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Nadir: IMC Right Decision

It is with much interest and amusement that I read the New Year’s statement from the purported “Guyana Cricket Board’. What I find very amusing is that this group which has tried to hijack the Guyana Cricket Board (GBC) is talking about unity and ‘willingness to work with all concerned parties for the advancement of our beautiful game’ when they have tried all form of machinations to perpetuate themselves at the helm of cricket administration.

GCA Clubs Make Statement

Colin Croft’s call for an “Egyptian style” revolution in our cricket administration seemed to galvanise the Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA) member clubs into action and vote for “Cricket” and not “Politics”, at their AGM held on Monday 28th February at the GNIC Pavilion, Woolford Avenue, Thomas Lands.

Raphael: Let Justice Prevail

I HAVE said it before and I say it again, I am not in support of any Government running cricket; the administration of cricket must be carried out by committed, qualified, honest, individuals who are elected to executive office by a free, transparent legal process involving its constituents.

Govt Setting Up IMC

GCB President Ramsay Ali confirmed yesterday that the Guyana Board was informed of the plan which would see two members from the Essequibo Cricket Board (ECB), Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) and the GCB along with a member from each of the two factions of the defunct Demerara Cricket Board (DCB) being incorporated on the IMC.

Raphael On GCB Presidency

As the countdown for the race for the Guyana Cricket Board’s (GCB) top position continues, prominent sports administrators have given their views on those vying for the post.

GCB Presidency Race - Part 2

The contest for the pinnacle position of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB), which has been at the centre of much speculation, has developed further interest with renowned sports journalist and Sports Consultant of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States, Joseph ‘Reds’ Perreira, throwing his support behind candidate Ramsay Ali.

Ali: WICB Endorses GCB

A press conference was called yesterday at the Guyana Cricket Board’s (GCB) Secretariat at Bourda to address a Stabroek News report which questioned the legality of the Ramsay Ali-led GCB. According to the newspaper, ‘some members of the Interim Management Committee (IMC) for cricket in Guyana’ are contending that the Ali administration is pretending to be legitimate officials of the GCB.

Ali Ignored Financial Irregularities

Dear Editor,

I read a letter written by Ramsey Ali, published in the Guyana Chronicle (Friday July 17 2011) and thought long and hard before penning this response. After reading it I concluded that Mr. Ali is desperately attempting to discredit me and as such I felt it prudent to clear the air on the contents of the letter.

High Court Stops Bissoon DCB

Justice James Bovell Drakes yesterday issued an order in the High Court prohibiting the Bissoon Singh faction of the Demerara Cricket Board (DCB) from performing any duties of the DCB.

ECB: Ali For GCB President

The Essequibo Cricket Board will be supporting Ramsey Ali for the Guyana Cricket Board presidency.


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