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Thanks, Mr Raj Singh

Dear Editor,
I would like to thank Mr. Raj Singh, it was long overdue. At last I can see positive moves at the Demerara Cricket Board to play cricket on the field and not in the court.

DCB Secrecy Necessary

The decision not to release the names of the Demerara Cricket Board (DCB) is not a clandestine move to keep the public in the dark, but rather it is linked to several pending court cases, according to the board’s head Raj Singh.

DCB Questions GCA, ECCB Motives

Dear Editor,

Reference is made to a letter appearing in the Kaieteur News and Guyana Times on 3/22/13 purportedly penned by the heads of the GCA and ECCB.

Stakeholders Respond To Raj Singh

Dear Editor,

Raj Singh letter (KN of February 10, 2013) is further evidence of his confusion, delusion or possibly treachery with regards to the matters before the courts.

Raj Singh Responds To Harper

Dear Editor,

It seems that some people will never stop peddling misinformation in the public domain even though these issues have been corrected and put to rest numerous times in the past.

Raj Singh Quits GCB Post

Rajesh Singh who was elected as the Assistant Treasurer of the Guyana Cricket Board when the body held its elections on January 27th at the GCC pavilion has tendered his resignation from the post. Here is the full text of his resignation letter:

KNews 3 January Paid Ad

We refer to the paid ad in Kaieteur Newspaper dated 3/1/2012 page #16 and make the following comments, since we cannot deal with all the ramblings and numerous libelous/slanderous allegations.

Sponsors For Raj DCB U-15

Carib Food Distributors Inc and New Margarita’s Gift Shop officially backed the Demerara Cricket Board Under-15 competition when their respective representatives handed over sponsorship cheques in the boardroom of the Everest Cricket Club yesterday.


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