2011 Guyana Cricket

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No Datesort ascending Title
1 11-Jan-2012 BCB: 2011 Highly Successful
2 09-Jan-2012 Kennard’s Memorial In Final 16
3 07-Jan-2012 RHTYSC: 2011 Difficult But Successful
4 07-Jan-2012 Chandilall Slams 131 For Woodley Park
5 06-Jan-2012 First Innings Points For 3 Teams
6 03-Jan-2012 RHTYSC Honours Teachers, Students
7 03-Jan-2012 GFSCA: 2011 Was A Good Year
8 03-Jan-2012 Percival Snares Helmet-Trick
9 03-Jan-2012 RHTYSC Benevolent During Yuletide
10 01-Jan-2012 Sewkarran Steers Bath To Victory
11 31-Dec-2011 Lloyd: Not A Takeover
12 31-Dec-2011 DCC In Centennial Celebrations
13 31-Dec-2011 Anthony: IMC Not Sinister
14 31-Dec-2011 Govt Vows To Free Cricket
15 31-Dec-2011 Court Dismisses GCB Petition
16 30-Dec-2011 GCB Move Has No Merit
17 30-Dec-2011 Guyana Struggled In 2011
18 29-Dec-2011 Bishoo: Most Test Wickets 2011
19 29-Dec-2011 ECCB Commends Sports Minister
20 29-Dec-2011 Derick Narine-Lalsa Jnr. Slams 87
21 29-Dec-2011 GCB Yet To Comply With Ministry
22 29-Dec-2011 GCB Moves To Quash IMC
23 29-Dec-2011 Raphael: Let Justice Prevail
24 28-Dec-2011 Perreira: Game Must Not Suffer
25 28-Dec-2011 Govt Setting Up IMC
26 28-Dec-2011 RHTYSC Continues To Excel
27 28-Dec-2011 Sport Ministry Announces IMC
28 28-Dec-2011 GCB Challenges Govt IMC
29 28-Dec-2011 BCB Welcomes IMC
30 24-Dec-2011 ECB Achievements For 2011
31 24-Dec-2011 BCB Responds To DCC Official
32 22-Dec-2011 Zara Apartments Educational Awards
33 19-Dec-2011 DCC Earned GCB Club Award
34 16-Dec-2011 PPP Related To Illegal GCB
35 16-Dec-2011 Unity Ground Being Refurbished
36 16-Dec-2011 Berbice, GTown In Butcher Tribute
37 16-Dec-2011 RHTYSC To Host Christmas Programme
38 16-Dec-2011 RHT Win By Walkover From Port Mourant
39 16-Dec-2011 2011 GCB Awards Ceremony
40 13-Dec-2011 Bakewell Softball Finals
41 13-Dec-2011 The Magic Ticket
42 12-Dec-2011 Regal, Mike’s Wellwoman Win
43 12-Dec-2011 BCB To Govt: Fix The GCB!
44 11-Dec-2011 Barnwell, Christian Hit Tons For DCC
45 11-Dec-2011 Plot To Remove Gayle, Sarwan, Ganga – Ramnarine
46 10-Dec-2011 Sans Souci Wins Thakur Lokram
47 10-Dec-2011 Young Warriors, Maryville Win
48 10-Dec-2011 2011 Buxton Annual Cricket Awards
49 09-Dec-2011 Bakewell Softball Finals This Sunday
50 08-Dec-2011 Rikhi, Sinclair Guide RHT To 4th Win
51 08-Dec-2011 Hyman 160 For UG v GYO
52 08-Dec-2011 Bassant, Roopchand Guide Gangaram Strykers
53 02-Dec-2011 Pitbulls, President’s XI Advance To Final
54 02-Dec-2011 Bakewell Softball Finals Dec 11
55 19-Nov-2011 Big Smash T20 Super-8 Today At Skeldon
56 19-Nov-2011 Smartt Suspended For Doping Violation
57 19-Nov-2011 Cellink Fulfills Sponsorship For Berbice Teams
58 19-Nov-2011 Super Eight Stage Starts Today
59 19-Nov-2011 Thanks From GFSCA
60 19-Nov-2011 BCB Failed To Submit Teams On Time
61 14-Nov-2011 GT Pitbulls Clinch Back-To-Back Wins
62 14-Nov-2011 Congrats From Florida Hurricanes
63 14-Nov-2011 West Dem and Nort Ess Win
64 13-Nov-2011 Berbice Win U-17 County Title
65 11-Nov-2011 Bakewell Results For 6 and 7 Nov
66 10-Nov-2011 Congrats From SFSCL (South Florida)
67 10-Nov-2011 Congrats From NYSCL (New York)
68 09-Nov-2011 Congrats From Canadian Beavers
69 09-Nov-2011 Congrats From DANT Sports Club
70 09-Nov-2011 Congrats From New York President XI
71 08-Nov-2011 Congrats From Softball Cricket International, Miami
72 05-Nov-2011 Bedi Ramjewan Honoured At Guyana Softball Cup
73 03-Nov-2011 Elizabeth Style ECCB 40-Over Tournament
74 03-Nov-2011 Bishoo Spins WI To Series Win
75 02-Nov-2011 It Was A Fantastic Tournament
76 02-Nov-2011 Guyana Softball Cup I A Success
77 02-Nov-2011 Bishoo Spins WI To Win v Bang
78 01-Nov-2011 Permaul Confident Of Trumping Bangladesh A
79 01-Nov-2011 Regal Masters, Cotton Field Wild Oats Champions
80 01-Nov-2011 Mike’s Wellwoman Outshine Trophy Stall Angels
81 31-Oct-2011 Regal Masters And Cotton Field Wild Oats Victorious
82 30-Oct-2011 Berbice Beat Essequibo By 6 Wkts
83 30-Oct-2011 No. 73 Warriors Jagdeo Demolish No. 70
84 30-Oct-2011 Local Teams Through To Finals
85 29-Oct-2011 Deosaran Slams Ton In Guyana Cup
86 27-Oct-2011 Guyana/Masters Cups Schedule
87 25-Oct-2011 Bakewell Results For 23 Oct
88 25-Oct-2011 Seonarine and Deopaul Bringing NYSCL To Guyana
89 23-Oct-2011 Gayle’s Whirlwind 147 Inspires Jamaica
90 23-Oct-2011 TT Wreck Leewards For 94
91 23-Oct-2011 T&T Bounce Back With Big Win
92 22-Oct-2011 Rain Washes Out Second Round
93 22-Oct-2011 BCB/Universal DVD T20 Starts Today
94 22-Oct-2011 Guyana Softball Cup Is This Weekend
95 21-Oct-2011 Imrit, Persaud See No. 48 To Victory
96 21-Oct-2011 Mayers Helps CCC Upset T&T
97 21-Oct-2011 Thakur Lokram/WCC T20 Cricket
98 21-Oct-2011 Jamaica Hammer Leewards
99 21-Oct-2011 Jamaica Cruise To 7-Wicket Win
100 20-Oct-2011 Bakewell Results For 16 Oct
101 20-Oct-2011 Jamaica Push Skeldon CC To Top Of Money Pile
102 20-Oct-2011 Jacobs, Wintz Bowl Guyana To Victory
103 20-Oct-2011 Rain Ruins Barbados, HPC Match
104 20-Oct-2011 Combined Campus and Colleges Upset T&T
105 19-Oct-2011 Line & Length, NCN For Super50 Commentary
106 19-Oct-2011 Regional Super50 Tournament Begins Today
107 19-Oct-2011 Fredricks in for Chattergoon
108 19-Oct-2011 Plans Progressing Well
109 19-Oct-2011 Windwards Beat Leewards in 2nd Practice Match
110 18-Oct-2011 Rose Hall Town Wins Lions Title
111 18-Oct-2011 Mahadeo Leads Rose Hall To Title
112 18-Oct-2011 Rose Hall Town Starts On Winning Note
113 18-Oct-2011 Guyana/Masters Cup Update
114 18-Oct-2011 Deonarine (153 N.O), Foo (103) Pulverize Edinburgh
115 18-Oct-2011 Rose Hall Town Starts With Win
116 18-Oct-2011 Lower Corentyne And West Berbice In Final
117 18-Oct-2011 Deonarine And Foo Hit Centuries
118 18-Oct-2011 Vantull, Thakurdin Help UG Win
119 17-Oct-2011 Clive Lloyd Honoured By Super50
120 17-Oct-2011 Browne, Forrester Miss Centuries
121 16-Oct-2011 The Etwaroo Dynasty
122 16-Oct-2011 Umpire Somwaru Special
123 16-Oct-2011 Trevor Benn Denied Helmet-Trick
124 16-Oct-2011 Guyana Paired With Gandhi Youth Organisation
125 16-Oct-2011 Super50 - Let's Get It On
126 16-Oct-2011 RHTYSC Honours Outstanding Teachers
127 16-Oct-2011 Windwards Beat LI In Warm Up
128 15-Oct-2011 Dowlin Replaces Sarwan In Guyana Team
129 15-Oct-2011 Semi-Finals And Final Today
130 15-Oct-2011 Windwards Equipped For Guyana Pitches
131 15-Oct-2011 Softball At Enmore On October 22
