Keen Interest Still in Guyana?

Hi Norm - best of luck with your excellent website. I know it's a big topic but can you tell me: Is there still a keen interest in cricket in Guyana?

Nigel Greaves Played For QC

It should be noted that Nigel Greaves also represented Guyana in the 1986 Under-19 Cricket Team.

Frank de Caires Photo

I came across your website with the photo of my uncle (same name) Frank de Caires. I was wondering whether you could share a copy of that photo?

Hello From Toronto

Hello. I just happened onto Guyana-Cricket online and I love it.

I will definitely spread the word but please note that my name is Ave Mogan – not Christina..smiles!

Keep up the good work and I will definitely bookmark this site.

Thank you,


Hemraj's first name is correctly spelt Chandrapaul not Chanderpaul. I do hope you change it.

Wicketkeeper Omission

A significant omission on your list is Geoffrey (Reds) Murray who kept wicket for Guyana between 1963 - 70. Also Sydney Jackman who also played in the mid to late 60s.

Tales of South America TV

Would it be possible for our presenter Abdullah Al Jumah to take part in a game and learn more about your sport?

Len Baichan Bio

... because of the guidance he received from captain Ancel Hazel and his meteoric rise to national recognition was with Rosehall, I think his club should be listed as Rosehall and not Fort Canje.

Club Twinning Opportunity

Krish Nath - Chairman, Epsom Cricket Club-UK (email address provided) sent a message using the contact form at http://guyana-cricket.com/contact.


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