GCB 16th Annual Awards

Director of the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB), Baldath Mahabir believes Guyana has the capacity to produce top class cricketers, especially batsmen.

GCB Elections Would Be Illegal

Attorney General Anil Nandlall said Guyana Cricket Board elections will be illegal if held outside the procedures laid down in the Cricket Administration Act.

Where Are The Selectors?

Where Are Selectors? CRICKET Club officials in Berbice have expressed grave concern about the absence of selectors who fail to attend matches organised by the Guyana Cricket Board of Control (GCBC).

Coaching Changes Needed

It should be known even in the deepest reaches of the underdeveloped cricket world that talent alone cannot bring a sportsman success.

Keep Battles on Pitches

Cricket battles are supposed to be fought in the playing arenas, in like manner of the Guyana senior team's undertaking in the preliminary rounds of the current Busta Cup competition.

However, another fight of an internal nature seems to be brewing among local administrators in the boardrooms.

GCB Donates Gear To Bayroc

Last Sunday as the GCB President Drubahadur visited Linden and donated a complete kit of cricket gear to the Bayrock Cricket Club.

High Court Dismisses Injunction

The High Court on Wednesday discharged an Interim Injunction obtained by the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) against the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB). That injunction was granted by the Honourable Justice Sandra Kurtzious (in Chambers) on April 14.

"Genesis" Of The Crisis

... a ... clique of executive members used their privileged offices to ... take control of the decision-making processes of the GCB including and especially the financial management.

ICC Recognizes Government Role

... the ICC recognizes the significant government’s role in a nation’s cricketing affairs, ...

GCB Rejects Present Bill

The GCB conducted a thorough review of the Bill passed by the National Assembly on 15 May 15 2014 and wishes to unreservedly reject it in its present form.


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