132 15-Oct-2011 DANT’s XI Ready To Battle In Guyana
133 15-Oct-2011 100 Teams In NBS Competition
134 15-Oct-2011 Sarwan To Miss Super50
135 14-Oct-2011 Guyana/Masters Cups Rules
136 12-Oct-2011 Bakewell Results For 9 Oct
137 11-Oct-2011 EBDCA U-17 Players To Meet
138 11-Oct-2011 Ferrier Hits ton, Haslim Among Runs
139 10-Oct-2011 Haslim Hits Heroes Ton
140 07-Oct-2011 Blairmont, Bermine, RHT, Edinburgh Record Victories
141 07-Oct-2011 ‘Washed Out Match a Major Set-back’-King
142 05-Oct-2011 ‘Tiger’ On The Loose In U. S.
143 05-Oct-2011 Bakewell Results For 2 Oct
144 05-Oct-2011 Rose Hall Town Edge Blairmont
145 05-Oct-2011 ECCB Rockaway Tourney Finals This Weekend
146 05-Oct-2011 Albion Advances to Final
147 05-Oct-2011 Fudadin Congratulated by RHTYSC
148 04-Oct-2011 Telenec - RHTGG beat Blairmont
149 04-Oct-2011 Practice Match for Nationals team at Bourda
150 03-Oct-2011 Day/nighters for Super50 Final and Semis
151 03-Oct-2011 Clyde Butts Bats GNIC to Victory
152 03-Oct-2011 GCA Noble Div2 - Spinners Dominate
153 03-Oct-2011 Sankar Spins GYO to Massive Win
154 03-Oct-2011 Surujnarine 50 Helps Albion to Final
155 03-Oct-2011 Amazon Conquerors Set for Super 50 Championship
156 03-Oct-2011 2011 Super50 Schedule
157 02-Oct-2011 Digicel Co-sponsors Guyana Super50 Team
158 02-Oct-2011 Minister Must Show Leadership
159 02-Oct-2011 Heroes Cup - Griffith, Christian hit 50s
160 01-Oct-2011 Enterprise Busta Cricket Festival Starts Tomorrow
161 01-Oct-2011 GFSCA To Host International Softball
162 01-Oct-2011 ECI Cardinals, Bravados Continue Unbeaten Run
163 01-Oct-2011 Bakewell Results For 24 Sep
164 01-Oct-2011 Albion, Port Mourant in Semi-final
165 01-Oct-2011 Telenec 50-over Competition Continues
166 01-Oct-2011 Berbice Cricket Concerns
167 30-Sep-2011 Action Galore Promised as Tourney Launched
168 30-Sep-2011 Senior Team Selection No Surprise - Latcha
169 30-Sep-2011 Four Teams Record Victories
170 26-Sep-2011 B’ce Retain Title With Win Over Demerara
171 25-Sep-2011 Demerara, Berbice Clash at Albion Today
172 22-Sep-2011 Three Tons In Opening Round
173 22-Sep-2011 Bakewell Results For 18 Sep
174 21-Sep-2011 Trophy Stall Assists RHTYSC Female Programme
175 21-Sep-2011 Chanderpaul’s 95 See Demerara To Final
176 21-Sep-2011 Demerara/Berbice Final After Chanderpaul’s 95
177 21-Sep-2011 GCUC Exams Set For Sunday
178 21-Sep-2011 Gizmos & Gadgets Renew Sponsorship
179 21-Sep-2011 RHTYSC Honours Corentyne Teachers
180 21-Sep-2011 Berbice Bury Essequibo at DCC
181 21-Sep-2011 Wins for RHT, Blairmont, Port Mourant & Edinburg
182 21-Sep-2011 Berbice Slaughter Hapless Essequibo
183 20-Sep-2011 Uitvlugt K&M All Stars Are WDCA T20 champs
184 19-Sep-2011 President’s XI Beat Essequibo by 9 Wickets
185 19-Sep-2011 Demerara Outplay Berbice
186 19-Sep-2011 President’s XI and Demerara Win
187 19-Sep-2011 Wet Pitch Causes Late Start at Everest
188 19-Sep-2011 MSC Takes 1st Innings Points from GYO
189 19-Sep-2011 President’s X1 Crush Essequibo by 9 Wickets
190 18-Sep-2011 Demerara Beat Essequibo by 58 runs
191 18-Sep-2011 Mohamed Spins Demerara to Victory
192 18-Sep-2011 Universal Sports Store Supports Guyana U-19 WI Players
193 18-Sep-2011 Essequibo Umpires Complain Over Outstanding Money
194 17-Sep-2011 B’ce Beat President’s XI In Berbice
195 17-Sep-2011 Berbice Crush President’s X1 by 7 Wickets
196 17-Sep-2011 Berbice Defeat President’s XI
197 17-Sep-2011 New Rules For Regional Super50
198 17-Sep-2011 Second Annual Noble Tourney
199 16-Sep-2011 Ramsaroop 122*, Persaud 62 ; Deochand 4 in 4
200 16-Sep-2011 ECI Cardinals Continue Winning Ways
201 16-Sep-2011 GCB/El Dorado 50-over Tournament Begins Today
202 16-Sep-2011 BCB/Republic Bank Inter-zone U-17 Sunday
203 16-Sep-2011 Bakewell Results For 11 Sep
204 16-Sep-2011 Anthony: IMC Definitely Coming
205 16-Sep-2011 Blairmont and No. 70 Young Stars Record Victories
206 15-Sep-2011 Ali: WICB Endorses GCB
207 15-Sep-2011 EBSC Busta T20 Cricket Festival To Bowl Off Soon
208 15-Sep-2011 ECCB’s Rockaway T20 Cricket Continue On 17 Sep
209 14-Aug-2011 Bakewell Softball Begins Aug 28
210 31-Jul-2011 Umpire Duncan To Be Buried on August 7
211 31-Jul-2011 High winds demolish NIS pavilion
212 31-Jul-2011 Rain Threatens Fourth Round
213 30-Jul-2011 ECCB sends condolences on Duncan’s passing
214 30-Jul-2011 RHTYSC Assists Fire Victim, Sport Orgs
215 30-Jul-2011 Beverly Harper 4th Honorary Patron
216 30-Jul-2011 ECCB Academy Moving Apace at Lusignan
217 30-Jul-2011 DCC Defeat GCC For Pee Wee Title
218 30-Jul-2011 MCY&S Donates Gear to Essequibo Cricketer
219 30-Jul-2011 Berbice Chamber of Commerce Honours Bishoo
220 30-Jul-2011 Jamzone Masters’ Cup Gets WICB Approval
221 30-Jul-2011 DCC Win Tropical Mist Pee Wee cricket
222 29-Jul-2011 Davis (7-25) Befuddles Guyana as T&T Win By 73 Runs
223 29-Jul-2011 Windwards and Leewards Play To Tense Draw
224 29-Jul-2011 Ministry of Sport Mourns Passing of Clyde Duncan
225 29-Jul-2011 Campbell Stars As Jamaica Goes To Top
226 29-Jul-2011 Beverley Harper New RHTYSC Patron
227 29-Jul-2011 DeSinco U-13 League Launched
228 29-Jul-2011 Rampant Davis Rips Guyana Apart
229 29-Jul-2011 Berbice Cricket Board In Confusion
230 28-Jul-2011 Umpire Duncan Dies in Trinidad
231 28-Jul-2011 WICB Sends Condolences On Umpire Clyde Duncan’s Passing
232 28-Jul-2011 Pee Wee Cricket Final Set For Today
233 28-Jul-2011 Jonathan Foo Among Runs
234 26-Jul-2011 BCB Senior Elite Training Programme starts tomorrow
235 26-Jul-2011 East Coast Cricket Academy Launched at Lusignan
236 26-Jul-2011 Campbell retains captaincy
237 26-Jul-2011 Guyana face T&T at Everest today
238 26-Jul-2011 DCC ‘A’ Takes GCA BrainStreet U-15 Title
239 25-Jul-2011 Rain As Jamaica Slump To 86-5 Against Guyana
240 25-Jul-2011 Fireworks Expected in Jamzone Masters Cup T20 Cricket
241 25-Jul-2011 ECCB 10th Academy Tomorrow
242 25-Jul-2011 Guyana’s Best To Roll Back Years
243 24-Jul-2011 Rich Legacy Continues 21 Years
244 23-Jul-2011 Hemraj Receives Bat from Aditya
245 23-Jul-2011 Aditya Kids Trust Foundation Present Bat To Hemraj
246 23-Jul-2011 Farfan & Mendes Maintains Support
247 23-Jul-2011 Ali Ignored Financial Irregularities
248 23-Jul-2011 Both teams disappointed with first day wash-out
249 22-Jul-2011 WICB Regional Under-19 Competition …
250 22-Jul-2011 Top of the table clash at Bourda today
251 22-Jul-2011 BCB Injunction Against GCB
