Upper Demerara Cricket Association

The Upper Demerara Cricket Association (UDCA) was formed in 2000, in response to concerns that the East Bank Demerara Cricket Association (EBDCA) was unable to properly meet the needs of the residents of the Linden (a city about 65 miles up the Demerara River) area. The UDCA is geographically within the county of Demerara.

The EBDCA has stated publicly the UDCA has no legal right to exist because the geographical area it claims to represent was placed under the EBDCA when the EBDCA was formed as a component association of the Demerara Cricket Board. The EBDCA has offered the Upper Demerara the option of forming a Cricket Committee under the EBDCA, similar to the cricket committees under the Essequibo Cricket Board.

The EBDCA also stated that the current (2010-2011) practice by the Guyana Cricket Board Development Committee of communicating directly with the UDCA is illegal and undermines the authority of the EBDCA.

Member clubs (and their grounds) include: Bayroc Cricket Club (Bayroc ground), Bosai Cricket Club, Christianburg Cricket Club (Christianburg ground), Coomaka United Cricket Club, Genesis Cricket Club, McKenzie Sports Club (MSC ground), Muritaro Cricket Club (Maria Elizabeth ground), Royal Champions Cricket Club, West Watooka Cricket Club (West Watooka ground), Young Achievers Cricket Club and Young Stars Cricket Club.

The Cricket Administration Bill, passed by the Guyana Parliament in May 2014, made UDCA an association under the Demerara Cricket Board.