Out with Old, in with New!

Because he deserves much leeway for services rendered, even though he failed against England recently, Shiv should simply have already been told by ... Clive Lloyd, ...

Sad But Realistic

The death of Australian left-handed international opener Phillip Joel Hughes has hit us very hard indeed. Seldom does this happen in our sport, even if practically similar situations could occur any time a relatively faster bowler is plying his trade.

Crofty: 60 And Counting

I am 60 this week, so let us indulge. Have a brandy on me! Cheers! I often wondered if born on “Ides of March” - March 15 – when Julius Caesar was butchered by his so-called friends, was an omen. Despite severe external stimuli, with great efforts to destroy me, personally and professionally, I am still here, fully vertical and very well, planning 60 more.

King Among Top Guyana Pacers

Reon Dane King, the tremendously improved and talented Guyanese, West Indian fast bowler, does not come from a long line of fast bowlers.

Thank You, Tiger!

You would think that I am mad, but I am very sure that I knew Shivnarine “Tiger” Chanderpaul long before he was born. I knew of him perhaps before his father thought of him! I believe that we should all be very pleased to be alive to celebrate Shiv’s record-breaking achievement of becoming the most capped West Indies Test player ever, with, now, 133 Tests.

If Not, Why Not?

“If not; why not?” That was the eternal question that always came from the mouth of “Blue Food”, incessantly, as he, and cohorts, man-handled proceedings at the old ‘Concrete Stand’, at Queen’s Park Oval. Whoa be unto any player, West Indian or visitor, who screwed up. That was real stress!!

Dowe Will Remember Freddo!

Sabina Park, January, 1972. Jamaica finally declared their mammoth first innings just before tea on the 2nd day of this 4-day match, with the score over 450.

Tribute To Roy Fredericks

The death of Roy Clifton Fredericks, "Freddo" to those who knew him well, was something of a shock to me. I certainly knew that he had been suffering from throat cancer, but I also was led to believe that he was recovering well after having surgery in the United States of America late last year.

Queen's College Cricket History


Queen's College (QC) has been the leading high school in Guyana for many decades, along with its principal academic rival St Stanislaus. A boys-only school until 1975, Queen's College's playing field was large enough for three cricket matches simultaneously, with two pavilions, at one time.

Charlie Jones Of Malteenoes

Many of the cricketers who represented Guyana in its somewhat distant colonial past are unknown or forgotten today, even by ardent followers of the game. This is particularly the case of players in the era before the Second World War. Among such players is Charles Ernest Llewellyn Jones.


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