252 22-Jul-2011 Better Hope XI prevails over Combine Warriors
253 22-Jul-2011 Kares and Bushy Park 10/10 Tapeball
254 21-Jul-2011 Gayle among galaxy of stars for Jamzone Masters Cup T20
255 21-Jul-2011 WICB Under-19 championship 2 …
256 21-Jul-2011 BCB Honours Outstanding Former Administrators
257 21-Jul-2011 Campbell to Captain Guyana
258 21-Jul-2011 Renewed NBS Sponsorship Benefits 100 Teams
259 20-Jul-2011 Hemraj (88), Crosse (61) For Guyana Against Leewards
260 20-Jul-2011 Memorex Win BCC Inter-Agency T10 Softball
261 20-Jul-2011 Guyana in sight of victory over Leewards
262 20-Jul-2011 Most Brothers In Regional Youth Cricket
263 19-Jul-2011 Adams (4-14), Hemraj (72*) Spur Guyana To 1st Innings Points
264 19-Jul-2011 GCA Rewards Successful Female Team
265 19-Jul-2011 MSC Advances To Final
266 19-Jul-2011 Chanderpaul Among U-15 MVPs
267 19-Jul-2011 NBS Renews BCB Div 2 Sponsorship
268 18-Jul-2011 Memorex Dethrone NBS
269 18-Jul-2011 Demerara Wins 4th Female Title
270 18-Jul-2011 Guyana Hunt 13th 3-day Regional U-19 Title
271 18-Jul-2011 Regional Under-19 championship bowls off today
272 17-Jul-2011 GCA Kiddies Cricket Camp Concludes
273 17-Jul-2011 Peters: BCB Will Boycott GCB
274 14-Jul-2011 Ogle-Thomas Hits Century
275 14-Jul-2011 A Stitch In Time
276 13-Jul-2011 Chanderpaul salutes Kirk Edwards on debut century
277 13-Jul-2011 Thank You, Tiger!
278 11-Jul-2011 Shiv 116* Denies India Victory
279 08-Jul-2011 East Bank, Georgetown Females Win
280 06-Jul-2011 Chanderpaul To Make Record Test Appearance
281 06-Jul-2011 WICB Applauds Shiv On Record 133rd Test Appearance
282 04-Jul-2011 WI Drops Sarwan
283 01-Jul-2011 Young Warriors Congratulates Two
284 27-Jun-2011 The Sacrifices Players Make
285 25-Jun-2011 Floodlight To Play in New York Next Weekend
286 23-Jun-2011 Stag Beer/El Dorado Softball Finals…
287 23-Jun-2011 Wicketkeeper Cyril Patrick Story
288 22-Jun-2011 Rebels, Pariahs and Misconception
289 22-Jun-2011 Chanderpaul completes move to Warwickshire
290 14-Jun-2011 Rikhi, Austin Lead Berbice to 264-7
291 12-Jun-2011 Stag and El Dorado Finals Next Sunday
292 11-Jun-2011 Friends Of Guyana Benefit Game For Andrew Lyght Finalized
293 11-Jun-2011 GTM Continues 34-Year-Old U19 Sponsorship
294 10-Jun-2011 ECB Announces Inter-county Under-19 Squad
295 10-Jun-2011 Date Announced for GCB Elections
296 09-Jun-2011 Sattaur to Captain Guyana Under-15 Squad
297 09-Jun-2011 Ramdass Hits 70 in Canada
298 09-Jun-2011 Guywid Donates Gear to YWCC
299 09-Jun-2011 Gov't Awaiting Chetty's Resignation
300 08-Jun-2011 Competition Rescheduled to July 3
301 08-Jun-2011 Berbice Retain GCB Inter-County U-15 Title
302 08-Jun-2011 Sattaur to Captain Guyana U-15s in T&T
303 07-Jun-2011 Chanderpaul, Persaud Give Demerara Advantage
304 07-Jun-2011 Hercules Enjoying 2011Season
305 07-Jun-2011 Demerara in Strong Position
306 05-Jun-2011 Everest Receives Donation
307 05-Jun-2011 Kares Tapeball Registration Closes
308 04-Jun-2011 GCB’s Demerara Under-19 Begins Today
309 04-Jun-2011 Sankar Spins Demerara to First Innings Points
310 03-Jun-2011 Enmore Out of MYO Competition
311 03-Jun-2011 All-Round Demerara Shatters Ebo
312 03-Jun-2011 IMC to Run DCB Affairs
313 02-Jun-2011 Over 500 Teams Registered
314 02-Jun-2011 Chanderpaul Slams 147 in US
315 02-Jun-2011 GBC Congratulates Sarwan on MS Award
316 02-Jun-2011 GSL Helps Hogg Island Fun Day
317 01-Jun-2011 Round 1 Ends in Tame Draw
318 31-May-2011 Shimron Hetmeyer Hits 118
319 30-May-2011 Permaul Yearns To Join Bishoo
320 21-May-2011 Atkins Adds Quality to USA
321 06-May-2011 Chanderpaul questions Hilaire’s comments
322 04-May-2011 Ten clubs receive over US$45,000 in Grassroots Grants
323 04-May-2011 Lower Corentyne Beat New Amsterdam/Canje
324 04-May-2011 Cricketers Kick Off Fund Raisers
325 04-May-2011 Bishoo Should Live His Dreams
326 01-May-2011 Goordial Helping USA Females
327 18-Apr-2011 Lyght Gone But Not Forgotten
328 16-Apr-2011 WIPA Questions WI Action
329 12-Apr-2011 Register 1500 Teams – Mahadeo
330 12-Apr-2011 East Coast Cricket Resumes Next Week
331 12-Apr-2011 Mohamed, Glasgow Ensure Win
332 11-Apr-2011 Indian Dignitary Tours Historic Bourda
333 11-Apr-2011 Berbice All Stars Take Female Title
334 11-Apr-2011 President Congratulates GT&T
335 10-Apr-2011 Sarwan rumours false
336 10-Apr-2011 Trophy Stall Bow Out Of GT&T 10/10
337 10-Apr-2011 Champions Trophy Stall Eliminated
338 10-Apr-2011 Sarwan Lights Up Bourda
339 10-Apr-2011 GCA/Carib Beer/Friends of Cricket ...
340 09-Apr-2011 DCC elated at Barnwell’s selection to Windies team
341 09-Apr-2011 GCA congratulates Barnwell on WI call up
342 09-Apr-2011 WICB/Digicel launch Grassroots cricket Programme in Guyana
343 09-Apr-2011 WICB/Digicel Grassroots cricket launched
344 09-Apr-2011 Come And Have Fun - Yog Mahadeo
345 09-Apr-2011 GT&T Pleased With So Many Teams
346 08-Apr-2011 GT&T 10/10 Reach Quarter-Finals
347 08-Apr-2011 Huge Crowd Anticipated for GT&T 10/10
348 08-Apr-2011 Scotia Bank, RHTYSC Honour Teachers
349 08-Apr-2011 GCA Responds To KN Article
350 08-Apr-2011 GCA To Host Scorers Workshop
351 05-Apr-2011 21st RHTYSC Annual Awards
352 05-Apr-2011 Elections Delay Not Ministry Fault
353 01-Apr-2011 Berbice Chamber of Commerce Honours Bishoo
354 24-Mar-2011 Ferrier, Carmichael Impressive In TT
355 23-Mar-2011 Fudadin: Poor Batting Is Mental
356 22-Mar-2011 CCC Defeats Guyana By 8 Runs
357 22-Mar-2011 Guyanese Continue Fine Showing In T&T
358 21-Mar-2011 Permaul Leads Guyana Fight Back
359 20-Mar-2011 Rain Prevents Play In GT&T Matches
360 20-Mar-2011 CCC Take First Innings Points
361 19-Mar-2011 Bishoo Fulfils Dad’s Dying Wish
362 19-Mar-2011 L’Aventure In Both Finals
363 19-Mar-2011 Sponsors For Raj DCB U-15
364 19-Mar-2011 Corbin, Mclean Fifties For CCC
365 17-Mar-2011 I Had To Do Present GCA Job
366 17-Mar-2011 L’Aventure Among Semi-Finalists
367 16-Mar-2011 Guyanese Hammer Tons in T&T
368 16-Mar-2011 Raj DCB Youth Tourneys
369 16-Mar-2011 ECCB Supports Bissoondyal Singh
370 15-Mar-2011 Lions Take 1st Innings Points
371 14-Mar-2011 Lions Struggle Against Seamers
372 13-Mar-2011 Woakes Hat-Trick Rocks Guyana
373 12-Mar-2011 BCB Inter Zone U-15 Tourney
374 12-Mar-2011 Buxton CC 12th Anniversary
375 12-Mar-2011 Rain Hits Lions Game
376 12-Mar-2011 Champions Make Early Exodus
377 12-Mar-2011 Rain Ruins First Day
378 11-Mar-2011 Rain Delays Bartica Tournament
