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Albion Gound, 2013
2012 BCB Awards
RHT Busta Team, 2012
RHT 2011 awardees
Shawn Perreira 2012
RHT Xmas Party, 2010
D'Edward Team, 2010
Albion circa 1966

Articles on Berbice Cricket

No Datesort ascending Title
1 20-Jan-2015 Farfan & Mendes Renews Support
2 17-Jan-2015 ScotiaBank Renews RHTYSC Support
3 16-Jan-2015 BCB U-17 Inter-Secondary Tourney
4 15-Jan-2015 Kanden Still Albion President
5 13-Jan-2015 Foster Quits as BCB Official
6 12-Jan-2015 Young Warriors Mash Cup
7 05-Jan-2015 Raffik & Sons Renew Sponsorship
8 31-Dec-2014 Beharry Praises Amsterdam, Moore
9 30-Dec-2014 Condolences To Moakan Family
10 29-Dec-2014 Beharry is New BCB President
11 08-Dec-2014 Berbice Seeking Umpires
12 06-Dec-2014 WBCA T20 This Weekend
13 03-Dec-2014 Simon is New BCUA President
14 02-Dec-2014 Massiah Primary Top No 56
15 05-Nov-2014 Springlands, Albion in NBS Play-offs
16 03-Nov-2014 Bermine, Albion in Carib Final
17 19-Oct-2014 BCB Tribute To Johashen
18 13-Sep-2014 Berbice U-19 50-Overs
19 12-Sep-2014 BCB Div 1 50-Overs KO
20 11-Sep-2014 Warriors Reach Quarter-finals
21 22-Aug-2014 Police, Albion Square Off
22 21-Aug-2014 BCB Fulfills Independence Promise
23 21-Aug-2014 Guytrac T20 Begins Sunday
24 18-Aug-2014 Car Accident Kills Cricketer
25 18-Aug-2014 BCB To Honour Test Legends
26 18-Aug-2014 Kanhai: Berbice Greatest
27 16-Aug-2014 Goodwill Promotions in West Berbice
28 12-Aug-2014 Nandu Visits Port Mourant
29 11-Jul-2014 Rose Hall Academy Starts Monday
30 09-Jul-2014 Albion Win Caricom Day T20
31 09-Jun-2014 NBS Div 2 Report
32 09-Jun-2014 U-19 Elizabeth Styles Report
33 04-Jun-2014 Republic Bank U-17 Results Jun 1
34 04-Jun-2014 Memorex U-17 Results Jun 1
35 01-Jun-2014 Berbice U15 May 31
36 30-May-2014 Berbice NBS Div 2 May 25
37 29-May-2014 U17: NA/Canje Advance To Final
38 27-May-2014 BCB XI Take Independence Cup
39 21-May-2014 GuyTrac Sponsors UCCA T20
40 17-May-2014 BCB Lombasts GCB Spite
41 14-May-2014 Sinclair Outstanding with Bat & Ball
42 14-May-2014 Albion Goes To KO Final
43 14-May-2014 Berbice Win Low-scoring Thriller
44 14-May-2014 Possible Sanctions For Independence Cup
45 13-May-2014 Bejai, Bissoondial Bowl Well
46 06-Apr-2014 BCB Exhibition at NA Sec School
47 11-Dec-2013 NBS Div 2: Dec 11 Report
48 11-Dec-2013 Berbice On Top v Demerara
49 11-Dec-2013 Berbice Remain in Control
50 09-Dec-2013 Berbice, President’s XI Draw
51 08-Dec-2013 Albion, Rose Hall In U-15 Final
52 08-Dec-2013 Norman Singh Div2 T20 Final
53 08-Dec-2013 Singh Hits 100* For President's XI
54 08-Dec-2013 Demerara Win By Innings
55 08-Dec-2013 Berbice Leads President’s XI
56 07-Dec-2013 President’s XI Fall For 185
57 07-Dec-2013 Berbice Div2 NBS - Dec 1
58 06-Dec-2013 NBS Div 2: Dec 6 Report
59 06-Dec-2013 Demerara Takes Charge
60 04-Dec-2013 Albion In Under-15 Semis
61 03-Dec-2013 Busta Champ of Champions Launched
62 12-Nov-2013 Albion, Rose Hall in T20 Final
63 04-Nov-2013 D’Edward Goes To Third Round
64 02-Nov-2013 West Berbice Under-17 Matches
65 02-Nov-2013 Berbice Div 2 NBS - 01 Nov
66 02-Nov-2013 No 70 Are Under-19 Champs
