Demerara v Berbice 2in (20 Jan 2013)

Match: Demerara v Berbice 2in (20, 21, 22, 23 Jan 2013)
Competition: GCB 2013 Men's Inter-County 2-innings Competition
Format: 2 innings per side over 4 days
Venue: Everest Cricket Club
Toss: ?
Result: Demerara won by 4 wickets.
Berbice first innings
Batsman How out Runs Balls 4s 6s
S Chattergoon c wk J Perry b P Wintz 13      
R Ramdeen c wk J Perry b P Wintz 31      
G Singh lbw b P Wintz 1      
A Fudadin   b Z Mohamed 3      
Z Khan   b P Wintz 4      
D Hicks lbw b Z Mohamed 40   3 1
J Sinclair lbw b Z Mohamed 36   2 1
C Pestano   b A Khan 12      
E Hooper   b A Khan 6      
G Motie-Kanhai   b A Khan 5      
K Joseph not out   3      
Extras   14      
Total (All out in 57.3 overs) 168      
Fall of wickets: 1-37, 2-?, 3-46, 4-?, 5-58, 6-132, 7-153, 8-?, 9-?
Demerara bowling
Bowler O M R W
P Wintz ? ? 32 4
A Stoll ? ? ? 0
R Bacchus ? ? ? 0
Z Mohamed ? ? 47 3
A Khan ? ? 28 3
Demerara first innings
Batsman How out Runs Balls 4s 6s
S Barrington lbw b Z Khan 64 179    
R Bacchus c E Hooper b K Joseph 17      
R Chandrika (c) lbw b G Motie-Kanhai 90 119    
V Singh lbw b E Hooper 17      
C Hemraj c ? b G Motie-Kanhai 7      
J Perry (w) c wk J Sinclair b G Motie-Kanhai 32      
Z Mohamed   b E Hooper 36   4 1
S Williams c ? b K Joseph 0      
P Wintz not out   4      
A Khan   b E Hooper 0      
A Stoll c ? b Motie-Kanhai 1      
Extras   22      
Total (All out in ? overs) 290      
Fall of wickets: 1-?, 2-180, 3-182, 4-?, 5-207, 6-260, 7-274, 8-?, 9-?
Berbice bowling
Bowler O M R W
K Joseph ? ? 49 1
C Pestano ? ? ? 0
G Motie-Kanhai ? ? 68 4
Z Khan ? ? 32 1
E Hooper ? ? 60 4
Berbice second innings
Batsman How out Runs Balls 4s 6s
S Chattergoon c R Chandrika b Z Mohamed 89 192 6 2
R Ramdeen c wk J Perry b Z Mohamed 13      
G Singh lbw b Z Mohamed 0      
A Fudadin (c) lbw b S Williams 14      
J Sinclair   b Z Mohamed ?      
D Hicks c wk J Perry b Z Mohamed 3      
Z Khan lbw b A Khan 7      
C Pestano c ? b A Khan 2      
E Hooper run out   13      
G Motie-Kanhai not out   13      
K Joseph c ? b A Khan 16      
Extras   ?      
Total (All out in 80.4 overs) 200      
Fall of wickets: 1-39, 2-40, 3-128, 4-133, 5-?, 6-147, 7-?, 8-?, 9-174
Demerara bowling
Bowler O M R W
P Wintz ? ? ? 0
A Stoll ? ? ? 0
R Bacchus ? ? ? 0
Z Mohamed ? ? 40 5
A Khan ? ? 68 3
S Williams ? ? 35 1
Demerara second innings
Batsman How out Runs Balls 4s 6s
S Barrington run out   8      
R Chandrika (c)   b C Pestano 0      
R Bacchus   b C Pestano 10      
C Hemraj c ? b G Motie-Kanhai 38 79 2 1
V Singh c ? b G Motie-Kanhai 8      
Z Mohamed c ? b G Motie-Kanhai 5      
J Perry (w) not out   0      
S Williams not out   9      
Extras   1      
Total (For 6 wickets in 38 overs) 79      
Fall of wickets: 1-?, 2-15, 3-26, 4-?, 5-68, 6-75
Berbice bowling
Bowler O M R W
K Joseph ? ? ? 0
C Pestano ? ? 16 2
G Motie-Kanhai ? ? 21 3
E Hooper ? ? ? 0

(Day 1 Report based on a Kaieteur News article.)

Demerara were in a strong position against GT&T Berbice at the close of play on the first day in the third and final round of the Guyana Cricket Board Senior 4-day Inter-County tournament, at Everest.

Berbice took first strike with Sewnarine Chattergoon and Richard Ramdeen adding 37 for the first wicket before the aggressive Ramdeen was caught behind  by wicketkeeper Joseph Perry off pacer Paul Wintz for 31. Wintz then had Gajanand Singh lbw for 1 and Chattergoon caught behind for 13 as Berbice slipped to 46-3. Off-spinner Zaheer Mohamed then dismissed Fudadin for 3 while Zamal Khan was bowled by Wintz for 4 to leave the score at 58-5.

Delbert Hicks and Jason Sinclair then added 74 for the 6th wicket with sensible batting on a two paced track. Mohamed then had Hicks and Sinclair leg before for 40 (3×4, 1×6) and 36 (2×4,1×6) respectively at 153-7. Amir Khan then dismissed Clinton Pestano for 12, Eon Hooper for 6 and Gudakesh Motie Kanhai for 5 as Berbice were dismissed for 168 in 57.3 overs. Keon Joseph was left not out on 3. The aggressive Wintz took 4-32, Khan 3-28 and Mohamed 3-47.