379 11-Mar-2011 Guyana Must Avoid Defeat
380 11-Mar-2011 New York Defeat Floodlight A
381 11-Mar-2011 Guyana Looking to Cage Lions
382 11-Mar-2011 BCB U-23 And Female Tournaments
383 10-Mar-2011 Secondary Schools Windball
384 10-Mar-2011 Two Dozen Applications For Club Grants
385 09-Mar-2011 Harper To BCB: Develop WI Players
386 09-Mar-2011 GCB Executive Arrested
387 09-Mar-2011 Harper Has To Be Consistent
388 09-Mar-2011 Several Changes For Lions Match
389 08-Mar-2011 Berbice All-Time Under-15 XI
390 08-Mar-2011 Rudoplh Haynes Laid To Rest Today
391 08-Mar-2011 Foo’s XI Take Rohan Kanhai Trophy
392 08-Mar-2011 Bartica: Day 2 Rained Out
393 07-Mar-2011 BCB Annual Awards Ceremony
394 07-Mar-2011 4th BCB Annual Awards
395 07-Mar-2011 Bartica B, North E’bo Win
396 06-Mar-2011 T20 Bowls Off At Bartica
397 06-Mar-2011 GCA Clubs Make Statement
398 05-Mar-2011 Kanhai Tribute To Heroes Trophy
399 05-Mar-2011 Crandon Bowls Impressive Practice Spell
400 04-Mar-2011 Barrington, Singh Hit Practice Fifties
401 03-Mar-2011 Albion Congratulates Bishoo
402 02-Mar-2011 Harper Returned As GCA President
403 02-Mar-2011 Harper retains GCA presidency
404 01-Mar-2011 Guyana Draw With Barbados
405 01-Mar-2011 Barbados Hold On For Draw
406 01-Mar-2011 Group To Help Ex-Guyana Cricketers
407 01-Mar-2011 Bishoo Elated At World Cup Selection
408 28-Feb-2011 Bishoo To Replace Injured Bravo
409 28-Feb-2011 Permaul, Bishoo Bowl Guyana To Points
410 27-Feb-2011 Harper Hopes To Remain GCA President
411 27-Feb-2011 Annual Basil Butcher Trust Fund
412 27-Feb-2011 Bishoo, Permaul Rout Barbados
413 27-Feb-2011 Bishoo, Permaul At It Again
414 26-Feb-2011 GT&T Makes Successful Start
415 26-Feb-2011 More Corporate Support For GFSCA
416 26-Feb-2011 Guyana 176 For 3 On Day 1
417 25-Feb-2011 Teams Confident Ahead Of Competition
418 25-Feb-2011 Guyana Desperate To Rebound
419 25-Feb-2011 T Chanderpaul Gives GYO Victory
420 24-Feb-2011 Registrar: Review By Tomorrow
421 24-Feb-2011 Concentration Is The Key – Fudadin
422 22-Feb-2011 8 Tons In Stag/ El Dorado Softball
423 22-Feb-2011 Albion Win 4-Team Fundraiser
424 21-Feb-2011 North Essequibo Holds AGM
425 21-Feb-2011 Windwards Limp To Victory
426 21-Feb-2011 Windwards Struggle To Victory
427 20-Feb-2011 GT&T Softball Underway
428 20-Feb-2011 From Parika To Yorkshire
429 20-Feb-2011 Guyana Batsmen Capitulate Again
430 19-Feb-2011 Day 1 Round 3 4-Day Match
431 19-Feb-2011 Nalico/Nafico Still Interested
432 19-Feb-2011 GT&T Softball Bowls Off Today
433 18-Feb-2011 Guyana, Windwards Clash In Round 3
434 18-Feb-2011 Bartica Gearing Up For Carib T20
435 18-Feb-2011 DCB Saga Takes Another Twist
436 17-Feb-2011 Softball Cricket Goes To Cuba
437 17-Feb-2011 RHT Tribute To Former First Lady
438 16-Feb-2011 Stop Playing Cricket In Court
439 16-Feb-2011 Raj DCB Explains TV Program
440 15-Feb-2011 DCB Factions To Return To Court
441 15-Feb-2011 Leewards Game Rained Out
442 13-Feb-2011 No play On Day 2 At Bourda
443 13-Feb-2011 Holder North E’bo Chairman Again
444 13-Feb-2011 No Play On Day 2
445 13-Feb-2011 Culbard Elected DCU&SA President
446 13-Feb-2011 Floodlight Sponsored For Florida Cup
447 13-Feb-2011 Bissoon: TV Program Doctored
448 12-Feb-2011 Kanden Still Albion President
449 12-Feb-2011 Mark Harper Appointment Merited
450 12-Feb-2011 Disappointment As 1st Day Washed Out
451 12-Feb-2011 Wet Outfield Stalls Action At Bourda
452 12-Feb-2011 DCB 3-Day Final Feb 18-20
453 11-Feb-2011 GT&T Softball Re-scheduled
454 11-Feb-2011 Gajanand Singh Replaces Injured Johnson
455 11-Feb-2011 Guyana Looking To Rebound
456 11-Feb-2011 High Court Stops Bissoon DCB
457 11-Feb-2011 Powell, Bess Praise Sagicor HPC
458 10-Feb-2011 Digicel Cricketer No 47 - Nagamootoo M
459 10-Feb-2011 Ministry Meeting Fruitless
460 10-Feb-2011 Bissoon DCB Registers As Friendly Society
461 10-Feb-2011 Mohammed, Rodrigues Hit Tons
462 09-Feb-2011 ECB Names Committees
463 09-Feb-2011 RHT Females Win RHTYSC Trophy
464 09-Feb-2011 Blenheim United defeat Rebels
465 09-Feb-2011 Venues Will Be Ready - Organisers
466 09-Feb-2011 Low-Scoring Weekend In Region One
467 08-Feb-2011 BCB And Players Assists Heart Patient
468 08-Feb-2011 Jamaica Beat Guyana By 165 runs
469 08-Feb-2011 Guyanese Cricketers Shine In T&T
470 08-Feb-2011 Farfan & Mendes Renews Sponsorship
471 08-Feb-2011 Digicel Cricketer No 46 - McGarrell
472 07-Feb-2011 Rain Affects GCA 2-Day Matches
473 07-Feb-2011 Samuels 250 Puts Jamaica On Top
474 07-Feb-2011 Heroes Cup Final Day Rained Out
475 07-Feb-2011 Samuels Double Put J'ca In Charge
476 06-Feb-2011 Narayan Ton Highlights Heroes Cup
477 06-Feb-2011 Guyana Grab First Innings Points
478 06-Feb-2011 Guyana Claim 1st Innings Points
479 06-Feb-2011 GCA Noble Second Division Resumes
480 05-Feb-2011 Bess Gives Guyana 1st Day Honours
481 04-Feb-2011 BCB Secures Sponsorship From Telenec
482 04-Feb-2011 MYO Win Series With Transport
483 04-Feb-2011 GSL Rules For GT&T 10/10
484 04-Feb-2011 Guyana Battle Host Jamaica
485 04-Feb-2011 Bess Puts Jamaica On The Ropes
486 04-Feb-2011 Chetty Calls For New DCB Elections
487 04-Feb-2011 Nandlall Slams Media Reports
488 03-Feb-2011 No Irregularities In GCB Audit
489 03-Feb-2011 Guyana Depleted But Has Self-Belief
490 03-Feb-2011 Crandon Named 2010 Berbice MVP
491 03-Feb-2011 WICB, Scotiabank Launch Kiddy Cricket
492 03-Feb-2011 BCB Honours Chetram Singh
493 03-Feb-2011 Narine, McCoy Hit Tons
494 02-Feb-2011 Royston Crandon Named Senior MVP
495 02-Feb-2011 Four Teams In Winners Row
496 02-Feb-2011 GCB To Address DCB Problems
497 02-Feb-2011 1200 Teams For GT&T 10/10 Tournament
498 02-Feb-2011 Third Annual BCB Review Magazine
499 02-Feb-2011 Universal DVD An Official RHTYSC Sponsor
500 01-Feb-2011 Griffith Sizzles In Blairmont T20
501 01-Feb-2011 BCB Honours GCB President Chetram Singh
502 01-Feb-2011 Fudadin: We Are Ready To Compete
503 01-Feb-2011 Report Review Further Delayed
504 30-Jan-2011 Attorney: Sports Minister Recognizes Bissoon
505 30-Jan-2011 Raj Singh DCB Executive Meeting
506 30-Jan-2011 Sarwan Looking Forward To SL & World Cup
507 30-Jan-2011 Nandalall Clears Air
508 30-Jan-2011 Fudadin, Barnwell, Singh Among Runs
509 30-Jan-2011 T20 Action At Blairmont Today
510 30-Jan-2011 Practice Match Ends In Draw
511 29-Jan-2011 Batsmen Dominate Day 1
512 29-Jan-2011 Chandrika Hits Ton For National XI
513 29-Jan-2011 Singh Disappointed With Delay