67 01-Nov-2013 Corentyne Div 2 T20 Matches
68 31-Oct-2013 Berbice Div 2 NBS - 26 Oct
69 31-Oct-2013 Div 1 T20 KO - Round 1
70 30-Oct-2013 Div 1 T20 KnockOut 26 Oct
71 30-Oct-2013 NA Town Week T10 Softball
72 23-Oct-2013 Bermine Wins Div1 T20
73 23-Oct-2013 BCCDA 10/10 Inter Agency Softball
74 22-Oct-2013 Berbice Div2 NBS - 20 Oct
75 22-Oct-2013 Berbice Cricket Board Raffle
76 22-Oct-2013 Berbice Div1 T20 Knockout
77 11-Oct-2013 Berbice NBS Div 2: Oct 6
78 11-Oct-2013 Berbice Div 1 T20: Second Semi
79 10-Oct-2013 Berbice Div 1 T20: First Semi
80 10-Oct-2013 Contract Signed For Albion Lights
81 09-Oct-2013 Bermine, West Berbice in Semis
82 09-Oct-2013 RHTYSC Honours Head Teachers
83 07-Oct-2013 BBCI Donates Gear To Blairmont
84 06-Oct-2013 Albion, RHT in T20 Semis
85 04-Oct-2013 Berbice Div 1 T20: 29 Sep
86 04-Oct-2013 West Berbice U-17 Today
87 29-Sep-2013 County LO Final Ties!
88 28-Sep-2013 County 50-Overs Final Today
89 27-Sep-2013 Blairmont Appoints Senior Coach
90 26-Sep-2013 Upper Corentyne Division 2
91 26-Sep-2013 Berbice Beat Ebo By 10 Wkts
92 25-Sep-2013 Berbice, Essequibo Clash
93 24-Sep-2013 Berbice Div1 T20: 22 Sep
94 24-Sep-2013 Demerara Beat Berbice By 3 Wkts
95 24-Sep-2013 Govt To Fix 26 Berbice Grounds
96 22-Sep-2013 Albion Div1 Knockout Champs
97 16-Sep-2013 Blairmont 2nd Annual Awards
98 27-Jul-2013 Berbice v Dem Rained Out
99 26-Jul-2013 Berbice v Ebo Rained Out
100 25-Jul-2013 Campbelle To Lead Berbice
101 23-Jul-2013 RHT Award of Excellence
102 23-Jul-2013 RHT Academy Concludes
103 23-Jul-2013 13th Annual RHT Review Mag
104 18-Jul-2013 BTS Supports Blairmont Centre CC
105 17-Jul-2013 BCB/Scotiabank Academy Monday
106 09-Jul-2013 Dem Beat Berbice In Final
107 09-Jul-2013 50 For Rose Hall Academy
108 08-Jul-2013 Demerara Win U-19 LO Title
109 08-Jul-2013 U19: Berbice, Dem in Final
110 06-Jul-2013 U19: 3rd Round Washed Out
111 05-Jul-2013 U19: Bowlers Help Berbice Win
112 04-Jul-2013 RHT To Host Sports Awards
113 03-Jul-2013 RHT Assists Young Berbicians
114 03-Jul-2013 County U19 LO: Day 1
115 02-Jul-2013 County U19 LO Today
116 26-Jun-2013 U19: Berbice, Demerara Win
117 25-Jun-2013 U19: Berbice, Demerara On Top
118 24-Jun-2013 Dem Beat Ebo By 10 Wkts
119 22-Jun-2013 Sattaur Slams Unbeaten Ton
120 22-Jun-2013 Rain Ruins First Day
121 20-Jun-2013 U-19 County Cricket Resumes
122 20-Jun-2013 BSA 10-Overs Softball
123 16-Jun-2013 Sports Gear For Corentyne Clubs
124 16-Jun-2013 Berbice Defeat E’bo By 54 Runs
125 15-Jun-2013 Ebo Collapse Against Berbice
126 14-Jun-2013 Inter-County U-17 Today
127 20-May-2013 PMCC, Wolf Warriors Joint Winners
128 17-May-2013 ECCB Squad For Independence Cup
129 17-May-2013 Evans Backs Berbice Titans
130 16-May-2013 Port Mourant Fundraiser
131 16-May-2013 Blairmont Defeats Edinburg
132 15-May-2013 Trophy Stall Assists Independence Cup
133 14-May-2013 RHT To Host Historic Award
134 14-May-2013 Champion of Champions In August
135 13-May-2013 Metro Sponsors Independence Cup
136 11-May-2013 RHT Honours Mothers
137 11-May-2013 E-Networks Sponsors RHT
138 10-May-2013 The Harry Ramanand Story
139 09-May-2013 Western Union Renews Program
