Vincent Adams

Vincent Adams was the first person born in Linden to represent Guyana at regional cricket.

Robert Christiani

Robert Christiani was one of West Indies' best and most attractive batsmen of the immediate post-war era, but found himself overshadowed when the three Ws broke int

Cyril Christiani

The first Guyanese to keep wicket for the West Indies in a Test was Cyril Christiani.

Rohan Kanhai

Born on a sugar plantation at Port Mourant, British Guinana, to which colony his grandparents emigrated from India, Kanhai is slightly built and stands only 5 ft.

Clifford McWatt

Cliff McWatt played for British Guiana from 1943-44 to 1956-57, and was one of the wicket-keepers tried by West Indies after Clyde Walcott injured his back and was forced to give up the job.


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