514 29-Jan-2011 Scotiabank Kiddies Cricket Launched
515 29-Jan-2011 Minister Challenges DCB Executives
516 29-Jan-2011 ECB Congratulates Ronsford Beaton
517 29-Jan-2011 Kumar: Batting A Major Concern
518 29-Jan-2011 Bissoon DCB Withdraws Court Case
519 29-Jan-2011 Chandrika Warms Up With Ton
520 28-Jan-2011 Consultant Clears LBI Facility
521 28-Jan-2011 Stag & El Dorado Softball Results
522 28-Jan-2011 Sports Minister Meets Bissoon DCB
523 28-Jan-2011 Black Heads Achievers Youth & Sports Club
524 28-Jan-2011 Singh, Jacobs Drafted Into 4-Day Team
525 28-Jan-2011 Jacobs Drafted Into 4-Day Team
526 28-Jan-2011 Chattergoon Out With Stress Fracture
527 28-Jan-2011 Coach Harper: Team Can Do Better
528 28-Jan-2011 RHT Congratulates New Captain Fudadin
529 28-Jan-2011 Enmore Takes Lead
530 27-Jan-2011 Seniors Begin Training Under New Coach
531 27-Jan-2011 Several Teams Win On Opening Day
532 26-Jan-2011 Seeram Sacked
533 26-Jan-2011 RHT, Mormons Donate To Charity
534 26-Jan-2011 GCA AGM And Elections Postponed
535 26-Jan-2011 Beaton New Cap In 4-Day Team
536 26-Jan-2011 Galaxy Of Stars On Show Sunday
537 26-Jan-2011 Bissoon DCB Name Sub-committees
538 26-Jan-2011 Alves Helps Transport Level Series
539 26-Jan-2011 We Await Judge’s Verdict
540 26-Jan-2011 Correction To News Article
541 26-Jan-2011 GT&T 10/10 Registration Extended
542 26-Jan-2011 Coach Seeram Fired!
543 25-Jan-2011 Harper: I Will Decline
544 25-Jan-2011 GCB Selects Team For 4-Day Match
545 25-Jan-2011 GCB January 30 AGM Stalled
546 24-Jan-2011 Smartt Helps WI Women To T20 Win
547 23-Jan-2011 Bissoon Singh Re-elected DCB President
548 23-Jan-2011 Selectors Happy With Sarwan’s Fitness
549 23-Jan-2011 Bissoon Singh Re-elected President
550 23-Jan-2011 WICB Announces Regional 4-Day Schedule
551 23-Jan-2011 The Time For Change Is Now!
552 23-Jan-2011 All Singh At DCB Elections
553 22-Jan-2011 DCB AGM At Lusignan Today
554 22-Jan-2011 Batting Let Us Down – Seeram
555 22-Jan-2011 Kumar Criticizes GCB Selectors
556 20-Jan-2011 Sarwan Recalled For World Cup
557 20-Jan-2011 No 2009, 2010 GCB Reports
558 20-Jan-2011 DCB President On DCB Elections
559 20-Jan-2011 Super Sixes In Mabaruma
560 20-Jan-2011 DCB Elections Saga Unacceptable – Kumar
561 20-Jan-2011 Two In Two For Cornelia Ida
562 20-Jan-2011 Sars is back!
563 20-Jan-2011 Guyana Lose To Windwards
564 19-Jan-2011 DCB President Granted Injunction
565 18-Jan-2011 I Was Accused Wrongfully - Sarjoo
566 18-Jan-2011 US Guyanese Assists Strath Avon
567 18-Jan-2011 DCB AGM set for Saturday
568 18-Jan-2011 Hemraj Steers MYO To Win
569 17-Jan-2011 Schools Super Sixes Start Today
570 17-Jan-2011 Police Detain DCB Vice-President
571 17-Jan-2011 Jagdeo Wants Strong Leadership
572 16-Jan-2011 BCB Veteran Writes Book
573 15-Jan-2011 Another Last-Over Win By Guyana
574 15-Jan-2011 Second GT&T 10/10 Unveiled
575 15-Jan-2011 Chatterpaul Elected Bartica Chairman
576 15-Jan-2011 Jagdeo To GCB: Heal Rifts
577 15-Jan-2011 Johnson Still EB Ebo Chairman
578 15-Jan-2011 GFSCA Launches Stag Beer Tournament
579 15-Jan-2011 Party Atmosphere At DCC For CT20
580 15-Jan-2011 Christian Blasts Guyana To Top Of Group
581 15-Jan-2011 ECB: Ali For GCB President
582 15-Jan-2011 RHTYSC Launches $5m Campaign
583 15-Jan-2011 Govt: GCB Reports Not Here
584 15-Jan-2011 Stag Beer/El Dorado Softball Launched
585 15-Jan-2011 Audited Report In By Monday
586 15-Jan-2011 DCC To Broadcast CT20 Matches
587 14-Jan-2011 GCB Presidency Race – Part 4
588 13-Jan-2011 Somerset Lose By 1 Run
589 13-Jan-2011 Cush Gave Priority To Business
590 13-Jan-2011 GT&T Tournament Plan Progressing
591 13-Jan-2011 Somerset Can Still Reach Semi-Finals
592 13-Jan-2011 Chief Scout Endorses Ali
593 13-Jan-2011 Guyana In Miraculous Win
594 13-Jan-2011 GCB President Sends Message To Team
595 13-Jan-2011 BCB Appoints Committees
596 13-Jan-2011 Guyana Snatch Last Ball Win
597 12-Jan-2011 WISC Assists 3 Young Athletes
598 12-Jan-2011 Guyana Dismissed For Lowest T20 Total
599 12-Jan-2011 Russell Undermines Guyana
600 11-Jan-2011 Jamaica Beats Spineless Guyana
601 11-Jan-2011 Re-Elected ECB President Outlines Plans
602 10-Jan-2011 Teams Look For Inspirational Start
603 10-Jan-2011 Chintamanie Is New Leguan Head
604 10-Jan-2011 Guyana Begin Defence Of T20 Title
605 10-Jan-2011 Raphael On GCB Presidency
606 10-Jan-2011 Kildonan Concerned Citizens Group
607 09-Jan-2011 A Look At GCB Hopefuls
608 09-Jan-2011 GCB Presidency Race - Part 3
609 09-Jan-2011 Buxton CC Backs Bissoon Singh
610 09-Jan-2011 Kumar Disappointed With GCB
611 09-Jan-2011 Confident Guyana Off To Antigua
612 08-Jan-2011 Bird’s Eye View Of Candidates
613 08-Jan-2011 GCB Presidency Race - Part 2
614 07-Jan-2011 Registration For GT&T T10 Begins
615 07-Jan-2011 Metro Supports Shemaine Campbelle
616 07-Jan-2011 Perreira Supports Ali
617 07-Jan-2011 GCB Presidency Race – Part 1
618 06-Jan-2011 No Practice Matches For Guyana Team
619 05-Jan-2011 Inaugural Super Sixes In Region 1
620 05-Jan-2011 Enmore And Farm Win
621 05-Jan-2011 We’re Mentally Prepared - Seeram
622 05-Jan-2011 Panday To Contest GCB Elections If
623 04-Jan-2011 Singh Will Establish Afternoon College
624 04-Jan-2011 Ali: GCB Structure Still Strong
625 03-Jan-2011 RHTYSC 2011 Community Programmes
626 01-Jan-2011 Judge Puts DCB AGM On Hold
627 30-Dec-2010 Guyana Trounce Academy XI
628 30-Dec-2010 Guyana Overpower TT Academy
629 29-Dec-2010 Who Will Replace Chetty?
630 29-Dec-2010 RHTYSC Sponsors Educational Award Scheme
631 29-Dec-2010 Guyana Shocked By T&T A
632 29-Dec-2010 Guyana Humbled In T20 Fest
633 29-Dec-2010 BCB, Cellink Share Out Cricket Equipment
634 29-Dec-2010 BCB Administration Receives Vote Of Confidence
635 24-Dec-2010 T&T Senior Squad In Opener
636 24-Dec-2010 Seeram Satisfied With Team
637 21-Dec-2010 Metro Assists Shemaine Campbelle
638 21-Dec-2010 Sarwan Pleased With Team
639 20-Dec-2010 Chattergoon Replaces Injured Deo
640 19-Dec-2010 GFSCA Stag Beer Softball
641 19-Dec-2010 MYO Inter-Jamaat 10-Overs Tapeball
642 17-Dec-2010 T&T, Guyana In Warm-Up Series
643 16-Dec-2010 Stoll: I Want To Stay In Team
644 16-Dec-2010 BCB Unhappy Over Chattergoon, Fudadin
645 16-Dec-2010 Stoll: Only New Face
646 15-Dec-2010 GCB Announces Final T20 14
647 14-Dec-2010 Guyana Begins T20 Preparations
648 14-Dec-2010 Guyana T20 Squad Named
649 12-Dec-2010 Sarwan, Chanderpaul In T20 Squad