140 08-May-2013 RHT Donates To 5 Organisations
141 08-May-2013 RHT, BBCI Honour Teachers
142 08-May-2013 Ansa McAl Aids Independence Cup
143 06-May-2013 RHT, Ansa McAl Award of Excellence
144 02-May-2013 Universal DVD Win BSA Tournament
145 01-May-2013 Ramotar Opens Chesney Pavilion
146 01-May-2013 RHT 23rd Annual Awards
147 26-Apr-2013 U-19 Zones Reach Final
148 23-Apr-2013 Beach Softball Tourney Ends
149 23-Apr-2013 BCB Div 1 T20 Commences
150 22-Apr-2013 Demerara Wins Under-15 Title
151 20-Apr-2013 Dem On Top Against Berbice
152 19-Apr-2013 Bridge Div1 Competition Begins
153 19-Apr-2013 Universal T20 Tournament Begins
154 18-Apr-2013 Dem Wins, Berbice Draws
155 17-Apr-2013 Champion Of Champions On Hold
156 17-Apr-2013 U15: Berbice, Dem On Top Again
157 16-Apr-2013 BCB U19 Inter-Zone Tourney
158 16-Apr-2013 BCB, BCC Launch Independence Cup
159 15-Apr-2013 U15: Essequibo Routed For 17
160 15-Apr-2013 Blairmont No 4: Wins Softball
161 15-Apr-2013 U15: Berbice, Dem On Top
162 13-Apr-2013 Bermine Wants Gold
163 13-Apr-2013 Albion Wants Consistency
164 11-Apr-2013 RHT: Dominant And Fearless
165 10-Apr-2013 West Berbice Hopeful
166 08-Apr-2013 Berbice Announces U-15 Squad
167 07-Apr-2013 Bakewell Sponsors RHT Again
168 06-Apr-2013 Bakewell, Namilco Assist RHT
169 30-Mar-2013 Bridge Co Sponsors BCB Competition
170 28-Mar-2013 Banks Sponsors Beach Softball
171 25-Mar-2013 BCB 6th Annual Awards
172 22-Mar-2013 BCB Awards Ceremony Today
173 10-Mar-2013 Young Warriors Fund-raiser Today
174 09-Mar-2013 Young Warriors Mash Cup
175 06-Mar-2013 Musco To Install Albion Floodlights
176 05-Mar-2013 Raffik Sponsors Corentyne 20/20
177 05-Mar-2013 Metro Sponsors RHT Females
178 03-Mar-2013 Shastri Persaud 154 For Chesney
179 01-Mar-2013 RHTYSC Congratulates Campbelle
180 01-Mar-2013 Guyoil Assists BCB Coaching
181 01-Mar-2013 Republic Bank Renews Sponsorship
182 27-Feb-2013 Several NBS Tons In Berbice
183 27-Feb-2013 Blairmont holds Elections
184 25-Feb-2013 Scotiabank Assists BCB Again
185 22-Feb-2013 BCB Names Committees For 2013
186 22-Feb-2013 BCB Starts Under-15 Preparation
187 20-Feb-2013 Five 50s Highlight NBS
188 20-Feb-2013 Young Warriors Day of Sports
189 16-Feb-2013 Port Mourant Elects Executives
190 16-Feb-2013 Gizmos & Gadgets Sponsorship
191 15-Feb-2013 Tons For Ajib, Bhoj, Heeralall
192 11-Feb-2013 NCN Inter-Zone U-15 Competition
193 09-Feb-2013 Norman Singh Memorial T20 KO
194 09-Feb-2013 BCB Launches 2 New Competitions
195 08-Feb-2013 Centuries For Mangra, Beresford
196 07-Feb-2013 Rose Hall Town Edge D’Edward
197 07-Feb-2013 Ming's, Universal Assist RHTYSC
198 07-Feb-2013 Albion In Div 1 T20 Play-offs
199 03-Feb-2013 Young Warriors, Albion Reach Semis
200 01-Feb-2013 Berbice Test Cricketers Billboard
201 01-Feb-2013 D'Edward, Rose Hall Town In Final
202 30-Jan-2013 Bermine, Young Warriors Advance
203 27-Jan-2013 2013 NBS 2nd Round Fixtures
204 24-Jan-2013 Demerara Are 4-Day Champs
205 23-Jan-2013 RHTYSC Assists UCCA
206 23-Jan-2013 Demerara, Rain Prevail
207 23-Jan-2013 Young Warriors Beats Tucber Park
208 22-Jan-2013 Dem, Pres XI Take Day 2 Honours
