Eccles Sports Club

Name: Eccles Sports Club
Location: Eccles, East Bank Demerara

2013 Activities

Friendly matches

Crane Community Ground Woes

In what could be deemed a bizarre move by a Region Three Local Authority, several young men of the Crane Housing Scheme are now unable to engage in sport activities at the area’s Community Ground which has over the years characterised a daily pastime for them.

Grove Playfield Expansion Progressing

Ever since visiting the Grove Playfield close to three months ago works have been progressing at a satisfactory pace according to Businessman Clive Matthews who has been funding the developmental works to date.

Providence SC Celebrates Second Milestone

Providence Sports Club is celebrating two years of success and for being one of the better run clubs on the East Bank of Demerara. The club participates in cricket, dominoes, darts and table tennis among other sporting disciplines. Cricket and dominoes, however, are the only sports that they play competitively.


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