Demerara in response were 87-1 at stumps with Rajendra Chandrika on 46 and Shemroy Barrington on 17. Keon Joseph had Robin Bacchus caught by Hooper for 17.

(Day 2 Report based on a Kaieteur News article.)

Half centuries by Rajendra Chandrika and Shemroy Barrington gave Demerara the upper hand against GT&T Berbice when play on the second day concluded.

Demerara resumed on their overnight score of 87-1 with Chandrika on 46 and Barrington on 17. The pair continued to bat sensibly, rotating the strike and dispatching the bad balls. Chandrika soon reached fifty (3x4, 1x6, 133 balls), followed by Barrington (3x4, 100 balls. Berbice finally broke the partnership when Zamal Khan had Barrington lbw 64 (179 balls) at 180.

Two runs later Gudakesh Motie Kanhai had Chandrika lbw also, for 90 (119 balls). Hooper then had Vishal Singh lbw for 17, as Demerara went to tea at 207-4 with Chanderpaul Hemraj on 7 and Joseph Perry on 2.

After the interval Hemraj was caught off Kanhai without addition to the score, but Zaheer Mohamed and Perry added 53 for the 5th wicket before Mohamed was bowled by Hooper for 36 (4×4,1×6), while pacer Keon Joseph removed Shaquille Williams for 0 at 274.

At close of play Demerara was 286-7 off 95 overs in the day's play, with Perry on 31 (2×4) and Paul Wintz on 2. Hooper has so far taken 3-57, Kanhai 3-67, Khan 1-32 and Joseph 1-49.

(Day 3 Report based on a Kaieteur News article.)

Off-spinner Zaheer Mohamed took 5 wickets for 27 to put Demerara into a comfortable position against GT&T Berbice when the 3rd day concluded at Everest.

Demerara resumed at 286-7, with Joseph Perry on 31 and Paul Wintz on 3. Perry was caught behind by Joseph Sinclair off Gudakesh Motie Kanhai in the second over of the day for 32. Eon Hooper then bowled Amir Khan for 0 before Kanhai removed Andre Stoll for 1, leaving Wintz not out on 4 as Demerara were dismissed for 290 in the first session. Hooper finished with 4-60, Kanhai 4-68, Zamal Khan 1-32 and Keon Joseph 1-49.

With a deficit of 122, Berbice lost Richard Ramdeen, who was caught at the wicket by Perry off Mohamed for 13 at 39. Mohamed then had Gajanand Singh lbw for 0, before Sewnarine Chattergoon and Assad Fudadin saw them to lunch at 57-2, with Chattergoon on 36 and Fudadin on 10.

The pair continued after lunch and reached triple figures off 221 balls in 137 minutes. Chattergoon drove Mohamed to the extra cover boundary to bring up his fifty off 95 balls in 121 minutes. Fudadin, who middled the ball well and played some handsome shots, departed on the stroke of tea when he pushed forward to off-spinner Shaquille Williams and was given out lbw for 14, after adding 88 for the 3rd wicket with Chattergoon.

Jason Sinclair was then bowled by Mohamed as he attempted a huge swipe five runs later. Mohamed, who maintained a steady line and length, then had Delbert Hicks caught by wicketkeeper Perry down the leg side for 3 and Chattergoon taken at 1st slip by Rajendra Chandrika for a well played 89 (6x4, 2x6, 192 balls, 214 minutes), to leave GT&T Berbice at 147-6.

With his team in trouble, Clinton Pestano (2) lofted Amir Khan to long on, while Zamal Khan (7) seemed unlucky to be given out lbw to Khan. Hooper and Kanhai were involved in a terrible mix-up between the wickets which resulted in Hooper being run out for 13 at 174. 

Kanhai was on 8 and Joseph on 6 as Berbice, with a lead of 63, closed the day on 185-9. Mohamed received support from Khan 2-63 and Williams 1-35.

(Day 4 Report based on a Kaieteur News article.)

Demerara defeated GT&T Berbice by 4 wickets to win the Guyana Cricket Board Senior 4-day Inter-County competition, at Everest.

Berbice were dismissed in the first session on the final day for 200 in 80.4 overs, after resuming on 185-9, with Gudakesh Motie Kanhai on 8 and Keon Joseph on 6. Leg-spinner Amir Khan dismissed Joseph for 16, leaving Kanhai not out on 13. Mohamed took 5-40, Khan 3-68 and Shaquille Williams 1-35.

Needing 79 to win in just over two sessions, Demerara reached home in 38 overs, scoring 79-6. Medium pacer Clinton Pestano reduced Demerara to 15-2 when he bowled Rajendra Chandrika (0) and Robin Bacchus (10) before Shemroy Barrington was run out for 8 at 26. Left-arm spinner Kanhai's then dismissed Vishal Singh for 8, and the patient Chanderpaul Hemraj, caught at extra cover for 38 (2x4 1x6, 79 balls, 76 minutes), as Demerara slipped to 68-5.

Kanhai, who bowled with good loop, then removed Zaheer Mohamed for 5 with the home team 4 runs away from victory, but Shaquille Williams swept Kanhai to the long leg boundary to remain not out on 9, while Joseph Perry was not out on 0. Kanhai took 3-21 and Pestano 2-16.

Demerara received a trophy and $200,000. Berbice captain Assad Fudadin said Demerara performed excellently to win both the 50-overs and 4-day competitions and urged his team mates to work harder, while the winning team skipper Rajendra Chandrika thanked the GCB for organising the tournaments.

Demerara manager Robert “Pacer” Adonis said his team played as a unit. He also gave credit to Zaheer Mohamed, Chandrika and Totaram Bishun who had to depart for Trinidad & Tobago for personal reasons before the final round.