209 21-Jan-2013 Dem, Ebo On Top
210 20-Jan-2013 Berbice Beat Ebo, Dem Draw
211 20-Jan-2013 NBS Div2 40-Overs Today
212 18-Jan-2013 Kanden Re-elected Albion President
213 18-Jan-2013 Demerara, Essequibo On Top
214 18-Jan-2013 Bermine, Young Warriors In Final
215 17-Jan-2013 Rain Restricts Play Again
216 16-Jan-2013 Rain Stops Play On Day One
217 16-Jan-2013 Jumbo Jet Auto Sales Trophy
218 16-Jan-2013 New Amsterdam/Canje Win
219 15-Jan-2013 4-Day County Second Round
220 14-Jan-2013 Berbice Win By An Innings
221 13-Jan-2013 Dem Beat Ebo, Berbice In Control
222 12-Jan-2013 Chattergoon Ton, Ebo Fight Back
223 12-Jan-2013 Police B Division Cricket
224 11-Jan-2013 Match To Honor Lennox Allicock
225 11-Jan-2013 T Chanderpaul 50, Demerara On Top
226 10-Jan-2013 4-Day County Tourney Begins
227 09-Jan-2013 Demerara 2012 Senior LO Champs
228 07-Jan-2013 Lights For Albion Sports Complex?
229 07-Jan-2013 Thank You From RHTYSC
230 06-Jan-2013 County LO Round 2
231 06-Jan-2013 President’s XI Stun Berbice
232 06-Jan-2013 RHTYSC Helps 10-Year-Old
233 06-Jan-2013 Wintz Grabs 6 Wkts
234 06-Jan-2013 Berbice, Demerara Win
235 06-Jan-2013 RHTYSC 2012 XMas Charity
236 06-Jan-2013 Chanderpaul 59 For President’s XI
237 06-Jan-2013 Pestano Best Sinks Essequibo
238 04-Jan-2013 GCB Releases County LO Fixtures
239 03-Jan-2013 GCB County LO Tomorrow
240 02-Jan-2013 Keith Foster Re-Elected BCB President
241 29-Dec-2012 BCB Enjoys Productive 2012
242 27-Dec-2012 BCB starts Inter-County preparation
243 10-Dec-2012 Albion Wins Balram Shane Title
244 09-Dec-2012 Albion To Get Floodlights
245 06-Dec-2012 Tucber Park, Young Warriors In Final
246 14-Nov-2012 Six Teams Win In Latest Action
247 14-Nov-2012 Tucber Park In Bobcat Semi-final
248 13-Nov-2012 Albion Through To Semi-finals
249 12-Nov-2012 RHT Takes Busta Title
250 10-Nov-2012 Busta Champions Match Preview
251 31-Aug-2012 BCB/NCN Inter-Zone U15 Cricket
252 22-Aug-2012 BCCC Commences Cricket Camp
253 25-Jun-2012 28 Complete Guyoil/Castrol Coaches Training
254 23-Jun-2012 BCB Hosts Scotia Bank Cricket Academy
255 07-Jun-2012 6th Annual Republic Bank Academy
256 05-Jun-2012 BCB Training For Coaches
257 31-May-2012 Berbice Chamber Congratulates Titans
258 30-May-2012 Guyana’s T20 Cup To Be Annual
259 27-May-2012 BCB/BCCD Independence T20
260 27-May-2012 Titans Win Independence T20 Cup
261 26-May-2012 Massive Independence T20 At Albion
262 25-May-2012 Fireworks Expected At Albion
263 22-May-2012 EZjet Joins List Of Sponsors
264 19-May-2012 COPS Security, Universal DVD Assist
265 19-May-2012 Delmur Company, NBS On Board
266 17-May-2012 Big Sponsors For Independence Cup
267 17-May-2012 Canada Plays 2 Berbice Matches
268 17-May-2012 Bakewell Renews RHTYSC Sponsorship
269 16-May-2012 Bishoo Mom Is Mother Of The Year
270 16-May-2012 RHTYSC, DTV-8 Recognize Mothers
271 15-May-2012 3 Teams For Independence T20
272 15-May-2012 Bishoo Deflated, But Not Despondent
273 12-May-2012 BCB Warns Cricketers
274 10-May-2012 BCB, RHTYSC Launch Review Mag
275 09-May-2012 DDL Renews RHTYSC Sponsorship
276 06-May-2012 Titans Favoured In Today’s Final
