Kares Tapeball Registration Closes

Registration for the Kares Engineering Inc./Bushy Park Sawmills nationwide T10 Tapeball cricket competition closes today, and according to Guyana Softball League’s (GSL) Organising Secretary, Leonard Harprashad, the registration process will not be extended.

Over 500 Teams Registered

For what is expect­ed to be the biggest ever tapeball tournament in Guyana, inter­ested teams have at least four days more to register for the Kares Engineering Inc/Bushy Park Sawmills nationwide T10 Tapeball cricket competition. In an update, Guyana Softball League’s (GSL) ex­ecutive secretary, Leonard Harprashad, told Guyana Times Sportthat in excess of 500 teams have already registered.

Jonathan Foo Among Runs

Team Destruction led by an outstanding bowling performance from Bisram Ramrattan, who took 6-2 off 1.4 overs, defeated Foundation Youth by 8 wickets as play in the Kares Engineering Construction Company 10/10 Tapeball Cricket Competition continued at various venues across the country.

Kares and Bushy Park 10/10 Tapeball

THANKS to Ricknauth Rooplall’s unbeaten ton, Better Hope XI were able to advance to the next round of the inaugural Guyana Softball League (GSL)-organised, Kares Engineering and Bushy Park Sawmills-sponsored nationwide 10/10 tapeball tournament.

Close Matches in Kares Tapeball

The second weekend closed with some 190 matches completed and a highest individual score of 135 not out by Ricknauth Rooplall, which included some 19 sixes and 2 fours and in partnership with Chris Patadin, who slammed 48 in an entertaining partnership , worth 200 runs representing Better Hope XI.

Better Hope XI prevails over Combine Warriors

Better Hope XI led by a swashbuckling knock from Ricknauth Rooplall defeated Combine Warriors when action in the Kares Ten10 cricket competition continued at the Ogle Community Center Ground in the Lower East Coast zone.

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