Upper Corentyne

Name: Upper Corentyne Cricket Club
Location: East Corentyne, except Skeldon
Ground: No 69

The Upper Corentyne team plays First Division cricket and consists of players from several communitiesthat individually play Second Division cricket.

2013 Activities

Division 1 Universal DVD 20-overs:

  • (20 Apr at No 69) Upper Corentyne beat Skeldon Community Centre by 9 runs. Upper Corentyne 145-7 in 20 overs (R Ramdass 36, T Ramoutar 3-33). Skeldon Community Centre 136-19.5 overs (J Reid 26, G Nauth 18, L Latchman 3-26, D Ramdat 3-18, N Yacoob 2-29).

Players include: Lakeram Latchman, Ryan Ramdass, Deoprakash Ramdat, Naeem Yacoob