277 05-May-2012 BCB Launches 40-Overs Female Tourney
278 04-May-2012 Rahaman, Subhan Seal Win For Blairmont
279 02-May-2012 Universal T20 Scheduled For Sunday
280 02-May-2012 Shameer, Chan Steer RHT Into Final
281 02-May-2012 Guyoil/Castrol Coaching Continues
282 02-May-2012 Arrival Cup T20 Tournament May 13
283 29-Apr-2012 RHTYSC Teacher/Student Programme
284 29-Apr-2012 RHTYSC, FFP Assist BFA
285 29-Apr-2012 RHTYSC Assists Several Organisations
286 26-Apr-2012 Baldeo, Motie Put Albion In Final
287 25-Apr-2012 Universal DVD, Solutions T20 Tournament
288 24-Apr-2012 RHTYSC 2011 Awards
289 23-Apr-2012 BCB/BCC Launch T20 Tourney
290 19-Apr-2012 Blairmont CC Receives Sponsorship
291 17-Apr-2012 Sukhdeo Steers Canefield Into Playoffs
292 25-Jan-2012 Blairmont Annual General Meeting
293 11-Jan-2012 BCB: 2011 Highly Successful
294 09-Jan-2012 Kennard’s Memorial In Final 16
295 07-Jan-2012 Chandilall Slams 131 For Woodley Park
296 07-Jan-2012 Kanden Re-Elected Albion President
297 07-Jan-2012 RHTYSC: 2011 Difficult But Successful
298 06-Jan-2012 First Innings Points For 3 Teams
299 03-Jan-2012 Percival Snares Helmet-Trick
300 03-Jan-2012 RHTYSC Benevolent During Yuletide
301 03-Jan-2012 RHTYSC Honours Teachers, Students
302 01-Jan-2012 Sewkarran Steers Bath To Victory
303 29-Dec-2011 Derick Narine-Lalsa Jnr. Slams 87
304 28-Dec-2011 RHTYSC Continues To Excel
305 22-Dec-2011 Zara Apartments Educational Awards
306 16-Dec-2011 Berbice, GTown In Butcher Tribute
307 16-Dec-2011 RHTYSC To Host Christmas Programme
308 16-Dec-2011 RHT Win By Walkover From Port Mourant
309 08-Dec-2011 Bassant, Roopchand Guide Gangaram Strykers
310 08-Dec-2011 Rikhi, Sinclair Guide RHT To 4th Win
311 19-Nov-2011 Cellink Fulfills Sponsorship For Berbice Teams
312 13-Nov-2011 Berbice Win U-17 County Title
313 30-Oct-2011 No. 73 Warriors Jagdeo Demolish No. 70
314 22-Oct-2011 BCB/Universal DVD T20 Starts Today
315 21-Oct-2011 Imrit, Persaud See No. 48 To Victory
316 18-Oct-2011 Rose Hall Town Starts With Win
317 18-Oct-2011 Deonarine And Foo Hit Centuries
318 18-Oct-2011 Rose Hall Town Wins Lions Title
319 18-Oct-2011 Mahadeo Leads Rose Hall To Title
320 16-Oct-2011 The Etwaroo Dynasty
321 15-Oct-2011 100 Teams In NBS Competition
322 01-Oct-2011 Berbice Cricket Concerns
323 01-Oct-2011 Albion, Port Mourant in Semi-final
324 16-Sep-2011 BCB/Republic Bank Inter-zone U-17 Sunday
325 16-Sep-2011 Ramsaroop 122*, Persaud 62 ; Deochand 4 in 4
326 21-Jul-2011 Renewed NBS Sponsorship Benefits 100 Teams
327 19-Jul-2011 NBS Renews BCB Div 2 Sponsorship
328 14-Jun-2011 Rikhi, Austin Lead Berbice to 264-7
329 08-Jun-2011 Berbice Retain GCB Inter-County U-15 Title
330 31-May-2011 Shimron Hetmeyer Hits 118
331 04-May-2011 Lower Corentyne Beat New Amsterdam/Canje
332 12-Mar-2011 BCB Inter Zone U-15 Tourney
333 11-Mar-2011 BCB U-23 And Female Tournaments
334 09-Mar-2011 Harper To BCB: Develop WI Players
335 08-Mar-2011 Berbice All-Time Under-15 XI
336 08-Mar-2011 Foo’s XI Take Rohan Kanhai Trophy
337 07-Mar-2011 4th BCB Annual Awards
338 07-Mar-2011 BCB Annual Awards Ceremony
339 05-Mar-2011 Kanhai Tribute To Heroes Trophy
