Cricket in Guyana

Wherever the British Empire spread in the 19th century, cricket and tea (later to inextricably intertwined in the traditions of the game) were principal exports and took root in most colonies; not least in Guyana and the West Indies.

Women Should Be In Control

"Cricket, lovely cricket" We were told in the 1970s that cricket was okay for Trinidadian and Barbadian women but it was not for Guyanese women.

WI Team For Canada & US

The visit to this country and Canada this season of a team of West Indian cricketers is now assured. The team will be composed of fourteen members - seven from Demerara, six from Jamaica, and one from Barbadoes.

Guyanese In WI Test Cricket

In the early days of West Indian cricket, Guyana did not have the opportunity of playing a big part in the composition of West Indian teams, at home and abroad. But today it is entirely a different matter. Gone are the days when we had to consider ourselves fortunate to have one representative on a West Indian touring side whenever a team was selected.

Queen's College Cricket History


Queen's College (QC) has been the leading high school in Guyana for many decades, along with its principal academic rival St Stanislaus. A boys-only school until 1975, Queen's College's playing field was large enough for three cricket matches simultaneously, with two pavilions, at one time.

Notes on Guyana Cricket History

During the decade of the 1950s, two presidents and four honourary secretaries served the Berbice Cricket Board. At the higher Inter-County and international levels, East Indian teams dominated.

Major Strides In Guyana Cricket

The exact, or even the approximate, date of the beginning of cricket in Guyana is not known.


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