2011 - A Disastrous Year

Guyana did not win any regional cricket tournament in 2011 and national cricket administration plunged into a deep crisis.

West Indies

During the One Day International (ODI) against Pakistan at Providence, Chanderpaul, accompanied by ex-President Jagdeo and the Minister of Sports, walked around the Providence stadium to protest the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) decision to force Chanderpaul to retire from ODIs. West Indies defeated Pakistan in the Test match which followed, on a poor wicket.

Davendra Bishoo was called up for West Indies duty and was later nominated ICC Emerging cricketer of 2011. Chanderpaul became the most-capped West Indies Test player in the Test match in Dominica, in which he scored a century.

Wicketkeeper Derwin Christian and all-rounder Chris Barnwell represented the West Indies in Twenty20 Internationals in England, while Permaul and Fudadin represented West Indies A in matches in the Caribbean.

Ramsay Ali and Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) Secretary Anand Sanasie were appointed Guyana’s new Directors on the WICB.

Administrative Crisis

The year started with several hopefuls (Ali, Panday and Bissoondial Singh) campaigning to take over the presidency of the GCB from Chetram Singh, who had announced months before that he would not run for office again. The Ministry of Labour then announced that the GCB was not in compliance with the Friendly Societies Act and therefore could not hold general elections until the matter was rectified.

Meanwhile, the Demerara Cricket Board (DCB) split into two factions, one under Bissoondial Singh and the other Raj Singh. Each faction claimed to be the real DCB and the matter ended up in court, which determined that neither faction could legally claim to represent the DCB.

In July, GCB elections were held with the DCB absent. The Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) declared it would not participate in the elections, but a few BCB officials defied their board and voted anyway. Ramsay Ali, the current GCB marketing manager, was elected GCB president and the BCB immediately cried foul. The BCB withdrew its players from GCB activities, but many refused to comply.

By the end of the year the Minister of Sport set up an Interim Management Committee, under Clive Lloyd, to replace the GCB - a move that was immediately condemned by the West Indies Cricket Board.

Regional Competition

Ramnaresh Sarwan missed the 2011 Regional Super50 competition due to injury and was not selected for the start of 2012 season, amidst controversy between him and the GCB. Seeram was replaced as coach by Mark Harper after the Guyana team fared badly in the regional Twenty20 competition, but was re-instated after the team did not improve under Harper. The GCB also stated that team officials would be hired on a tour-by-tour basis.

In the Twenty20 competition in January, defending champions Guyana lost to Jamaica by 50 runs in Antigua and to the Windwards in Barbados, and was eliminated from the competition. Sarwan's 59 was Guyana's only half century in the competition. Chanderpaul, Dowlin, Chattergoon and Foo contributed far too few runs.

The regional first class season started in February, and Mark Harper was now the team coach, replacing Seeram. Mediocre batting and unpenetrative bowling led to Guyana finishing last among the eight teams in the competition, with only Permaul's 25 wickets being noteworthy regionally. Chandrika scored the most runs (323), while Bishoo was called up for West Indies duty in the latter half of the competition.

Youth players Ronsford Beaton (Essequibo) and Amir Khan (Everest CC) made their first class debuts for Guyana in 2011.

 The 2011 Regional One-day (Super50) competition was played in Guyana, but Guyana was eliminated by Trinidad &Tobago in the first semi-final. The competition was eventually won by Jamaica, but the slow wickets hindered batting. Leon Johnson score two fifties, while Barnwell and Steven Jacobs scored one each. Jacobs was Guyana's leading wicket taker, with seven wickets.

Youth Cricket

Guyana failed to win the Regional Under-15 tournament in Trinidad in July, but Tagenarine Chanderpaul batted well. The Regional Under-19 competition was held in Guyana in July and August 2011, and was rathr badly affected by rain. Guyana started well by defeating the Leewards by an innings, but still ended up near the bottom of the points tables in both formats (3-day and 1-day) by the end of the competition.

Crosse, Amir Khan and Ronsford Beaton were called up for duty on the West Indies Under-19 team.

Female Cricket

In the Region Women's tournament in August, Guyana lost two of their three matches. with their other game being washed out. The team included West Indies players Shemaine Campbelle, Tremaine Smartt, June Ogle-Thomas and Sabrina Munroe.

Near the end of the year Tremayne Smartt was temporarily banned from international matches by the ICC for testing positive for a banned substance she unknowingly used for an injured knee. Sabrina Munroe was nominated Female Cricketer of the Year.

Local Cricket

Cricket competitions were affected by the unavail ability of grounds, which were being rented out softball cricket and activities unrelated to cricket.

Berbice teams won all nationwide cricket competitions, except the GCB Twenty20 Big Smash, which was won by the GCB President’s XI. They defeated the Georgetown Pitbulls in the final at Albion. A Berbice team also won the inaugural Jam Zone Twenty20 Festival, which included regional players like Chris Gayle and Kieron Pollard.


DCC Pavilion

DCC pavilion, 05 Feb 2011.

RHT Kids Xmas Party, 2011

Children in a happy mood at the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club Area H ground, where they attended an Xmas party hosted for them by the club, on 24 December 2011.

DCC Under-13 Players, 2011

DCC Under-13 players pose for a photo with coach Garvin Nedd, in front of the DCC clubhouse in 2011.

Bishoo 5 v Bangladesh, Nov 2011

Wicketkeeper Carlton Baugh congratulates Davendra Bishoo after he takes 5 wickets to help West Indies defeat Bangladesh, 1 Nov 2011.

Guyana Cup 1: Masters Cup Winner

Devi Sunich presents the Masters Cup to Amarnauth Bughoo, captain of Regal Masters, winners of the Masters category at the finals of the Guyana Softball Cup on 30 October 2011, at Everest.

