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Ave Mogan, female Guyana and Canada cricketer

Women's Cricket & Confidence

Like a bolt out of the blue the news that Guyana was hosting the annual tournament of the West Indies Women's Cricket Federation struck us on Friday, August 16, when the Guyana Chronicle alerted its readers to the fact that umpires and match referees were brushing up for women's cricket.

Hello From Toronto

Hello. I just happened onto Guyana-Cricket online and I love it.

I will definitely spread the word but please note that my name is Ave Mogan – not Christina..smiles!

Keep up the good work and I will definitely bookmark this site.

Thank you,

Ave Mogan

Female all-rounder Ave Mogan was a member of the All Stars Women's Cricket Club in Georgetown, Guyana, in the late 1970's, when she was in her early teens.

A stylish batsman and wily spinner, she repesented Guyana in the Caribbean Women's Cricket Competition in 1977. She was subsequently selected to join the Caribbean Women's Cricket Team on a tour of India but funds were not available.

Female Team in Toronto League

Ave Mogan made history in 1980 as a 17-year-old by becoming the first female player to participate in the Toronto & District Cricket Association (TDCA) competitions. Three decades later, she will captain the first ever women’s team to compete in the league. Kaisoca Ladies Cricket Club will play its first match on May 15 in the fourth division competition.

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