340 03-Mar-2011 Albion Congratulates Bishoo
341 27-Feb-2011 Annual Basil Butcher Trust Fund
342 22-Feb-2011 Albion Win 4-Team Fundraiser
343 12-Feb-2011 Under-19 Game Washed Out
344 12-Feb-2011 Kanden Still Albion President
345 09-Feb-2011 RHT Females Win RHTYSC Trophy
346 09-Feb-2011 RHT, Others Go To Semi-Finals
347 08-Feb-2011 Farfan & Mendes Renews Sponsorship
348 08-Feb-2011 BCB And Players Assists Heart Patient
349 06-Feb-2011 Veterans Help Young Warriors
350 04-Feb-2011 Young Warriors Win NBS Title
351 04-Feb-2011 BCB Secures Sponsorship From Telenec
352 03-Feb-2011 BCB Honours Chetram Singh
353 03-Feb-2011 Crandon Named 2010 Berbice MVP
354 02-Feb-2011 Royston Crandon Named Senior MVP
355 01-Feb-2011 Griffith Sizzles In Blairmont T20
356 30-Jan-2011 T20 Action At Blairmont Today
357 28-Jan-2011 Black Heads Achievers Youth & Sports Club
358 28-Jan-2011 Young Warriors in NBS Final
359 28-Jan-2011 BCB NBS Final Sunday
360 26-Jan-2011 Galaxy Of Stars On Show Sunday
361 26-Jan-2011 RHT, Mormons Donate To Charity
362 16-Jan-2011 BCB Veteran Writes Book
363 13-Jan-2011 BCB Appoints Committees
364 10-Jan-2011 Kildonan Concerned Citizens Group
365 07-Jan-2011 Metro Supports Shemaine Campbelle
366 29-Dec-2010 BCB, Cellink Share Out Cricket Equipment
367 29-Dec-2010 BCB Administration Receives Vote Of Confidence
368 29-Dec-2010 RHTYSC Sponsors Educational Award Scheme
369 25-Dec-2010 D'Edward Village
370 21-Dec-2010 Young Warriors Reach Final
371 21-Dec-2010 Deo, Mohabir Help Skeldon High Win
372 20-Dec-2010 Berbice Schools in Keen Comptition
373 19-Dec-2010 Tamran Root Reaches NBS Final
374 19-Dec-2010 BCB: 2010 A Successful Year
375 16-Dec-2010 Young Warriors, West Canje In Semis
376 16-Dec-2010 New RHTYSC Execs Excited
377 16-Dec-2010 All- rounder Grant inspires Achiever
378 12-Dec-2010 Berbice Retains T20 Title
379 12-Dec-2010 NBS Div 2: Rose Hall Town Defeats Nigg
380 12-Dec-2010 Chattergoon Helps Berbice Win
381 11-Dec-2010 Berbice Zone Under-15 School Cricket
382 10-Dec-2010 Tain, Skeldon In NBS Quarter-finals
383 10-Dec-2010 No 2 Village In Final 8
384 10-Dec-2010 Shiwtahal Leads No 2 To Quarter-Finals
385 10-Dec-2010 Tamran Root, Hopetown U To Semis
386 10-Dec-2010 Berbice Favoured Against Rest
387 10-Dec-2010 Perreira, Shameer Lead Lower Corentyne
388 07-Dec-2010 Day 2 Rained Out
389 06-Dec-2010 Games washed out!
390 06-Dec-2010 Berbice, Rest Team In Final
391 05-Dec-2010 Deonarine Helps Berbice Win
392 05-Dec-2010 Deo Hat-Trick in Berbice Win
393 05-Dec-2010 Wins For Berbice And Rest
394 05-Dec-2010 Ringo To The Fray Again
395 04-Dec-2010 Deonarine Hat Trick For Berbice
396 04-Dec-2010 Albion are 2010 Tenelec Champions
397 03-Dec-2010 Berbice Preparing To Keep T20 Title
398 03-Dec-2010 T20 Showdown Today At Providence
399 03-Dec-2010 Blairmont, Achievers Win
400 02-Dec-2010 Young Warriors in Quarterfinals
401 01-Dec-2010 Tamran Root, Seawell In Last 8
402 10-Oct-2010 El Dorado LO: Berbice Retains Title
403 04-Oct-2010 Demerara Defeat Berbice
404 03-Oct-2010 BCB Ends Successful Third Quarter
405 25-Sep-2010 BCB 3-Day Senior Inter-Zone Tourney
406 16-Sep-2010 No Memorials In Berbice