GuyCup 1: Man-Of-The-Match

Nalini Ramjewan presents the Man-of-the-Match trophy to Marlo Malone of Savage XI after the finals of the Guyana Softball Cup on 30 October 2011, at Everest.

Guyana Cup 1: Guyana Cup Winners

Cotton Field Wild Oats captain Travis Simond (left) receives the Guyana Softball Cup from GFSCA executive Mike Singh after defeating Regal XI in the final of the Open category at the finals of the Guyana Softball Cup on 30 October 2013, at Everest.

Guyana Cup 1: WellWoman - Women's Champs

Mike's Wellwoman team is in a happy mood after defeating Trophy Stall Angels in the final of the women's exhibition matches at the Guyana Softball Cup finals on 30 October 2011 at the Everest ground.

Guyana Cup 1: MVP Winners

Patrick Rooplall (left - MVP in the Open category) and Marlo Malone (MVP in the Masters category) receive bracelets from Steve Narine, owner of Steve's Jewelry, at the finals of the Guyana Softball Cup on 30 October, at Everest.

Guyana Cup 1: Regal Masters - Champs

Regal Masters and Regal teams relax after Regal Masters defeated Savage Masters in the final of the Masters category in the Guyana Softball Cup on 30 October 2011 at Everest.

Guyana Cup 1: Masters Final

Savage Masters (in red and blue) bat against Regal Masters in the final of the Masters category at the Guyana Softball Cup finals on 30 October 2011, at Everest.

Onika Wallerson At Nets, 2011

Onika Wallerson at net practice in Georgetown, Guyana, in July 2011, before setting off for Barbados with the Guyana female team. Three more GCA female players, (Victoria Bacchus, Joann Van Sertima & Akaze Thompson) were also in the team, and two others (Latoya Smith & Leshawna Toussaint) were among the reserves.

Second Windwards Practice Match

21 October 2011 - Windwards player Denis George pulls during his unbeaten 32 in the second Windwards v Leewards practice match at the Demerara Cricket Club. He also took 4-22 with his left-arm spin (Sean Devers photo).

Windwards Practice For 2011 Super50

18 Oct 2011 - West Indies player Andre Fletcher bats during the Windward Islands net session at the Demerara Cricket Club in preparation for the 2011 Regional Super50 competition in Guyana (Sean Devers photo).

RHT Wins Lions Tourney, 2011

Rose Hall Town captain Shawn Perreira, receives the winning trophy after defeating Young Warriors in the final of the New Amsterdam Lions Club 50th Anniversary 15/15 tournament, on 16 October 2011, at the Cumberland ground.

Police's Browne v Everest, 2011

Rawle Browne drives Troy Gonsalves handsomely during his unbeaten 95 for Police against Everest on 16 October 2011 at Eve Leary in a GCA First Division Heroes Cup match (Sean Devers photo).

Mahadeo Man-Of-The-Match, 2011

Khemraj Mahadeo collects the man-of-the-match trophy after Rose Hall Town defeated Young Warriors in the final of the New Amsterdam Lions Club 50th Anniversary 15/15 tournament, in October 2011.

GCC's Forrester v GDF, 2011

Teenager Winston Forrester smashes Randy Lindore over cover for four during his 91 for GCC against GDF at Camp Ayanganna on 16 October 2011 in a GCA First Division Heroes Cup match (Sean Devers photo).

Everest's Hemraj v Police, 2011

Watched by Keeper Troy Benn, National U-19 batsman Chanderpaul Hemraj gathers on-side runs during his 81 for Everest at Police on 15 October 2011, in a GCA First Division Heroes Cup match. (Sean Devers photo).

GDF's Lindore v Police, 2011

GDF’s Randy Lindore cuts spinner Vishal Jaigobin, who followed up his 56 with 3-28 for Police at Eve Leary on 9 October 2011 in a GCA First Division Heroes Cup match (Sean Devers photo).

Ferrier Cuts v DCC, 2011

Deon Ferrier cuts for four during his unbeaten 86, following his 5-62 for Malteenoes at DCC on 9 Oct ober 2011 in the GCA Division 1 Heroes Cup (Sean Devers photo).

Culley Caught By Police(!), 2011

Alex Culley is about to be caught off Parnell London of Police, to end the GDF innings on 9 October 2011 at Eve Leary, in a First Division Heroes Cup match (Sean Devers photo).

GCC's Sookdeo v Malteenoes, 2011

GCC’s Jeetendra Sookdeo gathers off-side runs against Malteenoes at DCC on 9 October 2011 in a GCA First Division Heroes Cup match (Sean Devers photo).

DCC Batting v GNIC, 2011

Jahron Byron batting for DCC against GNIC in a GCA First Division Heroes Cup match on 2 October 2011 at DCC (Sean Devers photo).

Christian Batting v GNIC, 2011

Guyana’s newest West Indies player Derwin Christian gathers off-side runs during his half-century for hosts DCC against GNIC on 1 October 2011 (Sean Devers photo).

Guyana Cup 1: Announcement

GFSCA executives, Guyana Softball Cup sponsors, Sports Minister Dr Frank Anthony and other officials of the Ministry of Culture, Youth & Sports, at the announcement of the Guyana Softball Cup on 30 September 2011, at the Ministry boardroom (Photo: Avenash Ramzan, Guyana Times).

Berbice v Dem LO 2, 2011

25 Sep 2011 - Demerara batsman Trevon Griffith cuts during his attractive 78, but Demerara lost to Berbice at Albion in the final of the 2011 inter-county 50-overs competition (Sean Devers photo).

Berbice v Dem LO 3, 2011

25 Sep 2011 - Berbice batsman Jonathan Foo on-drives against Demerara during his aggressive innings of 43 at Albion in the final of the 2011 inter-county 50-overs competition (Guyana Times photo).

Inside DCC pavilion

Inside DCC pavilion, 2011

Berbice Retains 50-Overs Title, 2011

25 Sep 2011 - The Berbice team with GCB President Ramsay Ali, after defeating Demerara in the final of the 2011 inter-county 50-overs competition, at Albion.

Berbice v Dem LO 1, 2011

25 Sep 2011 - Man-of-the-Match and Man-of-the-Series Assad Fudadin attacks Zaheer Mohamed at Albion, during his unbeaten century for Berbice against Demerara in the final of the 2011 inter-county 50-overs competition (Sean Devers photo).

Sarwan Assists Native People, 2011

Ramnaresh Sarwan joined in the annual St. Cuthbert’s Village Heritage festivities on 24 September 2011, donating sporting equipment to residents and basking in the hospitality of the indigenous Arawak community.

Ebo v President's XI, 2011

18 Sep 2011 - President's XI batsman Chanderpaul Hemraj gathers on-side runs at DCC during a classy unbeaten 56 against Essequibo in the 2011 inter-county 50-overs competition (Guyana Times photo).

Ebo v President's XI 2, 2011

18 Sep 2011 - President's XI batsman Sewnarine Chattergoon attacks while scoring a half-century against Essequibo at DCC in the 2011 inter-county 50-overs competition (Guyana Times photo).

Crandon Bowls Barrington, 2011

18 Sep 2011 - Royston Crandon bowls Demerara opener Shemroy Barrington, but Berbice still lost to Demerara at Everest in the preliminary round in the 2011 inter-county 50-overs competition (Sean Devers photo).

Foo Driving Amir Khan, 2011

18 Sep 2011 - Berbice top-scorer Jonathon Foo off-drives Amir Khan at Everest, but Demerara defeated Berbice in the preliminary round in the 2011 inter-county 50-overs competition (Sean Devers photo).

Demerara v Ebo LO, 2011

17 Sep 2011 - Leon Johnson gathers off-side runs off Yogeshwar Lall during his classy 67 to lead Demerara to victory over Essequibo at Bourda in the 2011 inter-county 50-overs competition (Sean Devers photo).

Demerara v Ebo LO 2, 2011

17 Sep 2011 - Leon Johnson drives fluently through the offside while scoring 67 to help Demerara defeat Essequibo at Bourda in the 2011 inter-county 50-overs competition (Guyana Times photo).

Berbice Beats President's XI, 2011

16 Sep 2011 - Jonathan Foo (left) and Royston Crandon walk off the Blairmont ground after taking Berbice to victory over the President's XI in the 2011 inter-county 50-overs competition (Guyana times photo).

E LaFleur & S Latcha, 2011

16 Sep 2011 - Eugene La Fleur (left) and Steven Latcha, who shared six wickets between them for Berbice against the President's XI at Blairmont, in the 2011 inter-county 50-overs competition (Guyana Times photo).

