McGowan W

Dr McGowan Appointed Ombudsman

Historian Dr Winston McGowan has been appointed Guyana’s first-ever Cricket Ombudsman.

Guyana Lacks Role Models

Historian Dr Winston McGowan said a lack of modern day role model cricketers is one of the main obstacles hurting the development of the game locally.

Guyana's First Test Centurion

FIFTY-two years ago an unprecedented event occurred in the history of Guyanese cricket. Guyana's star batsman and most highly acclaimed cricketer, Robert Julian Christiani, became the first Guyanese to score a century in a Test match.

The Truth About Carl Hooper

The most salient feature of the 2001 cricket season in the Caribbean has been and continues to be the outstanding performance of Carl Llewellyn Hooper.

Charlie Jones Of Malteenoes

Many of the cricketers who represented Guyana in its somewhat distant colonial past are unknown or forgotten today, even by ardent followers of the game. This is particularly the case of players in the era before the Second World War. Among such players is Charles Ernest Llewellyn Jones.

John Veerasawmy: Forgotten

For at least the last hundred years cricket has been the most popular sport in Guyana. Guyanese are more acquainted with the history of cricket than with that of any other local sport.


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