407 16-Sep-2010 BCB Division 1 First Round
408 08-Aug-2010 60 Graduate from Academy at Albion
409 06-Jul-2010 Berbice Titans DJ Stress Champs
410 23-Jun-2010 Hopetown, Shieldstown In Last 16
411 26-May-2010 BCB Launches Elite Coaching Programme
412 03-May-2010 Primary Schools Windball Continues
413 23-Apr-2010 Chan 176*, Barran 124 for Flying Star
414 18-Apr-2010 Bunsraj 117, Pahalad, Dhaniram 6fers
415 10-Apr-2010 Berbice Names Female Team
416 02-Apr-2010 Lionel Helps Scottsburg Utd Win
417 27-Mar-2010 Spready’s U-19 Starts Today
418 02-Mar-2010 Godfrey Persaud Heads Port Mourant
419 12-Feb-2010 Corentyne Lift John Trim Memorial Trophy
420 10-Feb-2010 Deonarine: Berbice Cricketer of the Year
421 30-Jan-2010 No 71 in Corentyne Final
422 30-Jan-2010 Young Warriors in U23 Final
423 28-Jan-2010 Rose Hall Wins Amsterdam U17 Title
424 21-Jan-2010 Gizmos & Gadgets Sponsors RHT
425 20-Jan-2010 BCB 2nd Annual Review Mag
426 20-Jan-2010 F&M Renews RHTYSC Sponsorship
427 20-Jan-2010 RHT in Amsterdam U17 Final
428 19-Jan-2010 Ramcharitar Sponsors KO Tourney
429 15-Jan-2010 Teams Ready For U17 Semis
430 13-Jan-2010 Butcher Fund 2nd Presentation
431 13-Jan-2010 RHT Wins 2009 Under-15 Tourney
432 04-Dec-2009 Albion Honours Sew Shivnarine
433 03-Dec-2009 2010 Telenec Sponsorship For BCB
434 28-Nov-2009 D'Edward Win After Abel Ton
435 21-Nov-2009 Persaud 101, Wkts For Goodridge, Maynard
436 30-Oct-2009 Clements Slams Unbeaten 201
437 22-Oct-2009 Poonoo Bowls Tain To Victory
438 07-Oct-2009 Ivan, Bissoondyal Receive Berbice Caps
439 07-Oct-2009 Matches at Albion, Anna Regina today
440 25-Sep-2009 Venkersammy And Beasmonie
441 20-Sep-2009 Albion Face Bermine, YW Play RHT
442 18-Sep-2009 Stalwarts of Berbice Cricket
443 09-Sep-2009 Bermine Almost In Semi-final
444 02-Sep-2009 Bermine Remains Unbeaten
445 01-Sep-2009 Young Warriors, Bermine, Police Win
446 19-Jul-2009 Fast Growing D’Edward
447 12-Jul-2009 Most Victorious Guyana U19 Captains
448 24-Apr-2009 Legends of Port Mourant Donate Gear
449 16-Mar-2009 2nd Annual BCB Awards
450 25-Feb-2009 RHC Crush Bermine, Reach Semis
451 04-Nov-2008 Albion Wins 2007 Tenelec Title
452 17-Sep-2008 Bermine, Albion, Port Mourant In Semis
453 16-Jul-2008 Fredericks Better Than Romain
454 14-May-2008 Skeldon High Tops Upper Corentyne Zone
455 12-May-2007 Champion of Champions 2007
456 21-Jan-2007 Tense Win For RHT U-15
457 20-Jan-2007 RHT U-15 Gets $1.2M Sponsorship
458 18-Jan-2007 Bush Lot Battles New York ACS
459 03-Feb-1988 Port Mourant CC Prepares
460 01-Jan-1988 What's Happening in B'ce?
461 20-Mar-1987 Blairmont Upgrading Sports Ground
462 20-Mar-1987 Singh Cracks 141 As Factory Wins
463 23-Jan-1987 BCBC Looking For Sponsor
464 19-Dec-1986 Berbice Board Meets Dec 28
465 08-Sep-1967 Demerara Jones Cup Favorites
466 07-Sep-1967 Ebo Force Draw With Berbice
467 04-Mar-1967 St Paul's Lutheran Beat Mt Olivet
468 07-Aug-1966 Five Berbicians In Schoolboy Team
469 01-Oct-1965 Upper vs Lower Corentyne
470 23-May-1956 Port Mourant Plays No 41
471 08-Sep-1952 Demerara Win on First Innings
472 07-Sep-1952 Demerara Lead on First Innings

