacobs, Devon Mc Ewan, Jamal Norton, Steve Sankar and Shaquille Williams

2012 Activites

Malteenoes won the Georgetown Cricket Association 2011 1st Division "Carib Beer" and "Friends of Cricket" Heroes Cup, which was completed in 2012. They narrowly edged out the Demerara Cricket Club on points.

Malteenoes participated in the Hadi’s Mall Incorporated first division two-day competion. The match against GNIC ended in a draw.

Players in 2012 included: Kellon Carmichael, Seon Daniels, Danny Narayan and Shaquille Williams.

2011 Activities

Malteenoes participated in the 2011 GCA First Division 2-day competition.

Players include: Seon Daniels, Orin Forde (ex-Guyana T20 batsman), Carlos LaRose, Danny Narayan, Steven Sankar (Guyana Under-15 leg-spinner) and Shaquille Williams  

2010 Activities

Players included:
Under-15: Godfrey Matthews, Vishal Narayan, Soopaul Sanichar, Steven Sankar
Under-19: Kwame Cross, Shaquille Williams
Seniors: Steven Jacobs, Shemroy Barrington, Damion Vantull

1986 Activities

MALTEENOES Sports Club Under-19 cricket team ... 1986 youth champions, won the Youth Week, Month of Sports, Robert Williams and Clifford Reece trophies. Sitting third from right is captain Orin Hudson.(From STABROEK NEWS, Friday, 12 Dec 1986, page 23.)

National cricket coach Rex Collymore said Malteenoes Sports Club was the best youth team in 1986 because of their exceptional fielding.

1962 Activities

Players include: V Arthur, N Burnett, C Collymore, G Gibbs, C Hyman, G Ifill, P Legall, P McLeanan, P Phillips, J Telesford, D Winter