ICC Condemns Guyana Action

The ICC board has condemned the Guyanese government's interference in the functioning of cricket in Guyana. In a statement released after its meeting in Dubai, the board reiterated its stand that governments should have no involvement in the running of cricket in any country.

Fiddling While Cricket Churns

Whenever it seems things simply cannot get worse (in other words every other week), West Indies cricket lapses into further sharp decline.

WICB Decisions On Guyana

St John’s, Antigua – The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of the West Indies Cricket Board held a meeting by teleconference last evening. The Executive Committee discussed the Guyana Situation and noted the following points:

Cricket, Berbice Bridge, Cowardice

One of the complaints this columnist receives from all classes within the Guyanese citizenry is that the government does what it wants and there is nothing the opposition wants to do about it. Now mind you; not nothing the opposition can do, but nothing the opposition wants to do.

Lloyd's Political Mistake

The world knows about Clive Lloyd. His cricket history is elegant and admirable. Lloyd knows about cricket. But Lloyd thinks he knows about politics.

Butcher Plugs For Lloyd

Former West Indies middle-order batsman, Basil Butcher believes that the time has come for former West Indies captain and legend Clive Lloyd to play a more prominent role in the administration of the regional game.

Time To Question Clive Lloyd

In all the decades that I have been doing commentaries I have never hesitated even for a split second to pen a critically negative comment on either an international, Caribbean or Guyanese icon. I am even more eager to do it because as people who have achieved adulation and respect for their endeavors, they ought to act as examples to the world at all times.

2012 Highs And Lows

Sports in Guyana endured several high points and also some low ones. Cricket and Football led the way with cricket experiencing the most controversies.

Sanasie: GCB Can Operate

Secretary of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) Anand Sanasie disclosed yesterday that, based on the legal advice received, the board can continue to operate despite the interim injunction granted against the entity. Sanasie made this disclosure during a media briefing yesterday in the boardroom of the GCB on Regent Street.


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