Articles on Berbice Cricket


Farfan and Mendes renewed sponsorship of the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club (RHTYSC) Under-15 team for the 19th successive year.


The Bank of Nova Scotia has renewed its sponsorship of the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club (RHTYSC).


The Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) on Wednesday launched the A Ally and Sons Under-17 Inter-Secondary School tournament.


Lloyd Kanden was on Wednesday evening re-elected unopposed as President of the Albion Community Centre Cricket Club.


Hilbert Foster has stepped down as Chairman of the highly successful Berbice Cricket Board Special Events Committee.


On Friday last, the Young Warriors Cricket Club of Cumberland Village, East Canje, Berbice launched the Third Edition of their annual fund raiser, Mash Cup 2015.


Raffik and Sons Construction Service of Williamsburg renewed its sponsorship of the Second Division T20 Competition for teams in Central/Lower Corentyne.


When Leslie Amsterdam, the former BCB President, asked me to serve as Treasurer in 1997 and I agreed, I had ventured into cricket administration.


The Guyana Cricket Umpires Council (GCUC) has extended sympathy to the family of former umpire Roshan Hamid Moakan who passed away on December 22 after a brief illness. He was 66.


Anil Beharry was elected the new President of the Berbice Cricket Board when the body held its annual general meeting and elections yesterday at its office in New Amsterdam. Beharry defeated Vickram Seubarran by 22 votes to 16 to take the post.


The Berbice Umpires Association (BUA) will embark on a recruitment drive to increase to number of umpires available to officiate in cricket matches in Berbice.


The West Berbice Cricket Association T20 tournament continues this weekend with D'Edward playing Rainbow Generation and Cotton Tree playing Bath.


Joseph Simon replaced Roshan Moakan as President of the Berbice Cricket Umpires Association (BCUA) when that body held its Biannual General Meeting on Sunday last at the Berbice Cricket Board Office.


Massiah Primary defeated No 56 Primary by 9 wickets to claim the Girls title, but their male counterparts suffered an 8-wicket loss.


Springlands and Albion Community Centre have advanced to the play-offs of the Berbice Cricket Board sponsored New Building Society Limited second division 40 over cricket competition.


Universal Solutions Bermine have qualified for the final of the Carib Beer T20 first division cricket competition, with a three-run win over Young Warriors.

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