St Stanislaus College

Name: St Stanislaus College
Location: Brickdam, Georgetown
Ground: Thomas Lands, Georgetown
Website: St Stanislaus College

St Stanislaus College is a Catholic high school and a leading leading educational institution in Guyana, with a long history and many traditions. It was founded in 1866 and moved to its present site, near the west end of Brickdam, in 1907.  'Saints' as it is popularly known has produced many outstanding cricketers and is very proud of its cricket tradition.

The CR Jacob Cup was introduced in 1935 for cricket competition between Queen's College, St Stanislaus and Berbice High School. The school acquired a sports ground in Thomas Lands sometime around 1940. Boys practiced in the schoolyard on Brickdam before and after that, but always had to restrain themselves when batting, for fear of damaging property or hurting people nearby.

Saints won the Jacob Cup in 1937 and the Hing Cup, symbol of cricket supremacy among Georgetown schools, in 1940. In 1941 Saints won the Hing Cup again. The school also participated in the second division Garnett Cup and in the Jacob Cup. Games were made compulsory and the cricket first XI was coached by two Georgetown Cricket Club professionals, and by Mr M Fitt.

In 1942 the duration of Jacob Cup matches was increased to two days in an attempt to avoid drawn matches. Saints defeated Berbice High on first innings, in Berbice. The saints team included: M Belgrave, K Brassington, M Camacho (captain), H Christiani, C de Souza, M de Souza, C Fitt, CA McWatt, O Melville, P O'Connor and G Sadler.

The 1942 Jacob Cup final, between Saints and Queen's College, was played at Bourda. Queen's College won the match after the Saints middle order batting collapsed in their first innings. Saints made 3 changes to the team that defeated Berbice. CA McWatt captained the side in the absence of M Camacho, while C Bourne and A Wight replaced M de Souza and O Melville. Camacho and de Souza had to stand down through illness.

Saints started well in the 1942 Garnett Cup but fell away towards the end, winning three matches on the first innings, losing one outright, and losing the others on the first innings. There was no Hing Cup competition in 1942. For the 1943 Hing Cup season, Cecil Fitt was the captain and Paddy O'Connor the vice-captain.

The 1950 Saints cricket team included: M Camacho, V Charan, OS Gibson, J Gouveia, J Hazlewood (wicketkeeper), V Mahangar, F Marques, AL Outridge, B Patoir, AJ Persaud (captain), H Shepherd, R Shepherd, FGN Thomas and V Vieira.

In 1950 Robert Christiani assisted Fr Lynch with coaching the school cricket team, which responded by winning the Jacob Cup that year. Saints defeated old nemesis Queen's College on first innings in the semi-final, played at Malteenoes on 18th and 19 April. Scores were QC 236 (LA Jackman 94, F Mongul 46, J Gouveia 2 for 19) and 132-5 (WI Lee 49, O Gibson 4 for 43). Saints 267 (O Gibson 61, B Patoir 45, C Pilgrim 4 for 78).

Saints also toured Trinidad in 1950, playing two cricket matches, on matting wickets, and losing both. Saints cricketers on the tour included: M Camacho, V Charan, L Daly, OS Gibson, J Hazelwood, F Marques, B Patoir, AJ Persaud, "Rice" Shepherd and FGN Thomas.

Well-known cricketers who attended Saints include: Peter Bayley (Guyana batsman), George Camacho, Stephen Camacho (Guyana, WI batsman), Bertie Christiani, Cyril Christiani (Guyana, WI wkpr), Harry Christiani, Johnny Christiani, Robert Christiani (Guyana, WI batsman), Travis Dowlin (Guyana, WI batsman), Warren Figueira, Wayne Ford, Trevor Gibbs (son of Glendon Gibbs), Stephen Jacobs, David Martins (Guyana, 1953), Clifford McWatt (Guyana, WI wkpr), Ivor Mendonca (Guyana, WI wkpr), Timur Mohamed (Guyana, WI batsman), Geoff Murray (Guyana wkpr, 1963-1967), Brian Patoir (Guyana, 1951), Anthony Roberts (Guyana Under-19, 1974), Glen Robinson (Guyana,1994-1995), Rohan Sarjoo (Guyana, 1996), Keith Semple (Guyana, WI batsman), Charlie Stayers (Guyana, WI fast bowler, 1962), Bernie Thomas, Lennie Thomas, Neville Thomas (Guyana, 1953), Tyrell Tull (Guyana wkpr, 2006), Arnold Wight, Leslie Wight (Guyana, WI batsman, 1953), Norman Wight, Peter Wight, Ken Wong (Guyana wkpr).

2007 Activities

Saints participated in the 2007 Georgetown Cricket Association Under-19 competition.

Players included: Stephen Jacobs (U-19), Dellon Muffet (U-19).

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