Kawal Ramroop

Kawal Ramroop, who opened the batting for Berbice, was a prolific runs scorer for the Guyana Defence Force team in the Case Cup competition, in Georgetown. He made his debut for the Guyana youth team in the 1986 Northern Telecom regional Under-19 competition in Guyana, and his first class debut for Berbice in 1988. His name was stated as "Kawal Tirbeni" when he played Under-19 cricket.

In 2012 he was living in the USA.

Fazil Sattaur

Fazil Sattaur made his debut for the Guyana youth team in the 1983 Neal and Massey regional Under-19 competition, in Jamaica. He scored a half century in his second that year. He played for the Guyana youth team again in the 1984 Northern Telecom regional Under-19 competition, in Barbados, hitting a century in the first match of the series.

Kenneth Wong

Kenneth Wong, a competent wicketkeeper, made his debut for Guyana against the Windwards at Skeldon, in the Febrary 1993, in the regional first class competition. he made his List A debut against Jamaica, at Sabina Park, in January 1994. His uneventful career for Guyana was punctuated only by a single match for the West Indies Cricket Board President's XI, against England, in 1994 at Bourda.

Ivor Mendonca

Ivor Mendonca was a brilliant wicketkeeper and competent batsman for Guyana and the West Indies in the early 1960s. His two Test appearances came when Jackie Hendriks was injured, in the second and fourth Tests against India in 1962. On his debut, at Kingston, he scored 78 and took four catches and a stumping. In his other Test he again made five dismissals, but Deryck Murray was preferred for the 1963 England tour after Hendriks retired.

Vishal Nagamootoo

Vishal Nagamootoo was the Guyana Under-19 wicketkeeper from 1993 to 1996, after which he became the senior Guyana wicketkeeper. The younger brother of Mahendra Nagamootoo and nephew of Rohan Kanhai, Vishal and his brother have cricket pedigree.

He led the Guyana Under-19 team to the regional title in 1996, the only time Guyana won this title in Jamaica. In August 2002 Vishal regained his place in the Guyana team which he lost after being hurt in an auto accident, displacing Azib Alli Haniff.

Lonsdale Skinner

Guyana-born Surrey wicketkeeper Lonsdale Skinner represented Guyana in 11 first class and List A matches in 1974, 1976 and 1977, after participating in the pre-season trial matches at Bourda.

Stephen Bamfield

Stephen Bamfield was Milton Pydanna's main competitor for the wicketkeeper position in the Guyana team in the 1970s and 1980s. Pydanna was considered a better keeper, but Bamfield was a somewhat better batsman. In the end Bamfield could not successfully displace Pydanna.

Carlton Clive Reece

Carlton Reece was the main rival to Clifford McWatt for the wicketkeeper job for Guyana after World War II. He was generally acknowledged to have an edge over McWatt in batting, while the reverse was true in their wicket-keeping. The fact that both men often played together on the same team for Guyana suggests that they were highly valued players and that the competition must have been very keen when one replaced the other.


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