Bakewell Sponsors GFSCA Competition, 2011

The Bakewell manager presents a sponsorship check to GFSCA officials for the GFSCA Bakewell softball competition, that started in August 2011.

DCC Wins Peewee Title, 2011

Tropical Mist Brand Manager Errol Nelson presents the winner’s trophy to captain of the Demerara Cricket Club team, Shemar De Souza, in the presence of the victorious team members and supporters, on 28 July 2011, at Thirst Park, Ruimveldt.

New RHTYSC Patron, 2011

New patron of the RHTY&SC Ms Beverley Harper (second right), poses with (from left) Moonish Singh, Hilbert Foster, and Basil Butcher, on 24 July 2011.

RHT Assists Sports Orgs, 2011

Berbice female player Cindy Alexander (second right) of RHTYSC hands over the donation to Paul Bennett of the Youths Inc Progress Club of Central Corentyne, on 23 July 2011.

GCA Kiddies Camp, 2011

One of the 27 participants of the GCA Under-10 camp receives a certificate from Guyoil representative Elizabeth Gittens on 16 July 2011 at St Stanislaus College ground, while Mark Harper (left), Quacy Nedd and Garvin Nedd look on.

Onika Wallerson At DCC, 2011

Onika Wallerson at the Demerara Cricket Club ground on 08 July 2011, after taking 3 wickets for 11 runs to help Georgetown defeat West Bank in the Demerara 2011 Inter-association female 50-overs competition.

Enmore Community Centre, 2011

Enmore Community Centre, 2011

Stag Beer Softball Winners, 2011

Winners in various categories of the GFSCA Stag Beer/El Dorado softball competition - 4R Lioness, Regal Masters and Memorex - after the competition finals on 19 June 2011 at the Georgetown Cricket Club ground, Bourda.

U19: Rikhi v Essequibo, 2011

Berbice opening batsman Dominique Rikhi drives through the off side while scoring 90 in the first innings against Essequibo, in the 2011 Inter-County Under-19 competition, at the National Stadium, on 13 June 2011.

Danny Singh Assists Everest, 2011

Dhanpaul ‘Danny’ Singh (centre) presents a bat to junior Everest Cricket Club cricketer Chanderpaul Hemraj, in the presence of other club members, on 1 June 2011 in the boardroom of the club.

Bishoo Gets WI Cap

Davendra Bishoo of Guyana receives his West Indies cap from Richie Richardson on making his Test debut, against Pakistan on 12 May 2011 at Providence. Members of the West Indies team, including Ramnaresh Sarwan, applaud.

Bishoo Gets WI Cap

Davendra Bishoo of Guyana receives his West Indies cap from Richie Richardson on making his Test debut, against Pakistan on 12 May 2011 at Providence. Members of the West Indies team, including Ramnaresh Sarwan, applaud.

DCC scoreboard and entrance

DCC scoreboard and entrance, 2011

DCC outfield

DCC outfield, 2011

Bishoo Win T20 Award

West Indies leg-spinner Davendra Bishoo and captain Darren Sammy show off Bishoo's Man-of-the-Match award after the first Twenty20 International against Pakistan in Dominica on 21 April 2011.

DCC Nets

DCC net session, 07 Apr 2011.

Lions Struggle Against Guyana

14 March 2011 - England Lions batsmen struggle against the Guyana pacers on a wet Providence track and outfield in the 2011 Regional First Class competition.

Woakes Takes A Hat Trick

13 March 2011 - England Lions pacer Chris Woakes celebrates his hat-trick at Providence as Zaheer Mohamed is caught by Andre Gale for a duck, in the 2011 Regional First Class competition.

GCA Executive, 2011

Roger Harper sits between vice-presidents Neil Barry (right) and Azad Abrahim, along with other 2011 GCA executives, after elections at the GCA Annual General Meeting on 28 February 2011.

Vishaul Singh vs Bdos

Vishaul Singh turns one to leg during his innings of 66 against Barbados at Providence on 26 February 2011, during the regional first class competition.

Butcher Assists Kids, 2011

Six talented Under-15 cricketers received cricket gear and educational materials from the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club, under the 3rd annual Basil Butcher Berbice Cricket Development Trust Fund, in February 2011.

Bill Direct Sponsors GFSCA, 2011

Operations Officer of Bill Direct, Marlon Wade (left), hands over a sponsorship check from his company to GFSCA member Lalta Gainda, for GFSCA's participation in the Florida Cup in Miami, in March 2011.

Albion Wins At No 69, 2011

The victorious Albion team strike  pose with their trophy after defeating Skeldon to win a 4-team fundraising tournament at the No 69 ground on 13 February 2011.

AutoColor Sponsors GFSCA, 2011

Jerome Sikandar (right), manager of Sankar’s Autocolor, hands over a sponsorship check to Bedi Ramjewan of the GFSCA, for the GFSCA's participation in the Florida Cup in Miami, in March 2011.

Metro Sponsors GFSCA, 2011

Rabhindranauth Seenarine (right) of Metro presents a sponsorship check from his company to GFSCA member Jailall Deodass, for the GFSCA participation in the Florida Cup in Miami, in March 2011.

DCC v GNIC, 2011

DCC playing GNIC in a 2-day match.

Barnwell Drives in Practice Match

29 January 2011 - Guyana all-rounder Christopher Barnwell drives during his innings of 43 in the practice match preceding the 2011 regional first class season.

Chandrika Shines in Practice Match

28 January 2011 - Guyana opening batsman Rajendra Chandrika on his way to a century at Bourda in the practice match preceding the 2011 regional first class season.

More Training For Team

27 January 2011 - The Guyana first class squad continues training under new coach Mark Harper, in preparation for the 2011 regional first class season.

New Coach Begins Training

26 January 2011 - New coach Mark Harper begins training the Guyana first class team for the 2011 regional first class season, which begins in February.

RHT, Mormons Charity, 2011

The Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints combined to donate approximately $2 million worth of items to schools, churches, and health clinics in Berbice, in January 2011.

Guyana Lose To Windwards

20 Jan 2011 - Windwards batsman Andre Fletcher scored 40 to lay the foundation for a winning total to eliminate Guyana from the 2011 Regional Twenty20 competition (WICB photo).

Help For Strath Avon, 2011

Members of the Strath Avon Cricket Club receive new sports gear from Inty Mohamed, a former Strath Avon resident who now lives in the US, on 16 January 2011.

Guyana Celebrates The Unexpected!

15 Jan 2011 - The Guyana team celebrates wildly as Derwin Christian takes them to an unlikely victory against the Combined Campuses & Colleges in the 2011 Regional Twenty20 competition! (WICB photo).

Christian Goes To The Heavens

15 Jan 2011 - Guyana's wicketkeeper Derwin Christian slams another huge six on his way to 40 off 13 balls, just when Guyana really needed it. (WICB photo).

Stag Beer Softball Launched, 2011

Georgetown Cricket Club Vice-President Ramsay Ali (centre), Stag Beer Brand Manager John Maikoo (fourth from left), officials of the GFSCA and members of GCC at the launching of the Stag Beer softball competition, on 14 January 2011, at Bourda.

Another Somerset Run Out

13 Jan 2011 - Another Somerset batsman is run out in a dramatic last over in the match against Guyana, in the 2011 West Indies Regional Twenty20 Competition.

Guyana Fall To Jamaica

12 Jan 2011 - Guyana wicketkeeper pays close attention as Marlon Samuels drives en route to scoring 42 (WICB photo).

Twenty20 Team Off To Antigua

09 Jan 2011 - The 2011 Guyana Twenty20 team, with Sports Director Neil Kumar, at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport before departing for Antigua.

Guyana Team Preparing For T20s

04 Jan 2011 - Members of the Guyana T20 team going through their paces at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall, in preparation for the 2011 Regional Twenty20 Competition (Photo: Avenash Ramzan).

Umpire Somwaru honoured
Umpire Dhieranidranauth Somwaru, who was honoured by the Albion St Mary's Church, recently (2011), for his long, outstanding and dedicated service to the teaching profession.
Blairmont Ground

Blairmont ground, 2011

Soccer For T20 Tournament

23 Dec 2010 - The Guyana team playing a game of soccer as part of the preparations for the 2011 Regional Twenty20 competition (Photo: Rajiv Bisnauth).

Guyana Team Trains For T20

22 Dec 2010 - The Guyana team training hard in damp conditions in preparation for the 2011 Regional Twenty20 competition.